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  1. Then he should stop making one Seriously though, the competition has released 3 games while they've been fannying around with this so it the LEAST we can expect is it being better than F3. Hopefully it's massively better.
  2. He's been talking about doing that for years, glad to see it might actually happen.
  3. Steam of course is somewhat different because they do not have distribution costs (not huge per unit ones anyway) and they ARE the middleman. To all intents they CAN get the same profit if they halve the price on their own games and anywhere the publisher is willing to sign up to such a deal.
  4. They still seem to be under the impression that Duke Nuke'em has any presence as a brand name at all the age group it appeals to weren't even born when the last new game in the series came out.
  5. Which they then abandoned, also something of a clue. Bear in mind that halving game prices does NOT mean you make the same money with double sales. Distribution is a fixed cost, per unit production is a fixed cost, the shop and middleman take does not scale perfectly with the price. While your idea seems like it SHOULD work, it does rely on every single person who sells games to have been a moron for years.
  6. Emulation. Or rather, bad emulation. A lot of early/incomplete emulators get the priority wrong in that section.
  7. Compare that Sonic to the one on the bottom screen. I doubt that's a game gear screen in the middle.
  8. How the hell do you "run out" of a download? Why is a download still using "CD Keys"? And what in the hell is the point of downloading as it adopts more and more of boxed copy shortcomings.
  9. The "wireless controllers for windows" are just a pack containing a normal 360 controller and a wireless dongle for the PC. Both are available separately if you're desperate.
  10. They're superb still but you have to be aware that Sierra adventure games (especially the early ones) had nasty logic twists, constant deaths (sometimes even for just walking the wrong way on the screen) and occasionally the problem where missing picking up an early object can strand you right at the end of the game with no way to win. (King's Quest 5 has this from memory). So yes, still good but for fucks sake keep saving. The Space Quest pack is that cheap too, I prefer those games to KQ although they're not immune to the same problems.
  11. They did with the ID collection (£18 in sale, £12 a few days ago)
  12. 20 without Broken steel, 30 with.
  13. Dunno, I've only played GTA on 360.
  14. Being forced to drive to the mission start, drive to a gun shop to restock, drive to the mission location every time rather than JUST FUCKING HITTING RETRY LIKE A NORMAL FUCKING GAME certainly wasn't optional. I've no idea what SR2 does but if it's got a fucking retry button it'll get my vote instantly.
  15. Yes, how will we ever find another reason to laugh at him?
  16. 360,PS3 and PC all use USB though?
  17. I would be astonished if we have 2 gp in one country again for a long time, with so many knocking on the door.
  18. Plus, whatever they say, there's no way this is happening without us losing Monza.
  19. And as noted, they didn't even originally write THAT.
  20. Not so much awesome as just suspicions they were running well underweight.
  21. Let's just say it never ran anywhere it needed to be legal and made Jos Verstappen look like some kind of driving ace. So yeah, pretty much.
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