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  1. Yeah, once he got it out the pits semi safely he was clear. 5 seconds. 2 laps. The JOTA's best lap is slower too, for all that matters.
  2. The Female Iron Lynx crew outdistancing both teammates, no bad thing.
  3. Certainly for the 8 now, their reliability since Porsche and Audi left is usually because they never have to turn the thing up. The 7 can catch the Rebellion for a podium, but they're going to have to go full beans to do it. The fastest race lap is actually with the #1 Rebellion.
  4. When you get them running down a straight together it's really obvious how the Rebellion is basically an Oreca 07 LMP2 GTI.
  5. Looks like I missed the last batch. 146 UK titles now.
  6. Not the best example in my personal case, Last of us before the DLC might be my pick for overrated game of both the last 2 generations. I'll push in further but at least I've confirmed I wasn't completely mad back in 2007 when I tried someone else's copy probably this far and never played it again.
  7. Plenty of games on Xbox One X are 4k, as they'll be on Xbox Series X, but not S.
  8. You know how a year or two out from console launches we get mad rendered shit people on the internet come up with an claim are leaks? This time they released it.
  9. Admittedly I'm very early but I already remember why I didn't like Galaxy. Having finished the first universe it's been 2 things. 1 - Tiny planet worlds with an awful camera that gives you no view of where you're going and jumping 2 - Frantically clicking through so much dull story text I think I've spent more time doing that than watching @Fuddle finish the whole of Super Mario World today. I'm sure it gets better from here but the first 30-60 minutes have been absolutely dire.
  10. The ByKolles now officially retired, apparently because none of the drivers would get back in it.
  11. That ByKolles crash. You knew they had to top all their other fuck ups with the last race for the ENSO but they delivered. Wing falls off on a kerb and then crashes again trying to get back to the pits. Bravo.
  12. Yeah I need to dial it in for a way to explain it sometime for a video but Master System isn't really the name of the thing. It was just the Sega System before the Master System and it means the whole package. The thing most people would call the Master System was originally the "Power Base".
  13. Anyone else getting annoyed at the commentators insisting on referring to the Iron Lynx car with the women in it as the "Iron Dames"?
  14. The lesson here is never bet on Dudley.
  15. Oh that really fucking sucks for Proton.
  16. I'm still slightly hoping for an overall LMP2 win, but Rebellion would do. ByKolles finishing would be some kind of miracle but they might not beat all the LMP2s even if they do.
  17. BoP doesn't apply for LMP1 I should say, it's still there in GTE. The reason for this is essentially Toyota threatened to quit if they applied it.
  18. Nope, BoP doesn't apply at LeMans. The only change is they've been given more fuel so they can do the same number of laps between stops.
  19. Anyone got any particular favourites here? In my case the #29 Racing for Nederland/TDS LMP2 currently 2nd (The Jumbo car). They're Minardi affiliated so I'm biased. Fritz Van Eerd who is one of the three drivers in that car is the only man to win an F1 race in a Minardi.
  20. McNish stealing lines from Nelson Piquet there.
  21. It's been half a decade since I watched it on Eurosport but it wasn't true then, it may well be now.
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