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  1. I think you've mixed us up with the UK politics thread.
  2. I see that the “drivers have come out in support of Gasly”. I don’t like the tractor on track, but he was definitely going far too quickly for the conditions, no matter what the rules said about staying above the delta. His issue is what if he hit the tractor, but what if he’d hit the marshal that was working on the car?
  3. Wasn’t he more or less a billionaire? Unless his family are living significantly outside their means, I wouldn’t have expected his treatment to cause his financial reserves to run down no matter what they’re doing for him.
  4. Just want to say I decided not to get up for the live showing today, and put it on for the 9.30 replay instead, to be greeted with MAX VERSTAPPEN WORLD CHAMPION across the bottom of the screen. They didn’t show the replay until about 2 hours later, and didn’t bother updating the programme guide. Seething.
  5. I think Perez did a good job, he held off a lot of pressure, and had to rebuild the lead multiple times, let alone pass to take the lead in the first place, while everyone else has been locking up and smashing into walls.
  6. The way the track didn’t dry yesterday suggests that this race won’t start any time soon.
  7. Is he popular with his number 1 mechanic?
  8. You could see de Vries nearly hit the crane behind the safety car as he went off line, so I’m guessing that’s what it’s all about.
  9. If they know they’re going to run out of laps, red flag it surely.
  10. Is that Lando or Kim Jong Un?
  11. The rear wing looks great though.
  12. Second picture should have Massa, Alonso, Vettel standing next to Leclerc.
  13. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/jacques-villeneuve-alpine-test-monza/10363966/ The joke writes itself.
  14. The safety car wouldn’t have made it safer for Bottas, it just gives the Marshalls more time to work on the car than on a live race track. The cars should still slow to a safe speed under yellows, that needs enforcing more strongly.
  15. If I was AT, I would have been giving Tsunoda instructions without using the radio while they were messing with his seatbelts.
  16. Probably be ok, Ferrari aero and Merc PU.
  17. Remember the media hyping up some kind of bromance between him and Norris. Looks like Lando ended his career.
  18. Err, Kimi is currently running 8th in NASCAR around Watkins Glen on the first attempt.
  19. Those replies are something.
  20. Now now you know you’re not allowed to say Alonso and Piquet in the same sentence.
  21. If you judge a film by rewatchability, the original is the best film of all time.
  22. So… Vettel to Alpine?
  23. Look but don’t make it obvious.
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