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  1. How big is it? iPod big, or Sony Mavica big?
  2. How likely is it that anyone is going to actually play any movies on it though? Sony are going to have to release a series of films on their own closed UMD format, that you can't play on anything except for the PSP. I personally don't see that happening at all. Why would film publishers risk releasing their films for a machine that doesn't have enough battery life to play epics anyway?
  3. It's a beautiful piece of machinery. Oh, sorry, this isn't the 80s?
  4. Isn't Wamiyamoto Miyamoto's half brother, the bastard child of Yamauchi?
  5. Don't The Sun hate games because of GTA or something? Maybe they're giving away these "special" incomplete editions of the games so that people get them and get a bit peeved that they've gone to all that effort to get a free thing but can't see the end of what they haven't bought. So The Sun plans, at least, so their non-gamer readers never buy another game. I can just smell the conspiracy.
  6. Although the first quote may be referring to Miyamoto's evil twin brother, Mayayaymoto
  7. etc. Seems like backlash to me.
  8. The man is a legend, probably the most recognized person in gaming itself (apart from Bill Gates, who doesn't count). So Mario Sunshine isn't as revolutionary a game as Mario 64 - it's still better than 95% of all other platformers out there, and his output is consistently quality unlike that of other developers. The gents at THQ and Acclaim spring to mind. There's a fair chance that a lot of you will have grown up playing Mario Bros, so why the backlash at the man that brought a hefty amount of people into playing games? His early innovations have practically made gaming what it is today.
  9. GwiDan

    Lamborghini FX

    But still better than most of EA's output.
  10. GwiDan

    Lamborghini FX

    Titus did Xenia on N64, no? It wasn't a console seller, but it wasn't crap, technically.
  11. Ikaruga has excellent bosses because it gives you enough warning that you're coming up on one at the end of a level, so that the first time you're lining up to face one, oyu have a growing sense of dread at what you're about to face. When the boss finally does arrive onscreen, the general reaction for that first meeting (before countless retries, natch) is "what the bloody hell is this!?" It's impressive, so, good. Halo didn't have bosses because specific rooms acted like boss stages. While you don't have any one particular massive enemy that can kill you with one blast of its laser death beam, some rooms are so packed full of enemies they need retries at certain difficulty levels. It isn't about the individual enemies, it's about being overwhelmed by the freaking Flood.
  12. If your aim in the game is to be the last man standing who can destroy the great evil vying to destroy the earth... etc. etc. Then you do need an end boss to beat - otherwise, how do you know that you've beat the evil and saved the universe? What would Metroid Prime be without the end bosses (apart from bliss)? If you had the ability to whip out a Dyson arm cannon attachment, and hoover up the Phazon, it wouldn't be much of an ending.
  13. Can't see anyone [having a go at] pulling that off.
  14. If your character has a golden-eye , will half your vision of this cringeworthy game be impaired? Here's hoping.
  15. The ending was a bit flat, granted, but the rest of the game was nice enough. It made an impression on myself, at least.
  16. It was a short game for a reason: to stop thing getting tedious. By the time you had to search for the bleeding shards, the urge to turn the machine off started to grow. Other than that, it was a marvellous game and achievement - Nintendo really deserve some credit for managing to display such emotion from a videogame character. It's not a patch on OOT, but imagination may have been running thin at Miyamoto headquarters, so it was better to end the game while they were ahead instead of letting it dissolve into the dullness it very nearly achieved. Tower of the Gods was the pinnacle for me.
  17. You could always use both screens to play Mario Deathmatch DS against yourself.
  18. Odds on there being a witty M briefing and a "sweet" Moneypenny sendoff before each mission, like we haven't seen that before.
  19. What are the odds of it being a cheap Nintendo branded portable DVD player? They could use the two screens and 3D glasses for small-scale IMAX goodness.
  20. Walking out onto the Phendrana Drifts in Prime was breathtaking although the battle with the Omega Pirate was pretty awe-inspiring, if a little frustrating. The visuals are dripping with such quality that it's easy to pick a thousand standout moments, even when the gameplay gets tiresome.
  21. GwiDan

    Eye Toy : Chat

    I don't like the idea. If it were a personal chat between people that know each other, videophone stylee, it'd be decent enough. The media will blitz on this like nothing before because chatrooms are "evil devil's spawn". If it even gets to the shop shelves, I give it a week before it's shut down.
  22. I'm sure I read in some Bond trivia somewhere that the Goldeneye game grossed more than the film's cinema release so it's a very well known title. Probably the only N64 game PSX fanboys secretly wished they'd had on their console back in '97. Pity that EA have enough money to buy up the rights to everything decent going. If I had to entrust the Bond licence to any particular company at the moment, it would be Ubi Soft, as they seem to be making the best use of their licenced franchises. Who knows, they might come up with an original twist instead of EA's knack of stealing the best bits from previous games, processing them into a mediocre blend at best.
  23. Isn't Blofeld a bit dead? There is absolutely no way at all that EA are trying to sell this game on its own merits, otherwise, they wouldn't have slapped the Bond licence and the almost legendary [in gaming terms] GoldenEye name on it. Couldn't EA have hired Free Radical to do the developing using the same years-old Goldeneye 007 engine but with you playing the part of General Ouromov, calling it "Goldeneye 007: Opposing Force". I'm sure Valve would have a few words with them, but it would surely be better than the crock o' something this is going to turn into.
  24. You're still a very naughty boy. And definitely not any kind of messiah, so don't go there.
  25. Then Goat Keeper was completely out of order and he should be slapped with a fine so large he has to go to prison due to lack of funds to pay it off.
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