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  1. If you get Live, you'll need a HDD for your downloadble content; Microsoft are targeting the 360 at people likely to get Live by means of PGR3, Halo 3 etc. I've come to the obvious conclusion that the "basic" package isn't going to sell that much - if it does, there'll eventually be a run on hard disks.

  2. on-rails shooter anyone?

    On-rails is what I was thinking, and the movement of the raft on the water seemed totally unnatural. Ubi would do well to take a leaf out of the "Wave Race 101 ways to water effects" book.

    Good points: the T-Rex was mighty impressive, as were the set-pieces (T-Rex chowing down on the bridge for example). Why on earth did the developers think throwing spears at a massive dinosaur would be more likely to kill it than shooting hot lead into its face, though, I don't know.

  3. This isn't going to change anything for me, personally speaking. I've always bought the official pads due to there already being no competition from third-party manufacturers and their awful pads. There are two ways this can go: the third parties will be forced out of the market, or they will raise their game and manufacture decent peripherals that are capable of competing with the official stuff. Hopefully they'll just be forced out, their cheap plastics and "turbo" buttons banished to oblivion with them.

  4. How can they review a game that doesn't have a conclusive release date yet? The official line is still "Second Half, 2005".

    I'd mention "DRIV3RGATE!!!11oneone" but it's so completely unnecessary for this game. This isn't a glitch-ridden trashfest made by a sub-par developer with no reputation to uphold.

  5. New shot of the controller, this time with a wire! I'd imagine they'd have a wired version for debug units because I can't see devs/testers being too chuffed with having to change batteries all the time.


    Charging cable, maybe?

  6. EA have a history of receiving average ratings from Edge, principally due to the low A.I...

    For me, E.A. have always made "ITV Movie Premier" games; the kind of braindead material you can play when your brain won't kick into gear (after a night out, or whatever). Rogue Agent's (I refuse to call it Goldeneye) score reflects that.

  7. what about all the driving games that don't NECESSARILY depend on finishing the race "first"?

    um... :ph34r:

    They do when you have a position counter thing at the top of the screen.

    How about she reads a manual before mistaking her own crap skills for the crapness of gaming as a whole?

  8. When it comes to Ten out of Ten (or [10] or whatever) I expect (read: demand) Edge to be extra careful and make damn sure the game deserves that score even if that means delaying the review for one issue.

    Why is it so important that they go the extra mile with a [10] and not a [9] then? A review is a review - all the score does is differentiate a game on a scale of one to ten from others. So again, why make "damn sure the game deserves [a ten]" but not an seven, eight or nine?

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