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  1. Fuck I'm glad everyone else agrees. I literally cannot think of a game that goes off the rails in its final act like this does. Literally everything from the point you turn up to an ambush and get a bunch of timed hide and seek missions is total, complete trash. Up till then, solid 9/10, my favourite Far Cry, easy. Massive spoiler
  2. By the end of the year though the car was a lot more normal, leading onto the 88 car above.
  3. Well they're both AGS' from their brief "Actually have sponsorship" period. Ahhhhh I know. Someone making a bid for Ferrari hand me downs then EDIT : Ah also from the brief period that they were entered as AGS but by the superb name "Jolly Club".
  4. This isn't true. Assuming Hulk was actually going to be ok to the end of the race they would have been 5th and 7th, not 7th and 6th. Albon passed Stroll late on, he would not have passed Hulk.
  5. It could be either potentially but either way of reading it means a break for Lewis over Bottas, which is unfortunate for Bottas on one of the rare occasions he "should" be the better Black Arrow.
  6. Dudley

    Xbox Series X

    To be fair, I know one person that exclusively buys digital and even they're still buying the disk based ps5 just in case.
  7. Dudley

    Xbox Series X

    That's not how it works though, if it's standard RAM or unified the developer can use it for anything, eg - all the leagues in Football Manager. If the lowest machine they're obliged to run on has 6 rather 8 (or whatever) then they can only write for 6 not 8.
  8. Nice wheels, shame about the everything else with that team. I said it at the time and I stand behind Lewis had one of his fairly rare but still regular "Drive like he doesn't give a shit" days. He only beat Bottas because the team used Bottas as a tyre test dummy. Bottas will never, ever beat Lewis over a season, he's Nico only less quick and unable to get into Lewis's head. And even Nico knew lightening was not going to strike twice. And this was one of those times that Lewis's rare "Kimi" days coincided with one of Bottas' equally rare world class driver days. He was very unlucky. To give everyone an idea about just how stupidly aero dependant the 1990 March was. At bumpy Mexico City, neither car qualified. They were 28th and 29th quickest out of 30 and even Roberto Moreno's actual Eurobrun being disqualified ahead of them didn't get them in the race from 4.3 and 4.4 seconds slower than Berger's pole sitting McLaren. 2 weeks later we went to Paul Ricard in France, a perfectly smooth surface. They qualified 7th and 10th, Capelli within a second of pole. In the race they were unstoppable and ran 1-2 for most of it. It was only engine problems for both cars that stopped it finishing that way, Gugelmin's blowing almost as soon as Prost's Ferrari passed him and Capelli having to drive carefully with a rapidly dying unit and only being passed for the lead with a couple of laps to go, finishing 2nd. The team only scored 1 more point all year, a 6th for Gugelmin at the equally aero-y Spa. They had 4 more DNQs. To tl;dr. At a bumpy circuit, they were twice as far off the lead as Williams are right now. The exact same car was a Mercedes 2 weeks later on a smooth one.
  9. In which direction? EDIT: Oh my god there's a season pass.
  10. Dudley

    Xbox Series X

    I worry about that. Cutting back on something like RAM could hamstring Series X games as much as S if things need to run on both. It already is the only one being made yes.
  11. Several of which, to be fair, will run on a US PS2.
  12. *I've* done that have I? With my devious scheme of "Only making one post which wasn't even directed at you" before you flounced. The irony of you flouncing because you "weren't allowed to have an opinion" only to flounce back to berate us from continuing to have opinions without your input is excellent though.
  13. The vibration was from his phone confirming the transfer.
  14. It cost them that place to Albon certainly. they should be 5th and 7th rather than 7th and 6th.
  15. and, as we've conclusively proved today, he can do that in his sleep.
  16. "You are free to race" is Finnish for "Remember our agreement when you got the drive for 2021".
  17. Bottas is going to lose to Verstappen in a vastly superior car with the same number of pitstops on the one weekend of the year Lewis has outsourced his drive to kimi. But hey, let's pretend the championship winner is any sort of debate.
  18. I wouldn't place a large bet on a Bottas podium at this point.
  19. The problem is if he pits now he's behind the Ferrari.
  20. I missed Max making another stop 2, that's a weird ass strat.
  21. I thought Bottas owned Verstappen a stop, has he made 2?
  22. Yes, he's currently running 14th in this race. Not actually kidding, Gio is their named reserve driver. They also employ Pascal Wherlein who still has one.
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