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  1. Just got the GOTY for 360. All credit to them for letting me install one at a time and play it rather than some all or nothing approach.
  2. It's certainly not bad enough to stifle some sheer genius from people. U-1 not least of them (see pic thread)
  3. Found this on the marketplace. People are doing good livery work. This being (near enough) the original (My photo)
  4. The serious answer is that Max did a lot of good for a few years and then slipped into being as corrupt and blinkered as the previous incumbent. It's almost an argument for term limits really, if Max had gone in 2001 he'd be remembered as a visionary.
  5. You're correct, that's a very common graphical trick. I think it's known as "LOD" (Level of detail) scaling. Weirdly they sent Windows 7 (released Thursday) for delivery on Weds.
  6. If you don't already, watch the actual series. 28 of them on a track is exactly as much fun as you'd expect.
  7. Haven't tried online but it does not lock anything from being bought immediately in career mode.
  8. A guy known to be from Turn 10 made it public.
  9. Dudley

    World of Goo

    I'd suggest they generate both to a degree. I think I agree though, if they knew they were going to see literally nothing from <30c they should probably have put a floor on it. Trouble is, as soon as you do that people stop seeing it as "Pay what you want" and more as "Here's the price but feel free to pay more".
  10. By emailed code on release date.
  11. Dudley

    World of Goo

    Although worth noting that they got precisely no money for everything on the left most column and most of the 2nd to left but still had to pay the bandwidth. Financially, they do better out of a pirated copy than one they sell for 30c or less.
  12. "Standard letter box" is a confusing term. For what it's worth, it's the same size as Forza 2's LE and probably roughly comparable to a VHS tape box in depth. Because Nissan said they could only have it if it had no upgrades, was locked from painting and didn't take damage. They rightly told them exactly where they could stick their GTR.
  13. Anyone had their GOTY from Amazon yet?
  14. Got my copy from GAME this morning, via the Royal Mail. Superb work GAME.
  15. "Every effort" does appear to be "Handing it to postman and saying please" in this case doesn't it.
  16. Given that it's already been posted I think you'd have a pretty good shot. Even if it takes 4 days it's still turning up on Thursday. But yes, as a GAME manager there's no way you'd know things about the website. They wouldn't tell you. Why would they?
  17. 1984, Now there was a championship that was (brilliantly) cruised to.
  18. Yeah, if competitors are allowed to charge £1 and deliver normal mail I think I'd pay that for half a chance of receiving it. Delivering bits of paper is the only job we let 14 year olds do, for anything else you have to wait till 16. therefore it must be the single easiest job there is.
  19. The result would be losing a lot of jobs. As it will be here. Just count the customers and companies deserting them, probably forever. It's amazing the fuss over what is, legally, the single easiest job in the country.
  20. 16/10/2009 Your order is currently being picked and packed. It's promising.
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