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  1. That “we’re the federation, it’s what we do” scene is probably the most smug thing I’ve ever seen in any media. And it’s completely unearned!
  2. OMG there’s another episode. Is this being shown again at a more reasonable time?
  3. So, episode 1 just finished streaming on Pluto TV. AND EVERYTHING EXPLODED.
  4. Nothing about The Beatles is real life, so hopefully that shouldn't be a problem. The Guardian have given it a 3/5; that's basically an Edge 10 right?
  5. I thought it was great. It's casual, low-rent, and pretty charming. Most importantly, it's not a 6 hour twitch stream with a narcissistic gamer begging for subs.
  6. Yeah it’s so retro, it lets you use your fibre internet connection to emulate having an aerial.
  7. I’d never heard of it, so just looked it up, and it’s halfway through showing What We Left Behind, which I’ve wanted to see for ages.
  8. I watched the first episode of the second season, and there was just nothing to it at all. Is the rest going to be more of the same?
  9. They’re giving Hamilton the Brazil engine again for Saudi. There’s definitely something shady about that power unit, they gave Bottas an absolute stack of them throughout the year, but we never heard anything about him having more power because all his engines only need to do a few races each.
  10. The chilli laps were the funniest thing I’ve seen this year.
  11. Are team principals subject to the sporting code?
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