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  1. They are NOT enforcing any bundles at all, only requirment is that you buy a game as well, which I would imagine you would do anyway.

    Lucky! I had a look around town today and was shown an internal memo in Game with their enforced bundle on it. You had to get 10 games, an extra wireless pad, a memory card, and possibly something else. Rip off.

    I just can't understand why all the shops are getting restocked solely with Cores. Are Premiums getting sent out, but are held for people that reserved one months ago or what?

  2. Most Game stores should be getting Core systems in at midday today.

    They're getting sold in £700 bundles, though.

    Do they not care about looking after the customer, or something? If I owned a company like that, I'd prefer to keep the customers happy, and have them continue to shop at my store in future rather than rip them off, drive them off, and have them never come back thanks to internet shopping, or simply another shop that has much better customer relations.

    Nobody is gettting a Premium system in before Christmas, according to Game.

  3. Rare managed to force you to buy a RAM pack for the N64 to play Perfect Dark properly, so I don't see why developers can't force us to buy hard drives for the 360 if they're pretty much essential to the gameplay experience, e.g. by dramatically cutting down on loading times as witnessed by Gotham.

  4. also if anyone is interested Game in Croydon (debenhams one) have 1 premium but will only sell it with 10games and an extra contoller and no you cant take the games back without the console, only trade them in at £25 each.

    Exact same situation in Game in Debenhams in Swansea. Absolute joke.

  5. I liked Forza's implementation of a semi-automatic transmission, where you flicked the stick up to change up a gear and vice versa. It's based on the rally-style tiptronic gearbox, and it's much more satisfying to use (possibly because of the tactile feedback) than pressing buttons to shift.

    The only problem is they got the axis the wrong way around, as it should be up to change down a gear, and down for up.

  6. I'd like to see a list of all the hotspots that are definitely setup for Nintendo WiFi. I thought they were going to allow DS consoles to work in all BT Openzone and The Cloud hotspots, but none that I've tried have worked.

  7. Given that the load times are atrocious, I guess thats a no. Why does the game need to load all over again when restarting a level? Its all in sodding memory! Just reset the car positions!

    I tried this game in a GAME demopod the other day. While waiting for the game to load up I nearly went and queued to pay for something and back it was so long.

    Nice work Microsoft for making the hard drive optional.

  8. My PC is an older Asus laptop running Windows XP.

    I have a cable internet connection running at 256/64 Kbps (not excactly the fastest connection, I know) and my USB port is only USB 1.0. I would imagine that USB 2.0 would be best?

    Will I even be able to play online using the Wi Fi dongle or should I get a wireless router instead?

    Is there a site of some sort where all the routers that work with Nintendo's online solution is listed in full?

    USB is about 11Mbps so you don't need to worry about it not being fast enough for your broadband connection.

    It's always better to get a router anyway, the lsit you wanted is here:


  9. The N64 version does have some GREAT tracks...but many others suffer from being too long. Rainbow Road N64? WAKE ME UP!

    Then doubly suffer from the CPU taking you on the line. Every...fucking...time...it's safer to stay behind the guy in first, then take him on the line.

    And that, my friends, is rubbish.

    Can't fault the battle mode though. Block Fort is the stuff of legends. I loved Wario Stadium 64, too - it was horrendously long, but was one of the most varied courses, due to all the massive jumps.

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