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  1. Someone wrap that jpeg round a brick and throw it through Analogue's window.
  2. It's really impressive how every time you visit this thread, somehow someone has managed to top the previous "Worst take".
  3. Yeah Wickes were operating an "open all hours" style system in the car park.
  4. Yeah, although it seems to be for less than 1% so it's not going to be a major earner, it's probably just a sweetener for that ancillaries deal.
  5. Albon's shitty lap deleted for not being legal.
  6. "They say it usually takes 15 minutes and they did it in 5" i.e - "It doesn't usually take 15 minutes".
  7. Also worth bearing in mind they're getting this data in december so you'd only get part benefit in the next year because your design was already largely done. So if you nail an advantage you'd effectively get a year to use it and a year where you'd still have the best version. It actually drives technological advancement because not only can you open up the rules a little you also mean that you can't coast for years on a good idea no-one can figure out.
  8. The principle would be that an F1 team has to give up everything they know to their rivals at the end of every year, I do know it'd be tricky to ever actually make happen.
  9. "Perez said he was losing power on the straight, the team looked into it and Stroll agreed to give the throttle wire back"
  10. It's great, it's a proper cost cap and allows you to have a tech driven series. The cost cap becomes "Exactly what 1 championship is worth to you". 2009's a good demo of that, Brawn came up with something smart and it won them a title. It was something easily spotted and copied so it was short term. Great. And certainly better than more and more "spec parts" and "Development freezes". We already know the 2021 champion is Lewis Hamilton. That's just depressing.
  11. I know there's a million reasons it won't ever actually happen but I'm always in favour of opening up as much as possible, let Ferrari come here and do 1000 laps if you like. At the end of the season though, all 10 cars as raced get put in a warehouse and the tech staff of all the teams can look at whatever they want. You'd still get Mercedes dominance, but you might not get it for 8 seasons and counting.
  12. That would be harder, there's a reason Stroll used an F2 car. The problem with an actual rulebreak like that is it just requires one person to shop them.
  13. Yep, EA were the publishers for that (Rather than it being a straight licence) so presumably they can do so.
  14. It's absolutely possible. Although they're delivering out of need, would they have won all those orders without those shops or would those people have gone elsewhere?
  15. To be fair, there was nothing stopping anyone doing that as well from other teams. Bottas has done road car laps this year for instance. I heard some unverified tales of the Chilton brothers doing much, much more dodgy versions of this back in their lower formula days from someone who absolutely would have known. We're talking "The rules said you couldn't test but only covered Britain so we shipped 2 cars to Spain to test something sub-F4 level" here.
  16. Sony and Microsoft aren't going to delay a worldwide console launch in order to slightly help out Mike fucking Ashley. They would be perfectly happy if GAME died.
  17. Bears have an inherent advantage with deliveries as they don't need to go far for toilet breaks, just to the nearest woods. Were you drunk for the entirety of the previous lockdown? Because a) That would have been sensible and b) Might have accounted for you not noticing that other than slowing down a bit, nothing changed with online shopping at all.
  18. You'll note Stroll is ahead of Perez. Stroll recently hired the Imola circuit to do a test in an F2 car. They didn't bother to invite Perez.
  19. To be fair, I risked ShopTo for Watch Dogs and got it safely a day early.
  20. DOTT is my favourite of all time. Licencing hell I imagine.
  21. Nah they can't risk having him on, he might say something political* * In support of people having the same basic rights as others.
  22. Kimi's seat has nothing to do with Ferrari.
  23. Except Vega didn't even bother with the MVP. Are this Atari actually that Atari, the name's been passed around more than your mum.
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