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  1. I don't begrudge Minter for making one direct unofficial clone of Tempest, and one game clearly inspired by it despite protestations, no more than I begrudge the many other developers who've made spiritual successors to their past work because they didn't have the rights. You could argue that with Dave Theurer being the original developer, the game's not actually Jeff's in spirit, but he's responsible for bringing it back and making it the game we think of today. More power to him.
  2. Aye, Bayern v Dortmund in 2002. Finished 2-1 to Bayern, and Jan Koller played in goal for Dortmund for the last ten minutes or so*. Whacked a kickout straight off his defender's head. Good times. * turns out it was the last quarter of the match. How time flies.
  3. Those guys are just waiting to be nutmegged.
  4. I remember either John or Ste Pickford noting here or elsewhere that there was a chunk of standard Z80 code for redefining controls that nobody seemed to know who wrote, but appeared in a whole ton of games across multiple different developers. You can see it in both Batman The Movie and RoboCop from Ocean. That might explain why many developers didn't offer additional options - the boilerplate code for handling input probably didn't support it, and it was extra work to implement. At a time when titles were being turned around in months, you probably didn't have the luxury of exploring it.
  5. Up to jump meant I developed such a revulsion of joysticks, I played most games using the keyboard if I could. For the most part, this meant the old faithful combination of QAOP and Space, others may have just relied on cursor keys. But for one game, things got ludicrous. Emlyn Hughes International Soccer on the CPC didn't offer up proper keyboard support at all - no QOAP or cursors for you. That's ridiculous in a game that's surely made for two players, on a system that only had one joystick port, but never mind that. The quirk of the CPC was that Joystick 2 on the system mapped to the keyboard anyway. You just had to determine which keys they were. Such was my hatred of the joystick control, I would set player 1 to the CPU, and player 2 to Joystick 2, just so I could play the game with those keys. And that leads me to my potentially controversial opinion. The combination of 5, 6, R, T and G is better than using a joystick.
  6. The CPC also supported two button joysticks, but virtually no games did, and only a few joysticks. I imagine the thinking at the time was that more than one button on a joystick was overcomplicating things. It led us into the terrible world of Up To Jump.
  7. Cooking Mama: Co-op star. Is it multiplayer? Is it a licensing deal? We'll never know.
  8. This proposal only works if players attempt to play by the original law instead of pushing further forward. Instead of marginally deciding that a player's toe is offside, they'll be deciding that his heel isn't level. That's not fixing the problem, it's simply moving it.
  9. Given the removal of the cup-tied thing in Europe, is Haaland the first player to score for two teams in the CL/European Cup in a single season? Own goals notwithstanding.
  10. Quiet, you greedy ingrate!
  11. Yep: http://fabiensanglard.net/anotherWorld_code_review/index.php The VM interpreted the byte code in real time on the host platform, rather than compiling it to native code offline and shipping that.
  12. On the UK store at least, I've seen Vita games get frequent discounts, but not all of them and some, not for a while. What in particular do you have an eye on?
  13. It's a port. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/digitalfoundry-2019-virtua-racing-sega-ages-switch-analysis
  14. Yeah, if using an unadulterated ROM then you're going to be tracking known memory addresses, possibly together with the player's input if necessary. I imagine it'd be trivial to determine which character's in use (it's likely a flag somewhere in memory) and executing a special might be as straightforward as checking when a particular subroutine is executed. Perhaps @Anne Summers knows a little about how Antstream does it?
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