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    Those McLarens look horrid with the olive green on the nose.
  2. Don’t think I’m likely to have a Gr3 by tomorrow.
  3. I think it should be upheld, it looked like he crossed the line onboard and from the following car.
  4. GwiDan


    Depends on how you’re defining “in”
  5. GwiDan


    I thought Veekay was going to win
  6. GwiDan


    A green flag was waved and some cars got stuck turning left.
  7. GwiDan


    After Monaco went on for so long, not sure I’m up for watching another one, but here we go!
  8. I enjoyed that. It was still worth watching.
  9. The problem is that Sainz will throw a Hail Mary into the chicane.
  10. Ultimately it’s so difficult to pass here that choice of tyres is almost irrelevant
  11. If Verstappen passes Sainz, Perez will be instructed to move over won’t he?
  12. Red flag means free tyres.
  13. I forgot how efficient the marshals are here.
  14. For reference, if memory serves, Perez won the GP2 race at Monaco in 2010, so he knows how to do it.
  15. I think the FIA note incorrectly named Perez rather than Verstappen.
  16. Is Perez in the box seats?
  17. Latifi really doesn’t want to see out this season.
  18. If the cars can coast without aquaplaning, they can race.
  19. I know the exact moment they became averse to wet running, but it doesn’t make it right.
  20. It occurs to me that if the FIA was monitoring the weather, they sure picked some time to try and start the race hmm?
  21. Wow that was some river on the track.
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