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  1. For ages PS Prices has just given me one game on that list. Hades. Nothing else appears unless I search specifically for it. No idea why.
  2. Switch Tax or not, it's still an outstanding game and worth the money. I mean, unless you already own it on Vita, PS3, Xbox and PC.
  3. Can someone turn Dumpster off and on again? I think he's crashed.
  4. Aye, she would, though then her keeper wouldn't be able to collect. It was an utterly bizarre attempt at shielding, from far too far outside the box.
  5. Two more games are being added - Lost Vikings 2 (the SNES version, I hear), and RPM Racing, which came before Rock 'n' Roll Racing.
  6. It's mentioned in the film. It's a prototype air force wingsuit, and he was its pilot. That's basically all you need to know.
  7. It's been ages since anything was on sale so I could well believe that.
  8. Does the work even need to legally use it in order for all rights to be revoked? Be right back, going to release a FIFA game for a few minutes just so Konami can use the right names next season.
  9. In addition to the correct points above about the inaccuracy of determining the exact moment of the pass, there's also the fact that these tests are being conducted in two dimensions, using a camera that is ill-positioned for such a test. The only two viewpoints that can really be used for a decision are a perfectly overhead camera, and a perfectly side-on one. Anything else leads to errors of perspective creeping in depending on the angle involved. The commentary on Sky at the time were discussing how well goal-line technology was introduced and few people quibble abou
  10. Henk Nieborg's pixel work is superb. It's the main thing that attracts me to this.
  11. No, mine's at 53.
  12. Homefront: The Revolution is currently £4.49 in the Xbox Easter Sale. If these codes are good, that's well worth it for a port of Timesplitters 2
  13. It's available to play on PS5 already.
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