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  1. Watching the 2009 Australian GP and while you remember at least the first half of this season for Brawn domination in this race it really isn't so. You've got 4 drivers from 4 teams within 5 seconds of each other at the front with 20 laps to go.
  2. Dudley

    Xbox Game Pass

    They charge for it. I don't care what they call it and they shouldn't expect the general public to have the slightest clue what "Beta" even means.
  3. Plus let's not hear "7 year old game" here. It was re-released on Budget less than 2 years ago and can still be bought new on Amazon where there is no indication some of it won't work.
  4. Well exactly. Because with everyone at home I doubt studios have 1 dev kit per person and (anyone know?) there's probably contractual reasons they couldn't leave the office anyway so there's going to be some logistical issues.
  5. Given it's a Sony second party title it feels likely.
  6. Dear god I'd forgotten how bad ITV was. The shilling for Lewis is unbelievably bad from James Allan who is quite happy to give entirely opposite opinions during the same race dependent on what would help Lewis and practically begging McLaren to tell them to hold station in the last stint. But also, how annoying breaks are and how bad ITV are at timing them, the latest one in this race being literally as the leader was coming into the pits.
  7. I won't link for safety but an account called "The Variety Network" is posting a lot from the "ITV" era of F1, especially the 2005-2008 period in full. I'm watching USA 2007 now but I watched Austria 2001 yesterday and a race from 2005 the day before that.
  8. Always good rechargeable AAs.
  9. This is the basic problem. If you've got Superman's powers it's not a game. If you take them away it's a game, but it's not REALLY a Superman game.
  10. Yeah, that is a backup plan for capturing the "worst" consoles. I believe the former information in the thread is likely correct for me, my grey N64 (Woolworths Aberystwyth 1999 :P) will probably work fine with the S-video over SCART lead I just ordered from consolegoods but the Pikachu one (Gamestation Hemel Hempsted 2004) will not. Which is fine because I should probably actively use the less rare model anyway.
  11. If we can have the entirety of the first post, we can have that I suspect.
  12. Part of that will be Bahrain doesn't have grandstands for most of the middle of the track.
  13. You can of course keep a lot of these people apart, especially with the extra room that not having a crowd offers. Even from what I know about Stamford Bridge, you've got room to change camera angles to use the stands more for instance and those people don't have to come into contact with more than 1 chelsea staff member total who can be kept away from the others. Not perfect for everyone else of course, although we'd certainly learn some useful data on immunity since half the chelsea squad have already had it.
  14. Although nothing has S-Video in, presumably I could then convert it to SCART at least.
  15. So for an unmodded PAL N64 what cable should I be using? These both work fine but RF is painful. Amazon don't seem to have any of that hyperkin thing, anywhere else I can grab one?
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