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  1. Last season's Champions League isn't over yet, but already two teams have left the 2020/21 edition and a third should have left yesterday - but didn't. FC Drita, from Gjilan in Kosovo, were supposed to play Linfield in the final match of the preliminary round after they both won their respective games against Inter d'Escaldes and Tre Fiori. But two Drita players have tested positive for Covid, forcing the postponement of the match, and UEFA's own rules suggest Drita forfeit the tie. The winners would go on to play Legia Warsaw next Tuesday so there's not much more time get the game played, if UEFA decide to go down that route. A decision will probably me made before tomorrow is over.
  2. Fry Crayola


    I don't think it's the BBC doing it, simply because it's inexplicably played in the arena itself, rather than just added to the stream as with the football crowd. You can hear it going off for the adjacent match. Could be Barry Hearn saving a few quid on the FX budget.
  3. The hand wringing about the foot maybe being a micrometre off the line is nonsense, but they've a good point about the encroachment.
  4. Fry Crayola


    Family illness, so is skipping this year's tournament.
  5. Evidence of absence and all that... Let's try Aimé Jacquet. Stepped up at France after Houllier's sacking, went on to win the World Cup.
  6. Klinsmann wasn't sacked, he resigned.
  7. Jürgen Klinsmann's assistant did alright when he took over Germany too...
  8. Fry Crayola


    I've not been paying enough attention but there's been canned applause at the end of a frame, at least.
  9. Not even close, man! World Cup qualification resumes/starts (depending on your confederation) and I'm simply going to have to talk about Montserrat making an unexpected playoff push and the big Guinea Derby which thankfully has absolutely fuck all to do with horses.
  10. ™. It's its own UTF character. Think you can't do super or subscript on mobile, alas.
  11. I don't expect the servers to get humped. Total War doesn't have the reach of GTA.
  12. I've often found Football Manager suffers a little from this when you've got your team playing as you'd like. The gameplay starts to feel like you're pretty much just clicking continue, watching games and making routine substitutions. You rarely need to think. Around that point, you need to mix it up by moving to another club, giving yourself another challenge. Blooding promising youngsters just isn't enough in itself.
  13. Newcastle Benfield's tears are carried away in the wind... I would have said Newcastle Blue Star but they folded... and now I discover they've reformed!
  14. It's happened before, but not in the same way. The 2008 Setanta Cup, between the best teams in the North and Republic of Ireland, was held from February to September that year. As such, it spanned the 07-08 and 08-09 seasons for the UK entrants of Cliftonville, Dungannon Swifts, Linfield and Glentoran. And, as it happens, Derry City, the NI-based club playing in the League of Ireland, who also achieved the feat in the 2009-10 edition, when they played their group games between August and March, spanning two domestic seasons for them. We can probably discount Derry because they don't play in a UK league, but the other four do. No other Setanta Cup was played over two seasons for either association. The Inter-Cities Fairs Cup - which preceeded the UEFA Cup - ran over multiple seasons in its first couple of competitions. Birmingham City competed in the first edition, playing group stage games between May 1956 and April 1957, and then the semi-final defeat in October '57. That spans two, or possible three seasons (the FA Cup final was played prior to Birmingham's first group game, so whether you count that game as part of the 55-56 or 56-57 seasons is up to you). They competed again the following tournament, playing eight matches from October '58 until picking up the trophy in May '60. Both are oddities - the Fairs Cup was never intended to be played on a seasonal schedule, while the Setanta Cup involved teams from two countries playing in separate calendars and the edition in question had to align with one or the other. I can't think of any examples that are similar to Rangers' case.
  15. 557 from Xbox 360, and 41 from Xbox, according to Wikipedia, which also lists 2542 games for the Xbox One as either released or planned for release.
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