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  1. If you're not cheating you're losing. I seem to post this one every year but it's evergreen. F1 Designer Frank Dernie (designed Hunt's hesketh and the suspension for the first active Williams) once said (paraphrased) "If you ever see a team with something obviously iffy, look closer but they almost certainly put that on to distract you from what they're REALLY doing. I always did."
  2. Well yeah but it's also a funny notion that it's invalid to rather have another 3d Mario than another 2d donkey kong. And that is the choice because that's the team doing it.
  3. I've got 8 Master System games left to buy, I'll be very lucky if any of them are £70!
  4. Yeah, you have to choose. Either PS5 games are £70 and Gamepass is about a tenner a month or PS5 games are £58 or so and Gamepass is as low as three quid.
  5. To be fair, most connections can probably download that 80gb in the time it takes you to finish ME1 and its DLC.
  6. On a metric of average quality that's quite the collection. Power Drive Rally damnit
  7. Forgot Base, did find it at £50 with release day delivery from Simply in the end. ShopTo aren't carrying physical ones at all it seems which is weird and I suddenly remember EA were the first to pull stock from GAME in their death spiral...
  8. Although that rubber banding of the power ups, and the performance, and everything is why I never really did MK8D single player, it was just shamelessly awful.
  9. Yeah especially given how super quick restarting and loading is in Dishonored (on the one x) Prey is very, very slow. It would have benefitted massively if a next gen version could eliminate loading screens for hiding it in door animations etc because going from the bottom to the top where you have to find the nearest airlock, load space, drive up the station, load the airlock area and probably then load another area got a little old.
  10. Germany 2019 he still had a title to win.
  11. You do have to take into account the unique track of course, which is why it's a shame we didn't get to see him in the next race. The fact Hamilton exploded off his death bed to make sure that didn't happen probably gives you a better idea he's quick than a race on F1's weirdest track.
  12. And still be better than the ByKolles effort of which we've seen "one render".
  13. And even Mass Effect is a street price rise. I paid £45 for Watch Dogs and Hitman and I think £50 for Cyberpunk physically. Mass Effect seems to be £55. Although part of that is Shopto don't even seem to have physical for Mass Effect.
  14. I've literally never heard of someone getting one from GAME unless they went for one of the bundles. Hopefully someone will tell me otherwise here.
  15. As an OG Vive owner like Artz that's basically what I need, even over wireless to upgrade (although I'd love that too if it can still use the power of a PC).
  16. Yeah, I think it's an iffy design decision to double-punish you for deaths. Not only are you dead but they just put you further away from levelling up to not die again. I think more people would get through without assists without that and the rest of the people wouldn't notice because like K they're not dying enough for it to make a difference.
  17. At the risk of being horribly obvious is it not "Whichever one is selected when you enter that menu"? And that's probably why I have finished very, very few Nintendo games but I've played 100s. The only new Nintendo release in the last decade I think I've "finished" is Mario Odyssey.
  18. I never posted me. The main point of the channel is Yesterzine, a show where I take an issue of an old games magazine and play the highest and lowest scored games to see what time has done to both. There's also a cover feature where I find something in the magazine that's interesting, especially in comparison to today's games and a back page advert for something good online, including at least a couple of the other posts in this thread. Also includes exactly 1 "Your mum" joke per episode. We've done the epic Amiga Power trilogy, including a dramatic recreation of the
  19. Glickenhaus down to 1 for Portimao and probably 0 for the non-Europe races but they'll totally have 2 at Monza and LeMans you guys. Given their LeMans entry is on the basis of a full season WEC entry, at what point does it start to be awkward they still have it? If they allow this then anyone who wants a LeMans entry just has to pay FIA for the formal full season WEC entry and never turn up to the...less profitable.... races.
  20. Of course the other possibility is the decision was made in the wake of Bottas being overtaken by a potential replacement in an actual Williams.
  21. Whole thing is on youtube as well btw. Toto took it so well because he knows the problem is already sorted....
  22. tbf, Wycombe weren't even technically in the playoff places and then cup ran their way to promotion, that someone managed to finished behind them is a miracle. And actually with the whole Derby thing, they could still stay up couldn't they?
  23. For the 2nd one in your list
  24. Soulsbourne isn't my thing even at sane difficulty but I would absolutely have been day 1 on a Cuphead with a difficulty level below "I would never get out of the tutorial", I'm exactly its target market. Still never played it.
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