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  1. Seen some stuff about Portugal denying Ronaldo has threatened to leave. I hope they ask Roy Keane about that. There's a fair chance Graeme Souness might be killed.
  2. Hey, if Qatar can build seven new stadia and an entire city, America could redevelop that one. They might even do it without anybody dying.
  3. Oh, good note - I missed that there were only two west coast venues. 2026 will have four (Vancouver, Seattle, SF and LA). The three Mexican venues in Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City share the same time zone as Dallas, which is the next eastern-most host city in the US. I should also be taking into account that the Asian markets will be much, much bigger than in '94, or even back in '88 when the US was awarded the tournament. So yeah, perhaps we will see some kick offs creeping into the small hours from our perspective. And I think I'd rather matches finish at 8am than start at 4...
  4. You're still not going to see more than four matches a day, though - it's the games per day that matters, not the number of teams in the tournament. They did three in the times listed above for '94, there's plenty of wiggle room for a fourth game without extremely late kick offs, and they'll extend the tournament rather than push for five. I will be totally wrong though if Australia end up in the same group as New Zealand.
  5. While that could happen if matches were kicking off no earlier than 2pm on the east coast and as late as 10pm on the west, that is very unlikely to be the case - the kick off times are generally chosen to benefit the global audience as much as the country hosting it. The 1994 World Cup spanned the same time zones as 2026 (the Canadian and Mexican venues all lie within the US range), and games kicked off between 4.30 pm and 12.30 am, UK time. Another 16 matches do need to be squeezed in to facilitate the expansion (and more if they decide to switch back to 4 team groups), but even playing four games a day, there's wiggle room to stagger the games to suit both the travelling fans and the global audience.
  6. Perhaps you're particularly put off by certain people, but I've never felt Taskmaster to be a show which depends on being familiar with the contestants. Otherwise I'd not love Taskmaster NZ so much. Series 2 of that is one of the best of any.
  7. The next sale is on the 22nd, so you can wait a couple of weeks I'm sure.
  8. I think it was mentioned that they might open the floor a little more, but I doubt they'll have an entire full series where the majority haven't some sort of comic background or personality. The New Year Treats could be seen as testing the water a little on how others go down, and they've been quite successful in my opinion, but I dunno if they'd sustain a whole ten episode series.
  9. Michael O'Neill's back as Northern Ireland manager. It'll be interesting to see how it goes - it didn't really work out for him at Stoke, and the team he's going back to aren't as good as the one he left. But as I don't really watch NI, I've no idea what their next few years hold. It'd be some turnaround in fortunes to qualify for Euro 2024, although with Finland, Slovenia and Kazakhstan as their main challengers (Denmark should walk the group) that's not an impossibility if he can galvanise them. I doubt it, though.
  10. Note for the above - where you see 1012, that's supposed to be 10^12.
  11. #deluxewaffle28 5/5 Third perfect deluxe in a row. Deluxes are fun.
  12. Every move should result in one or two greens. Nothing less is good enough.
  13. I've a fiver on Arriaga to score the first goal!
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