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  1. Sometimes people release music that doesn't chart. It's not like there's only allowed to be 40 songs a week! For all I know I've listened to chart stuff, but since I'm not 25 anymore I don't listen to radio 1 to find out.
  2. Those have french covers, but are on my UK release list. Do we know for a fact they got UK releases? I'm also suspicious of Buggy Run for which I can only ever see Portuguese ones.
  3. Yeah, a better illustration of why Chelsea have bought defensively you couldn't hope for than this performance before they arrive. (While also missing the only 2 redeeming features of last season's defence). Could very easily have gone the other way as a game.
  4. Oh that racists in motorsport's comment section are going to love this.
  5. Which is of course why it's important he does.
  6. 135-138 / 269 arrived. I no longer need to rob SeanR's house for World Soccer.
  7. I did realise that after I took the picture, probably should have swapped those 2 out before someone was a smartarse
  8. They claim they are. But they also said that about the original xbox at the xbox one launch and the xbox one runs considerably fewer original xbox games than the 360 did. So maybe but don't base a purchase on it.
  9. I'm not so cool as that I'm afraid, I just stopped listening to chart music in about 2006 because I got old and it wasn't for me anymore, as it should be.
  10. Yeah, hopefully Ketchup sees that one before someone else does, I think you'd struggle to beat it.
  11. Just in case there's confusion about 3, the S and X play the same number of 360 games, but like people say it's not all of them, or even most of them.
  12. I know. I've got a bunch of SMS ones the same way.
  13. It's the Mega Drive's 30th European birthday apparently. So here's 30 games.
  14. Actually https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sega-Master-System-Video-Game-Console-Leads-Controller/184446613876?hash=item2af1dff974:g:dB4AAOSw-wJfXkHe £55 delivered, looks tidy. I think that's the Alex Kidd model.
  15. I'll drop a note if I spot something, unsurprisingly I'm searching master system a lot recently Right now there's this which would be £72 delivered ending in an hour with no bids https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sega-Master-System-Console-1986-With-Controller-Perfect-Condition/164373249437?hash=item264568bd9d:g:j1cAAOSwC~lfTRIR
  16. It's not too bad, a nice looking one went for £50 yesterday and while it's not cheap, Das' one box solution to all your problems is still available I think.
  17. Is there not a "What's included in the box?" on the box?
  18. It's genuinely difficult to know what'll happen there. We've not really had a generation where the previous gen machine was a better idea for anyone at a similar price.
  19. Pretty much, I eventually bought it with 2 years of Clubcard vouchers.
  20. Beenabadbunny has it, Imola is San Marino, or rather as he points out, isn't.
  21. That's just karma for ever betting on Stroll or on a driver who is contractually obliged to be fucked over in favour of Stroll whether he knows it or not.
  22. If you didn't know better you'd think Vettel was driving like a granny 5 seconds behind a fucking Sauber in a 10 lap race to protect the jr Ferrari. You know, rather than just being that fucking awful.
  23. Russell can do this.
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