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  1. Sony probably need Playstation Now to be a lot better (and indeed to promote it) before they can do that.
  2. It's the one series in the entire world where you can develop an engine now. Why change this one when you can go watch literally all the others. Or indeed compete in any of the others. Might as well just rebadge some indycars and give them another half bar of boost at this rate.
  3. For the record, got my actual confirmation at 9:05am this morning
  4. I really hope we don't get a fucking engine freeze but it'll probably never be properly unfrozen and we'll be entirely out of motorsport that isn't a)spec or b)basically spec because of BoP.
  5. Isn't it impossible to be offside in your own half?
  6. Bumping this post after 15 months to just let you know Catie Munnings will be in the new "Extreme E" off road series (The one Lewis Hamilton has a team in) for Andretti United. (A joint between Michael Andretti and McLaren chief Zak Brown). Also in that series, whose regs enforce a multi gender driver line up, the easiest driver decisions ever. EDIT : Just realised the joke isn't obvious, look closer at the surnames, it's total coincidence, they're not related. Also your girls should look her up @wev because she's basically Munnings+Webb+Actually being reall
  7. Perez will lose to Max. It will be a lot closer than it was with Albon. It will all be pretty dull. Ferrari and McLaren will find life marginally harder behind them.
  8. Yeah, not being offside because an opposing player played it to you doesn't seem that obscure.
  9. It's certainly part of my decision to go digital. Although I've done the same with Wireframe and MagPi too.
  10. And here's how I find out they resurrected Maplin online. It's happened once, GT3 was within a year of the UK PS2 launch.
  11. Dudley

    The BTCC Thread

    And Tingram to the Hyundai megasetup where he's very clearly the top driver.
  12. Oh I have Readly, the frustrating thing is I'm trying to properly support the mag!
  13. Here's everything you need to know about the new distributors. I bought an "Instant access" digital sub to RG this morning. I've had an order confirmation but no subscriber number or access. I have however had a request to fill in a feedback survey about their service. The feedback link goes to a 404 not found page.
  14. Oh they will be 160,000 of those are bot accounts. That 2000 the scalpers said they got is literally a single scalper. There was probably many times that number of consoles.
  15. Copying it off the backup will obviously use one cycle but also so presumably will "playing it" so... I doubt it'll be a big proportion.
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