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    Moto GP

    Next year, Gresini, who run Aprilia's team are going indie again with a pair of Ducatis and Aprilia are bringing it in house. Esponsorama will be fully replaced on the grid by Rossi's team and the Petronas Sepang team are leaving to be replaced with a new team set up by the current management. This means 8 Ducatis and it's not entirely clear how the hell they're going to distribute bikes. I believe the new "Indie" yamaha team will move to a works bike for Dovi and a 1 year old for <insert sucker here>. Honestly I think it's time they grew up and either supply at least current year bikes an update or two behind or not at all, it's too close for anyone to consistently do well on them so what do you learn?
  2. Dudley

    Moto GP

    Not just any young guy, not that it makes a difference, the cousin of Aprillia works rider and Yamaha destroyer Maverick Vinales.
  3. Well this is the thing, even the grading companies don't claim to be assessing rarity, just condition.
  4. Dudley

    Moto GP

    Just to clarify if there are any non-MotoGP nerds in here.... Ducati Lenovo (the main team) and Pramac are identical bikes. Epsonorama (The Avintia and VR46 liveries) are 2 years old. The Monster (works) Yamaha and Rossi's bike are identical. The 2nd Petronas bike, whoever is on it is 2 years old. All the other manufacturers are factory bikes no matter who is running it (eg Tech 3 KTM). Next year some of this changes.
  5. Dudley

    Moto GP

    They're not. He's got exactly the same bike as the championship leader. He just can't be bothered anymore like you say. His teammates though have 2 year old Yamahas.
  6. Unless those parts involving breaking the seals on the gearbox or power unit. And given he reversed it into a wall I wouldn't be 100% confident about that gearbox.
  7. How do you choose those because 2 issues occur. 1 - With several clubs now, and Chelsea are one, just getting a ticket at all is a struggle with a website queue so you don't always have a choice. 2 - The likely "best" options for those are the... shall we say "Standing" stands. Which generally are marginally at least cheaper than the calmer ones. So now you tell the expensive, less rowdy fans they're the ones with stricter rules?
  8. Thankfully I've tuned in at 87 minutes just in time to see a brush of arms cause a head injury apparently.
  9. He can fix it but if they change certain things he's starting last. I don't know what your Max ref is offhand, if you mean Sergio at spa note he dropped to the back.
  10. Godamnit you're right, should have checked. Twice in 3 races and they're not even teammates yet. Lewis will be dreading the radio calls from James already.
  11. McLaren, Ferrari and Williams 1-2-3. If you told my 10 year old self that I'd.... ok bad example.
  12. When I was trying to predict when Russell would first out qualify Lewis I'm not sure I had "5 races before they're teammates" as my answer.
  13. Bloody hell Lando and George are a bit good.
  14. Marzipan is 3 seconds off the back of the grid.
  15. Well 0.05 seconds now but yeah Latifi absolutely aced his first run.
  16. Qualifying actually happening. More queuing like they're at a british petrol station. More "no-one getting pinged for it". And then when there's a bad crash because of it they'll all go "HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN?"
  17. I've seen Ice Hockey in Belarus, France and er.. Milton Keynes so I can't say I've had the full experience Open containers in the stands would probably stop me going to football though, fuck driving home smelling of whatever beer brand is sponsoring us this week.
  18. They've probably been doing too much announcing too far in advance so it's probably a good thing to actually deliver for a bit.
  19. I'm dumbfounded by that one. I think it actually crosses the line from fucking stupid to "surely that's parody". If he actually sells a game you can buy new in 100 condition at ten times that price for "85", whatever that means then good luck to him.
  20. He is a decent embodiment of what is coincidentally called the "Peter principle".
  21. I don't know how common it is because I've only gone to Ice Hockey in some very weird locations but in Minsk they went as far as stopping people entering the main stadium except during breaks in play. But football as mentioned doesn't really have them.
  22. No Practice 3, possibly no qualifying, at least today.
  23. Zool has... not aged well as I discovered recently but it does seem remastered is the best version of it.
  24. When they started getting their mates to "buy" them. You can't sell grading services when people think the money is in games they don't own, you want the same fucking idiots that leap on <trend you hate here> to spend literal 3 figures a time getting their copy of sonic put in a plastic fucking coffin with an arbitrary number on the front.
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