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  1. Yeah the nice thing about the SMS is it hasn't been entirely covered to death. The MD and SNES have been and thanks to the US pretty much also true of the NES.
  2. 350+ races of reaction time for Kimi there.
  3. I assume it's similar to other clubs but the Community Shield and League Cup are cheaper to go to than league games. And as a family this means we go to FA Cup, League Cup and Champions League group games for this reason. This would result in me being able to go to fewer games. This will be true of many normal fans. But who gives a shit about normal fans.
  4. Just for clairty, the G2's gonna work with all "SteamVR" right?
  5. Yeah, there's a list of 9 we know of. Although it's been misreported, it's NOT an exhaustive list yet.
  6. Quite apart from the fact blind is a spectrum, they do actually allow blind people to breed so it's entirely possible they would be setting up a system for a sighted child.
  7. And hey, why not triple post. 175 and 176. I already had a Shadow Dancer cart but spotted a box only auction (after checking they weren't an evil splitter).
  8. This is fuzzier memory of previous research but around the point they accepted the machine was the Master System not the pack they dropped branding like Plus.
  9. Yeah it's just a pack name. Again remember at this point the machine is not called a Master System, the package is. The Power Base is identical but the "system" includes the light phaser and built in light gun game.
  10. Thanks all, it's not expensive and there's one in several CEX near me so next time I'm in one with one I'll just pick it up.
  11. Nah, Lewis will easily dispose of him if he actually wants to. Unless Max jumps Lewis and he immediately decides to have one of his race long naps instead.
  12. I don't think I own it but I have a pair of functioning 360s and it's £1.50 in CEX.
  13. Well if they're going to list 2 products that are no longer available new maybe I'll just list all the variants of PS3 there were.
  14. Yeah, although probably not as much as you remember. These are just for me really anyway. Although I'll send one to the guy I swapped a manualless game with.
  15. hah. Once cut straight and stapled I don't think you'd be able to tell really but obviously it'd be immoral to claim it's original.
  16. Now this is interesting, I've figured out the settings to print SMS manuals the right size. Obviously I wouldn't sell anything like this without making it very clear but for me, these will probably be good enough to do until and unless I see a non-dodgy manual only auction. Ignore the cutting on my test manual, obviously I'll get hold of a guillotine for realisies.
  17. After all that, no Schumacher or Illot this weekend then.
  18. Yeah, mine's better than most but you can see the difference.
  19. Here's a question, how much better is original Daytona USA to play than CCE? I already have CCE but it's not super expensive to get the first one.
  20. If I ever go back to FH2 I think I could buy europe. I will always defend the Horizon games for this (minus the unskippable) because it's an asthetic, it's a story about a festival whether that jibes with you or not, it fits. For Motorsport, shut the fuck up, it's supposed to be a circuit racer.
  21. I have Driver SF, should go back and give that another playthrough.
  22. Which is also when they finally released the Amiga version. That's a port not a series that continued though, the SNES version was released in 1994 and that's the last new game in the series. There's probably room in the video for a joke "Robocod is on fucking everything" section.
  23. Admittedly I'm piped through an OSSC but it probably is your Saturn in some form. I can post a capture or 2 if it'd help. I've got lots of Sega Rally and "Time Warner Interactive's VR Virtua Racing"* captured. * Yes, this is apparently the correct name for that release.
  24. Only because the full loop still uses it. As Freeman points out, look at the map. The Nurburgring you think of is known as the "North Circuit" or "nordschleife" and you describe it correctly. It's the best part of 100 years old. The F1 grand Prix circuit is 25 years old and very much F1 spec. Some events, most notably the recent 24hr race actually use them both together.
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