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  1. 1 hour ago, Corranga said:

    If you want to scrub up on some Zak specific knowledge, give the Jodie Kidd videos a watch, I think she's a good host, but her guests (Zak in this case) are the real stars.  Great insights and very interesting...


    I didn’t know there was another video at MTC, but the one where he shows her around his collection in that warehouse at United Autosport is amazing. Every car (but one?) a winner if I remember rightly. 

  2. 1 minute ago, Corranga said:

    Well that was possibly the best 33 minutes of the season!


    Stroll needs more than just starting at the back after that one.

    well done George!

    Red Bull not swapping positions for points seems silly at this point in the season, nice way to say Perez doesn’t matter without saying Perez doesn’t matter..

    Hopefully the stewards don’t take too long on this one.

    Stroll deserves a race ban for that, it was awful. 

  3. I see that the “drivers have come out in support of Gasly”. I don’t like the tractor on track, but he was definitely going far too quickly for the conditions, no matter what the rules said about staying above the delta. His issue is what if he hit the tractor, but what if he’d hit the marshal that was working on the car? 

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