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  1. You sure it was the same lot? I don't think Frontier have made a city builder.
  2. Oh, I'll definitely give Golazo a run out. I've always got time for quirky indie football games.
  3. Wordle 221 6/6 A disappointing six, but the 100% record remains.
  4. Yes. Please send your additional £10 to: No Ticket Service 742 Evergreen Terrace Springfield
  5. I often find the second wall is easier to solve if the tricks are shared for a couple of connections, as was the case last night.
  6. I also play as if I'm in hard mode, which means sometimes it's made harder by me forgetting to use a letter I know is in there. Hard mode would prevent me from doing that. So I play in REAL hard mode!
  7. Maybe "I skipped a few days and lost my streak?!" can become the new "words have repeated letters?!"
  8. I didn't, because I'm a programmer and couldn't get ">=" out of my head.
  9. It's Watford. You can be sacked for anything and nothing.
  10. That should basically never happen as long as you're doing the daily searches for your 90 points, so that's a lot of points down the pan.
  11. And BBC red button and website.
  12. If playing Cameroon tomorrow evening wasn't tough enough for Comoros, they have to do so without a goalkeeper. In their squad of 28, they named three keepers, and all three are out due to Covid or injury. An outfield player has to be named in goal as per tournament regulations.
  13. Anyone want to feel old? Ian Wright's grandson scored his first goal for Stoke today.
  14. They don't evacuate the crowd, and I'd hardly think taking some pictures of a football match recorded and broadcast around the world poses a security risk to the players.
  15. I can't believe Burnley have had 60 years to sort undersoil heating and still haven't bothered. Such a lazy club.
  16. Wordle 217 5/6 Just struggled here, and those second and third lines just used the same yellow letter because I didn't even think.
  17. Definitely theatrical, it's the better cut. The additional scenes in the extended cut are fine but aren't needed, and just interfere with the pace. I do love Arnie's smile, though.
  18. Can't be arsed to read it, sorry.
  19. Although I'm not embarrassed by it, my partner does seem to look down on me when my mates and I play American Truck Simulator together. To us, it's about smashing each other off the road at high speed, interspersed with relaxed downtime where we can just chat to each other with little distraction, which is ideal given we can't easily meet up these days. To her, it's sad old men pretending to be truck drivers. I don't think either of us are entirely wrong, but at least I console myself with pretending to be a very bad truck driver.
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