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  1. A little from column A, a little from column B. But when you add on the cost of the steering wheel or pad adapter, you go over the tenner the PS2 version is costing him. Plus console gaming is more accessible than PC gaming, really. Given the choice I always go for the console. What's CMR4 like in comparison to CMR2.0?
  2. In rally mode, it is so much better with analogue control, as you can sweep round the corners a lot easier. In Arcade mode, digital is king - I'm almost 10 seconds faster on certain tracks as I know the exact line down to a tee. 58 second lap time in Sweden.
  3. Buy McRae 2.0. It's got proper rally, arcade championships and the controls feel great. Really great.
  4. Nope, that's my own, honest appraisal of what I reckon to be one of the best driving games ever. It's fucking fantastic. See? So it should be anyone's choice.
  5. I could beat the game on 5 stars, but I'd get bored playing the same way all the time. 3 stars allows you to concoct some deliciously lovely goals while still having a challenge - I lost the D1 Cup Final to Liverpool 2-1 AET, then lashed out and destroyed Blackburn 6-0 before losing to Auxerre. It can get tough, but it's a lot more fun that trying to outwit superhumans.
  6. Heh. I've got JJFFE too, it's nifty but it lacks something Elite had. I find it difficult to get into properly because of a harsh learning curve. I loved flying off into space in Elite and dogfighting from the off. Elite 4... .WHEN YOU BASTARD, WHEN? (his site's been saying soon for ages now)
  7. There were more than enough Amstrad users, and quite a lot on this forum.
  8. Considering AA was Future's first magazine, there'd be quite a few people who read it.
  9. Snap up CMR2.0, it's absolutely fantastic with a great sense of danger and excitement as you hare around the courses.
  10. It was good in it's infancy, that. Then it got too kiddie.
  11. I can see Doom III falling into the TS2 like it/ hate it forum divide. From what I hear, it's a no brains shooter with a bit of an emphasis on fear. The AI will hardly be stunning, it'll all be about gorgeous set pieces and blasting all the shit that moves. However, sometimes that's just what I want. Looking forward to this, a lot.
  12. In all seriousness, never put the skill level above three stars. Three stars is as high as the game's artificial intelligence seems to go. The opposition will harass you, play round you and create chances, but if you're good you'll beat them. Above this, the game cheats. They get faster, more aware, and more superhuman. It starts to feel like a game based on football instead of actually being football, and you'll be shoehorned into playing tactics which outfox the CPU, leaving you completely exposed when you play against real people. Unless you're great, of course.
  13. I said it multitasked. Just the results though, which is shit, because most of the time there are no results. You're just sitting there, looking at a screen that says it's processing. No update on how it's going, no estimate at when you'll regain control, and no way of getting control until either your button bashing comes through, or the game lets you have your fun. How hard would it be to always process in the background, let you do your things (which are about as processor intense as picking your nose), have an onscreen display letting you know how far the game's got into its scheduled processing for the time period, and let everything work like that? Then there'd be no irritating waiting. Only 20% through you say? Oh, well in that case I'll fine tune my tactics on the training ground, have words with my players to ensure no grievances are left unaired and plan ahead for the big cup game next week by getting my players to work on ways to stop the opponent's left midfielder. Oh wait, I can't, because the game doesn't have these options! There's no excuse for it. They're entirely technologically possible, all it takes is for the developers to get off their ass and work them into the game. It CAN be done. That's why I hope Eidos have big ideas and don't just churn out a TCM-a-like. If they use the CM name to create an ambitious title of their own, we win in the end, regardless of which game is better.
  14. I hate small database option. ALL the non-league sides get zero players, meaning playing against them in season two a laughable experience. The number of available players makes a mockery of the game, when you're stuck with the same guys the whole time with few variants. So I tend to go with three to four countries activated, on medium database. And it's too slow. The reason? The game is so obsessed with realism it's forgotten to be fun too. 03-04 may process more data than CM0102, but it has no major visible effect on my game. I never complained with any lack of realism in CM0102 because I never noticed it. And I don't want no passive game. TV is shit, wanking has a limited period per day and I'd be far happier spending my time playing a game that doesn't shut me out for most of it. CM is a good simulator, but a crap game. Really crap. Mind you, if they even so much as made it multitask (i.e. did ALL the processing while you do your day to day thing, rather than just match results), it'd be a far better game. I want more than 1 hours actual play in a three hour sitting.
