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  1. A dock makes it an under the TV version, if not in the form factor you might want.
  2. Lewandowski is better in Scrabble but you'll have more opportunities to play Kane in the late game.
  3. She's scored another hat-trick today in a 4-4 draw with China.
  4. With the article being from 2016, I can only assume something had changed. Could be that Discovery's deal came into play in 2021, could be something else.
  5. Not a bad way to score a 124th minute equaliser.
  6. Football Manager is getting women's football, although no release target has been set for it. Not for FM 2022, but at some point in the future. It'll be fully integrated into the game, rather than a separate release or game mode.
  7. If the game plays as good as recent versions it'd be fine, but like Pockets I have doubts due to the need to support cross play with the mobile version. I'd suspect that while the platforms can have all the graphical bells and whistles, they'd be more limited in other respects. But there's no reason they have to be for offline modes. What does concern me is that moving free to play suggests that modes like Master League will be relative (and in this case, quite literally) afterthoughts. They're moving further away from the in-depth single player that I've longed for since the nineties.
  8. In fairness, PES has a lot of licenses these days, it's just that not having the Premier League and Bundesliga is more keenly felt than both of them offering up Scotland, Turkey, Denmark and Argentina.
  9. I believe there was a period in the early 2000s where PES did actually make use of the FM database, but only for the players in the handful of teams in Pro Evo, not the expansive world. Graphics from PES would be difficult to pull off because FM only updates at about 8 fps. Everything's abstracted rather than physically simulated.
  10. It's hard to say, because it was an amateur tournament dominated by the Eastern Bloc for years until 1984, at which point European and South American sides were restricted to players who hadn't competed at a World Cup. In 1992, that changed to the current U23 (U24 this year) format. As an underage tournament, it's naturally going to be of lesser interest. Brazil cared more in recent years because it was the only tournament they'd never won, until Rio 2016. For the women, it's second only to the World Cup in importance, due to having no age restriction, and that's the main reason Great Britain are competing again this year - their players hated the fact that they couldn't play in a major competition due to home nations squabbling, so they thrashed out an agreement.
  11. Yeah, it kept stopping for me. Wondered if it was my connection but evidently not. Unless you live in my house. In which case could you get me a cold beer?
  12. Of the things FIFA does better than PES, one is the ability to play the player career mode (i.e. the Be A Pro equivalent) as the whole team. Playing as a solitary player alongside FIFA's AI isn't something anything should inflict upon themselves. It was rather fun in PES but niggles there really didn't help, such as a run of matches completely draining your energy levels and leading you to be hauled off at half time every match, instead of just given a spell on the bench to start with. PES's AI is really quite good at punishing errors, more so than FIFA. There are occasions in PES where you spot an opponent has an opportunity to play someone in and you just think "oh fuck" because, as in real life, if he's found then you're probably going to concede. Covering those successfully is the key to a good defensive performance. In FIFA, those opportunities don't seem to get explioted by the AI as they should, and there's half a chance the striker will forgo a clear run on goal in favour of playing back to someone else.
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