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  1. The best reason not to order from GAME is the always constant chance they won't be around to provide the item. Certainly don't pay more than their minimum deposit.
  2. 135-142/ now 267... Still not hitting the ones that go for measureable money though, although I got very lucky on one of the very few the didn't see the UK last night by spotting it being listed.
  3. Doubt it, everyone that wanted them surely bought them to go with their Xbox One.
  4. I use joypad for nearly everything, fuck the haters.
  5. The weird thing is, someone worked out MS now have more announce generational exclusives than Sony. Although MS have announced stuff a lot further in the future. I don't know if you had a PS4 Pro but it runs most games in standard PS4 unless you force "boost mode". There are games that have trouble with boost mode. So the PS5 needs to do both for compatibility.
  6. But what it doesn't count as is a next gen game, it's out on Xbox one and PS4. Plus I think there's a big difference between a company and a person in that respect. -- As for my thoughts, it's the first generation since PS1 that I won't buy at least one console on launch. But that's for both good and bad reasons. The fact I have a better PC than at any other launch, the number of cross gen games, the lure of Gamepass... But also because there's shit all that's generation exclusive. At launch there's basically nothing first
  7. I'm certainly going to be locked to the forum on release day to see what difference the SSD actually makes.
  8. They're geographically close to Japan and need fewer units than the UK does. It's a supply thing.
  9. Only the fact that at no stage did they say "Included in the price of Ps Plus". You'd think if it was they'd have made it very clear as it's a differenciator. I agree it's likely they are just stupid and it is included.
  10. Welp, first console generation I'm not buying a launch day machine since PS1.
  11. Assuming it's like the original, it was a very bad indication of the game play. That said I turned off QTEs in the original so I don't know how many there are, you can certainly have long batman Arkham style fights without any control being taken away from you though.
  12. It must be, they can't be that stupid. A decent number of those I'm pretty certain have been on PS Plus.
  13. Yeah I'm a difficult target for Sony on launch given the PC etc but there's only Deathloop (PC), Oddworld (bet it comes to everything), Spidey (PS4) that I'm likely to want so there's nothing compelling there.
  14. It's going to be strange that you can download those PS4 games on PS5 but not PS4 with PS Plus.
  15. It doesn't but they want to kill discs. The Series S is almost certainly not anywhere close to £200 less to produce either.
  16. Ok, expanded PS Plus, at the normal Ps Plus price I assume. Clearly thrown together in a hurry but no bad thing.
  17. If it doesn't have day 1 first party games like game pass it had better be included with PS Plus. Either way is a good move.
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