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  1. What is it with fucking british riders. It's not even worth watching them do well because you just know there's a 90% chance they'll just stick upside down in the gravel. See Smith, Bradly, and Crutchlow, Cal. Also most of the careers of Lowes and Reading.
  2. Absolutely. That engine was used for F1 and F1WC on console as well as a Kawasaki bike game. There's actually the same game for Master System too but it's a ground up original, and a really good one.
  3. The problem with that is, you'd have said that same line but with "Super Mario Sunshine" 3 months ago. Is the number of people who didn't buy 3d all stars because they can or have played SMS on their PC 0?
  4. Not ones I have here but there's a few more in storage. Have a check and I'll take a look next time I'm there, you're entirely welcome to them if so.
  5. A fine choice. Amiga owners, yes that is a sequel to Vroom.
  6. @strider I have a vague memory of you saying your collection wasn't entirely complete, am I wrong there?
  7. Yeah, that and the form factor still makes them popular for indie devs now, there's John Roo's Quest Arrest, which is also coming to Evercade recently and Asobi Tech (Who did a lot of dev when it was a current system) releasing a lovely looking Jetpac port this christmas.
  8. Psycho Fox is weirdly expensive, it's got a good reputation but the inertia in its physics is certainly not for everyone. I've got the first 2 Asterixs (There's actually 3). The first one is the cheap one to get and it's a nice slightly different from normal little thing. Worth the price it generally goes for.
  9. Shadow Dancer I did not enjoy at all. Cyber Shinobi I haven't had a chance to try yet, but it does not have a great reputation.
  10. At a guess a flashcart missing a label and that may be a region switch.
  11. Yeah, in many ways parachute payments actually achieved the exact opposite of their supposed aim.
  12. Or maybe because of it.
  13. Yes, if only there were some kind of safety procedure that didn't require all this bollocks and didn't penalise people for having a good race.
  14. Still, a nice long ad break for NBC and TSN.
  15. Another full SC in literally the situation they introduced the VSC for.
  16. Yeah, you really can't fault the job Hulk is doing with zero practice and no setup time. Stroll would probably have the thing 5th at this point.
  17. If you're prepared to do all region releases I think there's a shade over 400. Not even thinking about that kind of collection though. Especially as a lot of later ones are just Game Gear resolution ports.
  18. Reason for Retirement : "Driver need to go over there and think about what you've done"
  19. In my chat the suggestion was "Albonk"
  20. Are there more than...ooh pick a number out of thin air... 104?
  21. Hamilton has the lead and he's suddenly happy with the car shock.
  22. 41 years old of reaction time for...
  23. Especially when that was 7 years ago.
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