  15. Arse. The 2D engine excepted (because I do love it and it's the only thing that stops me going back to play CM0102), there's nothing new there. They've done a lot of behind-the-scenes work which supposedly ramps up the realism, but we see none of it. The game spends minutes (which all add up) processing the thoughts and feelings of Chinese Division 2 players who have no bearing on my team. It's all well and good as a simulation but it makes for a very irritating game. That's time that could have been spent creating a tactics engine. CM0304 doesn't have one to speak of. It has a number of instructions you can issue to players, and it leaves it at that. You select what you want, and over time and matches it improves. The only way to know that it's improving is by playing games - the very games you can't afford to use to improve tactics. You can't do it on the training ground and I've never known any manager to not work on tactics during training. All you can specify is a training schedule, with zero fine tuning. It's unacceptable. For the record, I've never played a management game with a particularly good tactics engine. They've all been transfer market led affairs. All very well if that's what you want, but it doesn't make for a realistic, or in-depth game. Reason why Champ Man is so successful? It's the best, most well researched and most detailed game there is. So fans will lap it up. Look past that, and there's a whole lot of work to be done.
  16. By the way - I see no screenshots on Sega Europe. Any directional pointing is greatly appreciated.
  17. I hope they use what they have to make a game this time, rather than a running simulation. The fact is that there is little more to do in CM0304 than you have in CM0102. It's great that you can see the match in a lovely 2D mode, and it's great that everything looks a hell of a lot nicer, but you're still stuck doing the same mininal shite that you had in the previous title. Only this time, you've got to sit and wait for much more of the time. It's far too slow to be worth anyone's time getting into when there's much more that they can be doing. It's got some of the basics there but it's missing the clear aim every football management sim should have - tactics. They're badly implemented and virtually non-existant. There's nowhere near enough depth, they have no relationship with the training, and in the end the "gameplay" amounts to transfer dealings and trying to keep everyone in "Superb" form. Which just isn't management. Bah. For SI's sake (because they DO have a great underlying system there) I hope Eidos come up with something good to do the CM brand justice. A game that challenges the player while remaining firmly rooted in reality. Maybe then SI won't rest on their brand. Or Toms'ss's's.
  18. The checkpoint system is my favourite, but it requires excellent game design. If the game is programmed so that each experience is suitably different (see Halo for example, where the AI makes for fun battles that could go any way), replaying is not a problem. But in games where you have to trek around, perhaps grabbing that key, then going to that door, avoiding that same enemy and so forth, they're frustrating. Quicksaves ruin any sense of fear that could come from enemies emerging at any time. How can you be afraid of an enemy who sends you 15 seconds into the past? Of course, to combat a lack of quick saves, the game has to have multiple solutions to every problem. If you attempt one method and botch it up, you shouldn't have to restart but should have the chance to fight your way out, hide, or use some backup plan you worked out ahead. If you absolutely must have a quicksave system, how about a time limited one? Quicksave, and you can't do so for fifteen minutes. Who'd wait around for fifteen minutes just to make a save? Not too many folk, but the option to save anywhere still exists for when you do want to use it and go to bed.
  19. Known AA cast list: Rod Lawton Trenton Webb Adam Waring Adam Peters Linda Barker (I sincerely doubt it THAT one, but this one seemed fit too) Someone rather plump, female Simon Forrester Tim someone OK, so I really don't have a clue at all...
  20. If you play with the TV set muted, YOU'RE the bitch.
  21. Easy, but 8 great hours. Roll on the esequel. Yes, esequel.
  22. Blitz3D cost me €90 odd around June or so of last year, and it's worth every cent.
  23. I don't remember a song. PS2 version.
  24. Proper clue, the route to Faria is always louder. Otherwise it'd be shit game design, and that's not nice. Nobody's that dumb.
  25. What ever happened to Rod Lawton of Amstrad Action. He had a great beard, him.
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