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  1. Isn't there a cheesy new Ghostbusters series with the crappest "stars" they could pick out from a police lineup being made? EA might pick up the license and turn it into 'Ghostbusters: Luigi's Mansion by Numbers". Great.

  2. Setting the whole thing up, however, certainly is not. I was left weeping on my knees with 10 miles of speaker wire and a screw driver.

    I know the feeling, I nearly smashed my setup into a million pieces after finally setting it up. Wiring a room neatly is not fun.

    Is Halo's 5.1 option good enough to warrant spending £20 on the Advanced SCART? I'm using PLII now, and I'm not sure I'm bothered about it enough to upgrade.

  3. Or when you',re rolling into a morph ball. Or when you see your reflection. And on the pause menu...if they keep that feature. :P

    Samus should have a "makeup bag with mirror" arm attachment just so you can see the suit. It's plausible that she'd want to put the slap on after getting covered in gunge, so why not?

  4. I got hours and hours of fun and pleasure from Perfect Dark. It was awesome :P

    What was awesome about it? The invisible Skedar trying to stab you in the back or the grating framerate? Rare tried to add way too many features to the game and lost any kind of focus like they had in Goldeneye in the process. It did have one saving grace, though - Area 51 and the G5 building were pretty sweet levels.

  5. So halfway through the game I'm finding that all solutions are similar to what I've seen before.

    Deus Ex's problem is that it was too long. Had it been condensed into a neater package, you wouldn't have had the time to notice every set-piece is identical, and it would have been a better game for it.

  6. Okay I might have sounded sarcastic but I really think there's a point here. Imagine being able to sneak around buildings all day at home on your console'; don't you think it'd make you a better criminal?

    Would you ban MS Flight Simulator (for reasons other than being deadly boring)?

  7. Sounds like something the Daily Mail would come up with.

    Slightly on a tangent, a genre I wouldn't ban is survival horror, as they teach you essential survival techniques for when trapped in a zombie infested mansion. Just remember to pack the lighter fluid.

  8. Didn't their inability to play against non-journos limit their ability to review the Live component?

    Was there ever Live compatability, or did the developers "promise" it'll be in the game and working great when it's on full release. Why couldn't they just be honest and admit they haven't played the Live mode that's been promised so can't comment on it. It's a review, not a meant-to-be-optimistic preview.

  9. I said that in terms of quality of software, PS2 is last of the top 3, which it is.

    Ain't that the truth. Seriously, how many classics have been released on the PS2 in the past couple of years? I reckon I could count them on one hand, if I need that many fingers. It's popular because it's a PlayStation - put a Nintendo logo on the front and it'd bomb.

  10. Why do Sony always give the D-Pad priority on every controller they make? The analogue stick's taken over for nearly a decade and they still favour ancient technology that's completely unsuitable for most 3D games?

  11. its large mobile phone big

    If it fits in your pocket, I don't see what the problem is. It is going to be the next must-have gadget, so I don't think you'd be ridiculed if someone saw a bit of it sticking out of your pocket. I can't say I'm liking how the screen is unprotected - it's clearly going to scratch as much as the GBA MkI's.

  12. How likely is it that anyone is going to actually play any movies on it though? Sony are going to have to release a series of films on their own closed UMD format, that you can't play on anything except for the PSP. I personally don't see that happening at all. Why would film publishers risk releasing their films for a machine that doesn't have enough battery life to play epics anyway?

  13. Don't The Sun hate games because of GTA or something? Maybe they're giving away these "special" incomplete editions of the games so that people get them and get a bit peeved that they've gone to all that effort to get a free thing but can't see the end of what they haven't bought. So The Sun plans, at least, so their non-gamer readers never buy another game. I can just smell the conspiracy.

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