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  1. No need? How does that work? Surely if he's charging for the game he could get into trouble?
  2. Ta for the link. Looks and sounds very like what I'm aiming for, only naturally this has less leagues. Looks like I've found my interim replacement for the frankly poor CM. I've been playing every management game floating around trying to find one that's both fun and realistic, and aside from CM3 I've failed. Good for research purposes though (or that's what I tell myself), As for TCFG, I'll get around to updating the website after my exams, and hope to have an AI demo in March. All this depends on how much shite work I'm given by those uni gits though. In my opinion it's coming along well. Link to the site's in the sig, for those interested.
  3. That comes down to taste. I put down FF7 and played RE instead because I liked the idea of a story-led experience (which Resident Evil is), but couldn't stand the random battles. Manhunt would never have made it onto the shelves without the story, as it would be simply gratuitous violence. Some might argue it still is, but the story demands nothing less.
  4. Fry Crayola


    That's what's so great about this game - so many paths. And you get twice the game for your money. You can play through it as a third person stealth game, then give it a go as a first person blaster.
  5. Realism-based games, which then give you a boss who can't be killed by convential means FOR NO REASON. Syphon Filter, I'm looking at you. I must have shot Roemer about ten times in the face before I threw a gas grenade at him, just to activate the right cut scene
  6. With AvP I reckon you could set this up - one player as the Predator, the rest as severely handicapped Marines.
  7. Be thankful though that most games aren't like Cobra on the CPC - jump all the time and you're invincible. Fun. I like the Prince's pseudo-autonomy. If I wanted a true platformer, I wouldn't buy one with a real world setting like PoP, I'd go for the abstract nature of Mario and his ilk. There's only so much you can do with platforms in a castle, and I reckon PoP does it brilliantly. Instead of making a platformer, the game's really a puzzle game where each room gives you a start, a finish, and obstacles in between. Any Joe could manage the obstacles, it's working out the path that provides the entertainment. It's not for everyone, just as the Mushroom Kingdom won't attract everyone. But it is excellent.
  8. FTlog's gonna stop posting... after 2 posts. Eh? Anyhow, I reckon neither Edge's nor GamesTMs reviews were accurate portrayals of the game.
  9. Rockstar North are talented. SoE was another developer, same publisher.
  10. I'm over it... all I wanted to do was let you know it could be dangerous. Anyhow, I don't really see the connection between the two games beyond trying to find a path, and the expansive environments. In their gameplay they are too different to me.
  11. For the first 6 levels or so, you are doing the same thing over and over. It's very much a question of taste. Stick with it!
  12. Fair enough. Just tell me the books you're reading and the films you have lined up to rent, and I'll do my best to put forth "interesting" theories on them.
  13. error at line 1 I also have a mate who's had it for those two years, that was his summation. I've played as far as the big gap in the middle of the massive room.
  14. Sorry Andy, I never realised games have an in-built time limit in which everyone must buy it and play it. I bought it two weeks ago, haven't got around to playing it much but certainly when the game's enjoyment comes from the story, the puzzle solving and the experience of playing, I don't want that ruined.
  15. Andy_Tanner, disguise your spoilers in yellow and small text, and realise not everyone has finished the game. SPOILER two millimetres from the text doesn't cut it. As for the games, the only similarity I see is that there are huge environments to get through. But whereas Ico's path through the castle was entirely puzzle based, the Prince must only really use his acrobatic skills to get there. Both still excellent games though.
  16. Well then... Prince of Persia - currently 70% through, so that's nearly done. Ico - only got it recently, want to finish it nice and quick Hitman 2 - played it for ages up until October, then stopped for no real reason. Headhunter - In time for the sequel... Mario & Luigi - If I don't, shame on me.
  17. Piggsy was cool. Totally fucked up, totally horrific and totally fitting with the rest of the game.
  18. Spoiler thang - Starkweather was a disappointment. I expected an old, Brian Cox looky likey, not some fat bearded bloke with bad sunglasses. Nowhere near as cool as his voice.
  19. When he was 8 years old, my brother (after four years of asking) got an Amstrad CPC6128 for Christmas 1986. My early memories (I turned five two weeks later) involve watching him play Doors of Doom (the first game he ever played, though the CPC came with 17). I adored the machine as much as he did, and used it to teach myself programming. Amstrad Action was the magazine of choice, its covertapes being the main source of new games. £10 was a lot for a game in those days and neither of us had any income so £2.99 cassettes were out of the question. Getting a lend of discs from classmates was quite a regular occurance. The 16-bits were new fangled toys in 1990 that were beyond us. We had to loan them from friends for a few days at a time, marvelling at Sonic and SFII and I remember believing they'd be unplayable because the TV reception in my brother's room was shit. Ah, ignorance. Then when I was about 13 or so, my brother got a PlayStation and gave me the CPC as a hand-me-down. I was over the moon, and eventually wrote a few games for it. I picked up a PS of my own when I was 16 and had a job, a year previously I got a Game Boy for £6. I've been amassing a collection ever since, although now I rarely buy more than a game a month. The CPC will always be my favourite though. I had completely designed a football management game that would work on it, but then got a PC when I was 17 and scrapped it. Pity, I knew for a fact that it would be the best footie management game ever made on that machine.
  20. Don't be daft Alex, the hideously expensive PDP-1 was designed to run Spacewar!
  21. And hence could feasibly be as athletic without having black eyes. Anyhow, the cover should be a central text saying "THE HISTORY OF VIDEOGAMES", and surrounding it should be screenshots of every game ever to acheive classic status, modern or otherwise. Then they can put Lara in there, because TR1 was a damn fine game.
  22. Lara Croft isn't big today. She's tiny. The game underperformed as did the film. So she's a pointless choice. It'd be like a history of football that includes a pic of Arsenal on the cover. I'd argue that all the characters are pointless choices. While I'd prefer Mario over Lara, why does gaming need a character at all? The major sellers today don't have characters. Medal of Honor, FIFA, The Sims and the like are sold on what appeals to the casual gamer more - doing something they want to do. Build a house, take part in a war or play footy. The cover should be empty except for a title.
  23. Exactly - and besides many games have had rather attractive females in them. Take any beat-em-up, for example, which show far stronger women than Lara taking control and kicking arse. I never saw Chun-Li on the cover of The Face and I dare say SFII was played by more gamers than the whole Tomb Raider series together. The media saw something and blew it up, proving once again the contempt they really have for games.
  24. It's not a slur on the character, it's a slur on every single person who's ever elevated her above her position as eye candy in a computer game because they believe that there was some sort of deeper meaning behind her creation. It's like Room 101 last night, where Merton told a tale of a critic who dissected a directors use of B&W toward the end of a film in the usual critical way, when in actual fact they'd just run out of colour film. Lara Croft - big tits and a cute butt. Hardly does anything to dispel the stereotype of gamers as pathetic losers with no real world connection.
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