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  1. I might try this online too tonight.

    Played quite a bit in singleplayer, but I have the feeling I will get totally pwned online.

    Any other n00bs going on there tonight?

    Probably. And by n00b, yes I do indeed mean "what button is punch?"

  2. I'm pretty excited about this dropping through my letterbox later on this morning. It looks so pretty in the screenshots, and being able to play against decently good players over Live makes the game for me. Typical multiplayer fighters like Soul Calibur I don't get enough playtime out of becuase none of my friends have fighting games meaning they resort to mashing buttons, taking any challenge out of the game. I'll be able to learn from playing other people on DOA.

    I don't really have much experience with the DOA series, other than briefly playing DOA3 a few times ages ago. How does the fighting system compare with other 3D fighters?

  3. So why the does the announcement of a smaller, brighter DS offend some people so much?  Nintendo are merely adopting the same model that other electronics manufacturers have been using since fuck knows when.

    People get bitter when something they've recently bought becomes "obsolete". I personally think that if you were happy with the machine when you bought it, and you think you got value for money with it, then what are you complaining about?

  4. It's Monkey Ball, Jim, but not as we know it.

    When have those monkeys ever had anything to do with realistic-type settings? They've taken SMB's nice, simple graphics and replaced them with "generic texture pack #21".

    I'm also very worried about the direction they're taking the game. "Platform adventure"? Is that a fancy phrase for 'identikit platform game, but with 200% added monkeys'?

    I don't really understand publishers messing with franchises. Why try to change the genre of a game that's already been established? The worst-case scenario is that they'll ruin the reputation of a popular franchise making the likelyhood of new titles in that series nil. Although, in retrospect, Nintendo managed it with Mario Kart.

  5. Well, I'm not being pissy just for the sake of it. With this new DS Lite, I bet you'll be given the option to turn off the screen light with the brightness controls, which conserves battery power... something that really should have been put into the original DS in the first place like with the SP. But I've already ranted about this countless times before anyway, not in the mood to do it again.

    You already can turn off the backlight on the DS - it's done from the menu, press the little icon on the bottom of the screen.

    I love the new design for the DS. It's more Japanese than the current model, and looks less awkward. I'd have been content if they'd released a brushed aluminium version of the current console, however, like the one on that Edge cover months ago. I find it strange that they've decided to keep the same kind of stylus as the current model, because it's too small to be truly comfortable, something I'm sure they've heard countless times. It would have been nice if they'd made it bigger, and redesigned the stylus holder to acommodate it.

  6. I really enjoy Rush, but I'm finding the special stages damned tricky. Am I rubbish, or is there some degree of practice and skill needed to get all the chaos emeralds?

  7. Well, I've watched my mate stream HD video from his PC, but it definitely didn't transfer the whole file across.

    I had a look at my 360 earlier and it says "Watch videos stored on your Xbox 360 Hard Drive".

    So they've left something out there, because there's no way of storing any videos on the Xbox.

  8. Media Centre streams them from your PC through to your 360. The HDD doesn't store the movie.

    There's a section in the 360 dashboard for HDD video, the content there on mine is an awful Addidas advert, and a trailer for some wintery documentary. Videos downloaded from the marketplace goes to the "trailers" section underneath the games tab, so is the HDD Videos section destined to be empty forever?

  9. Apparently not. For whatever reason it seems it can only play videos stored on a 360 hard drive, or through the media center thing of course.

    How are you meant to get videos onto the 360 hard drive in the first place?

  10. None of the cars react in the same way as they would in real life, for example the acceleration in the game is MUCH MUCH faster than real life, and braking is a lot more effective too. It really depends on the game, pgr 3 just gives an approximation with loads of added arcade fun. While something like GT4 or even Sega Rally, the developers will go out for a day and test the cars on a test track, and use data to match what the felt.

    Ah right, cheers. So basically, if you want to drive an Enzo, become a racing game programmer. ;)

  11. Can someone tell me if the Enzo's rev limiter cuts in at 8250RPM (using manual gears of course)? Very geeky I know, but still...

    That makes me wonder. How do game programmers know how to make each car handle and feel? Do they get to testdrive them all for a while to get the general idea, or what?

  12. Can't believe I just read this thread all the way through.

    Someone email the Governor of California and tell him the only way to win the next election is to make Commando II. We need more Arnie, dammit.

    Proper Arnie, not rubbish Terminator III "gets worse with each viewing" Arnie. His first and last movies are both woefully bad - Hercules in New York, "but I want to throw zee discuuuus" and Terminator III, "I'll drive".

    Sort it out Schwarzenegger.

  13. I used to love this show too. It brought back fantastic memories of when I was much younger, and actually making an effort to watch it. I can't say that of any TV programmes on at present. It's not trying to be anything special, just an entertaining way to spend an hour.

    It really did spoil the show when Ray [the cop] was changed for another actor. The guy had settled into my mind as Ray, so the new one just didn't gel for me. It was so long ago, I can't remember if the show itself deteriorated in quality at that time, though.

    But yeah, Due South and Quantum Leap (with re-re-re-reruns of Sherlock Holmes) are making ITV3 the channel to watch in my house at the moment.

  14. My first one was down to the disk drive, I think. Everyone kept saying the fans on their machines were the noisy factor, but my disk drive would wake people in other rooms if I played the 360 at night. It always seemed to crash when loading too - a new level, a cutscene at the end of a mission, some voice briefing etc. etc.

  15. Is there any reason why PlayOnline tells me "Some of your data may have been lost because you did't log out properly" every time I start the game up? I log out fine - keep clicking all the various logout/exit buttons until I get back to the 360 dashboard. Nothing's ever lost or corrupt, but the message keeps coming up.

  16. Using a non-HD setting on the 360 though, right?

    Right. Wouldn't have thought that sticking it in HD would force 16:9 though, seeing as the whole point of the VGA is to offer a plethora of resolutions to cater for all monitor sizes, including the traditional 4:3 models.

    The only game I know for sure only displays in 16:9 in HD is PGR3, by feedback from other people. I think there are a lot of other games that are fine in 4:3.

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