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  1. Anyone remember an F1 car swinging off the back of a recovery truck, I think around here? I think it was Hamilton’s McLaren.
  2. Ok they’ve reset it.
  3. Why is the clock still running under red flag?
  4. The way they compare themselves to the team, you couldn’t make it up.
  5. Proper driving, this.
  6. Alonso and Vettel at the top of the time sheet. Fancy that.
  7. What a great episode. Does it a disservice to call it a good episode of Star Trek at this point.
  8. I do slightly wonder why they haven’t explored damping the seats.
  9. This is an acceptable solution. It doesn’t restrict any team that can manage the vibration, and doesn’t disadvantage anyone that can design their car to operate safely.
  10. Love a good engine failure. F1’s been way too reliable for years.
  11. Perez stop was just long enough to keep him behind Verstappen after the pit stops.
  12. Albon apparently went through 18 blue flags without letting Leclerc through. How on Earth was that not penalised harshly?
  13. Really enjoyed being back, it’s been too long
  14. I’m going to have about 2 hours to do all of this!
  15. Good call, I have quite a few of those menus left to go before I unlock sport mode though. Hopefully they don’t take too long.
  16. GwiDan


    Since it was sponsored by the Indiana dairy association, I suspect that would have got him deported.
  17. So the Ferrari protest about Max crossing the pit exit has been dismissed because he didn’t put a whole wheel over across the line. Since when has that been the rule?
  18. GwiDan


    How many hats has he got through since getting out of the car.
  19. GwiDan


    Happy for him. Slightly dubious about the weaving.
  20. GwiDan


    Love a good red flag for the show.
  21. GwiDan


    Uh oooooh
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