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  1. Also I continually find it hilarious that two teams who are going to spend most of the next 45 minutes shoving each other in the penalty box aren't allowed to share 5m of tunnel.
  2. Side note, I've been inside the non-public bits of Stamford Bridge enough to know where that Southampton team have walked. It's a surprisingly low way, it's not a surprise they're "late".
  3. Theoretically you don't need that sub. But given you DO need a Sky or BT box then almost certainly you have one.
  4. Hey guys, it costs £1000 to take a trip to Disneyworld so these photos from Main Street must be worth £250.
  5. I was literally about to say someone is going to tediously compare this to going to the match as if there's any comparison whatsoever.
  6. Although given it was because of supply problems this being early might mean those are.
  7. As a neutral, that's the derby you want.
  8. Yeah, that occurred to me as well.
  9. Good to know that you can get away with anything if the ball isn't in play now.
  10. Back when I tried it you could only get the ME1 DLC using "Bioware points".
  11. Shopify forced them to only make 12 and then announce a new product rather than perhaps consider fulfilling the latent demand for the previous one?
  12. You have all the DLC on PC and can carry a character through them all because I'm buggered if I can work out how to do that.
  13. I still like the idea of GamePass : "Free" Xbox boxed : $49 PS5 boxed : $69 Day 1.
  14. Conversely, I think I'd have played it at 11 but I can see the objection, the trailer is pretty spoiler free so maybe look at that.
  15. Yeah, even though game loading times will improve dramatically. Borderlands 3 is still 3 minutes on current gen, a minute on this gen. And 5 seconds to resume. But in that minute you'll have to come back, hit start, log back into xbox live, a network task, select character. continue and then do the rest of the loading. So it's 5 seconds completely hands free replaced by at least a minute of babysitting.
  16. Selling a PS1 for half a PS5 is good going, that's a profit of 1.5.
  17. The problem is of course he'd have to sell 2 teams.
  18. This is just a mildly warmed over FF8 rather than the effort that went into 7 right?
  19. There's a lot of bizarre takes in these threads but "Quick resume isn't" might just be my favourite.
  20. I get this, I'm trying to get every UK SMS game and while I'm not too worried about manuals I do want boxes. tbf, this is the SMS where the boxes are pretty hardy and also I can see myself resorting to repro at some point. But of course part of it is artwork.
  21. Eurogamer demonstrated it maybe 25 times in a 90 minute stream today between 4 maybe 5 games with no issues on any of them.
  22. It's worth looking at the specific thread on Golden Axed, they've been a bit naughty on it.
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