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  1. A question for anyone who's been through this returns procedure:

    You can obviously track it when it's on its way, but do you have to ring MS to get a different tracking number for the return package, once they've dispatched it?

    The tracking numbers I got didn't work, so I had to phone Microsoft each time I wanted to check on the box's progress.

  2. You can't trade fish, or bugs for that matter.

    I caught three coelocanths and a couple of tuna in one evening once. Pete was there, he'll tell you!

    Can you donate to other people's museums?

  3. I caught a stringfish today. 15,000! <_<

    Naturally, I had to sell it rather than donate to the museum. If anyone has a spare, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

  4. what about 4:3 on a normal fucking 4:3 telly using EITHER the composite or RGB cables?

    It's just NOT happening, is it?

    4:3 output on a normal telly using composite is completely fine - it's what I use[d].

    RGB looks absolutely gorgeous on it.

  5. I failed to get into hardly any games tonight - "could not connect to server" or some other meaningless error. You pay for a service like Live, you shouldn't have to put up with that kind of rubbish.

  6. Mine does this as well, it basically keeps enough running to continue charging the controller.  If you unplug the cable it will turn off.

    Yeah, it's standard practice with every 360. Why does it need the fans running though when all it's doing is charging a controller? It's a massive waste of electricity.

  7. Nope.

    I've said this a hundred fucking times but nobody listens - it's either you lagging or the guy you're fighting. Oh, they can protest their innocence all they like but they are the ONLY things that cause lag.

    So why does the game die when someone joins or leaves the lobby during a fight?

  8. Nope, wrong-o. Had a modem problem earlier, but apart from that I've not had what you could call a laggy game all night.

    It must be to do with whether or not you have spectators. Every game where it's been just me and someone else have been playable, but once a spectator joins, it judders, slows down, and occasionally hangs altogether, requiring a press of the guide button to get back to the dash.

  9. verylonewolf and I keep beating each other. I'm chipping away at his grade though. NYAHAHAHA.

    It's ghastly to play online though. No - really. I've had quite a few games in bullet time thanks to the lag.

  10. Educated guess having played DOA3 and not completed DOA4 with Helena;

    Helena's mother?

    I guess it could indeed be. Saved me having to buy and complete DOA3 - cheers.

    Though, really, the story is so completely random that half of it doesn't make sense anyway. It's just an excuse to show glorious FMV.

  11. Ah, not reading the manual, what foo's! Although yeah, I agree, it's a bit silly that it isn't made clearer.

    Does the game get to the start screen if booted in 50hz then?

    Yup, but as the game itself is in 60Hz, it won't let you past the Press Start screen.

  12. Forgive me for not going throught the topic finely, but has anyone experienced problems playing the game? I have heard a few disgruntled people (on notably Premium 360's) who have complained that the game gets to the title screen and then will not allow them to click Start etc - perhaps a wireless controller problem (thats easily sorted)?

    No, it's a not reading the manual/box/little piece of paper included in the box which specifically state you have to have your Xbox set to 60Hz or the game won't work problem.

  13. looks abit like crazy taxi with guns.

    Crazy Taxi's the first thing that came to my mind when playing it too. The handling model is so similar as are the big jumps and destruction you cause to the surroundings. The racing itself owes a massive nod to Burnout, with the destruction of the opponents' cars being fairly essential to win the race. The guns are alright, and it sounds nice when in the bonnet-cam view.

    It looks terrible, however. It proves the 360 isn't just an Xbox emulator, it can do a spot-on impression of a PS2 as well.

  14. What gets me isn't the difficulty, but the blatant cheating on the part of the computer. I've often seen the A.I. counter every move I dish out and then unleash a massive throw attack that deals over 75% damage. It really is infuriating to play and learn, but that'll just increase the satisfaction when/if I get good at it [hopefully].

    I really do have to commend Team Ninja on the cut-scenes; the overall quality of them is fantastic, with only a couple of stinkers thrown in.

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