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  1. Dudley


    I suspect that 32 minutes was to the command to start engines, the Americans love their faff. Tbf, F1 races don't actually start when advertised either, although at least it's the start of the parade lap rather than the "You might want to make this your last hamburger" time.
  2. But we're doing it again YOU won't. Kids, especially those born in the 20s? Quite possibly. eSports isn't new, new but it's newer than football. As a big thing it's what a decade old? How big was "Soccer" in 1873? The first English League season as we understand it came along 25 years after football's creation as the (near enough) rules we know.
  3. And for that matter than the Premier League breakaway wasn't created, at least partly by SKY for the very same reasons.
  4. The trouble is here you sound a little bit like someone in 1900 saying "Those cars will never compared to watching horses". It might not for us, for the kids being born now.... I don't know.
  5. F1 is currently in danger of reaping this. Ecclestone when in charge said he didn't care about young fans because they couldn't afford to buy the things advertised. And if you don't know him, that's probably all you need to know about that particular person and his style. But at the same time F1 was hawked to Sky like Football and motor racing isn't like football, it's a lot more difficult to discover as a child without TV. So they've got fans dying off, still more priced out (not least because it's almost impossible to get sky to sell you it without buying
  6. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/12180514/williams-expands-technical-deal-with-mercedes-from-f1-2022 Last I heard was this, notable for Williams treading on the Williams family's "WE DO EVERYTHING" philosophy.
  7. Williams have a Mercedes contract until 2025, what am I missing?
  8. And actually if you saw the Indycar race this was illustrated late on.
  9. It stays a lot about Bottas that if there was 10cm more tarmac on that part of Imola, he probably would have.
  10. Some people on twitter were suggesting they also didn't intend to leave the CL but I'd love to see the arguments on fixture congestion in that case.
  11. Theoretically this replaces the european wide "Champions League" not the national leagues, they expect to still play in those. But they could be kicked out of them as one of the requirements at least in the Premier League is you're only allowed to enter certain other competitions and this is not one of them.
  12. And much like the Premier League, if they can weather this, in 10 years time it'll be just how football is and Sky Sports will gleefully be saying "The quickest goal ever since the Super League began" just as now they think football began in 1992.
  13. Yeah, because people found out about buggy half arsed snoozefests But the thing is, we didn't replace it with anything, so the problem is he's literally asking people to part with £20 more than last gen (in street prices) based on little to nothing.
  14. Yeah, all the furore over the super league hides that the worst parts of it are happening regardless.
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