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  1. Bought mostly on a whim in CEX having gone there to pick up Mario games I somehow didn't have. I've not touched them.
  2. If it's a Kimi tribute surely you should put up bunting lazily several days later.
  3. For me I'm not sure of their niche. If emulation is good enough, then there's many Pi based solutions that are a lot cheaper. If paying the creators is important there's stuff like the Evercade, because the creators aren't getting any money from your carts. If playing the games authentically is important, these don't do it, the problem is the running , not the cart dumps which are perfect. If it gets people playing games great, but it's basically a less convenient Raspberry Pi without the advantages of other solutions.
  4. You can also just click in the corners for roomscale, that's what the confusingly named advanced mode means.
  5. Dudley

    Nintendo Switch

    Sadly they mean level 256 of Pac-Man.
  6. Stroll isn't driving any car he doesn't have to pay for, neither is Latifi. Ferrari aren't a pay team. Michael won Macau, no small feat.
  7. I'm never racing my own karts. Because I don't have one sadly. I did get a Go Pro at least partly for this though, at least I can now figure out what my best lap looked like.
  8. The GPD is android so in theory should sleep as well as any other android device does.
  9. Oh he'll start at Sauber. And he'll never get to Ferrari, they don't hire for the main team for sentiment and he is nowhere near good enough.
  10. Yeah, Sauber can of course make their decisions based on what Ferrari decide. I do think that, results justifying it or not, if Mick Schumacher can scrape together the superlicence points to qualify Ferrari will want him in the car. Which actually, if he's cheap means Gio is not the worst option for Sauber to take on.
  11. Sauber is a bit complex. The deal with Ferrari means one of their seats is Ferrari's choice and one Sauber's. Kimi is the Sauber driver, Gio the Ferrari driver right now. Gio is only being dropped for another Ferrari driver.
  12. You're not I am, it used to not be a thing you could do in the client back when I actually wanted to do it.
  13. Force India really, REALLY needed money when they dropped Ocon to be fair, evidence being that despite that they went out of business. But really my only point is, if you say you want to build the strongest possible team, you don't talk about dropping the quicker of your two drivers for the available world champion.
  14. I love that article says "They want the strongest possible line up" then makes it very clear it's Perez who is on the chopping block. I think it's pretty clear that's going to be Russell, especially with his current performances but this weird season means they want stability.
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