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  1. 4 minutes ago, Garibaldi said:

    Oh yeah, I’m no stranger to seeing the same actors appear in Trek over the years. It’s just never felt quite as clumsy as, in a season that revolves around time travel, re-casting the guy who played a temporal agent in Voyager to play….an FBI agent. (Well, maybe apart from that time Marc Alamio played two identical cardassians in TNG and DS9. That was pretty funny.) 

    I would say they just weren’t aware of the connection, but as Harsin points out the agent’s name makes it sound like that’s not the case. 

    It ends up feeling like a weird attempt at ‘wink-wink’ for long-time Trek fans that just ends up trolling them instead. Then again, this season has been chock full of those.  

    Hey now, one of those Cardassians had a moustache. 

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