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  1. Tell you what Siread, I've looked at your site and noticed NSS is going for £4. That's always been the price, hasn't it? If so, that means you've sold over a thousand copies - how'd you manage to get so many people to hear about it? I'd guess through forums, and people telling people telling people, but I'd only imagine about 20-30 sales per forum, and I doubt it reached 40-odd forums... Though I suppose the £4 price helps... wouldn't mind knowing your secret. Anyhow - most important thing is I get my game made. It's coming along nicely, and now the exams are finished I'll get stuck into it again.
  2. The greatest satisfaction comes from games where you're always so close for ages before cracking it - without the game ever becoming a chore. These are few and far between, and the last I truly remember is Wipeout 2097 - fantastic game in my opinion and I'd play for hours just to beat a track.
  3. At the minute I'm sticking with Blitz - partly because I paid €90 for the beast and I want to make good use of it, but also because it takes a lot of the hassle out of the coding. I'm with JPickford on what he's said in the past about using Blitz to test ideas and stuff. Except of course I'll go one step further by writing the game in Blitz in full. From there, when I get around to learning C++, I can go back and try to rewrite the game. The difficult AI stuff will be done, it'll really just be a matter of graphics. And a few other bits. Not liking Java though. Maybe because I link it directly to university assignments, and I hate them. Got a Concurrent Programming exam now in forty minutes so I'd better learn a bit more, but I still find it pretty annoying to use.
  4. Never played the Speccy version, but in my opinion the CPC one pales in comparison to the original. The graphics were better, and the enemies felt solid. Weird control system, but you get used to that easily.
  5. Pah. I had a CPC, where disk Elite took a mighty 15 seconds to load, including the time taken for you to type RUN"ELITE Multiloads on tape were great though. Nothing like running through the tape 20 times to find a small piece of code you need.
  6. I never experienced SWOS until two years ago anyway. My folks never got us anything but an Amstrad CPC, and SWOS never made it onto that for some reason.
  7. £5k? Not bad at all. Maybe I'm living in the right time after all. I'm thinking of selling my game, if I ever get around to doing it properly (bloody exams) and wouldn't mind knowing the best way to do it. Selling it myself (i.e. I process all the orders) is out of the question, because people prefer credit cards and stuff rather than sending cheques and I haven't a clue what to do with pieces of plastic. Anyone got any good ideas? I've looked at shareit.com, which both Blitz and AOCS use, and it seems ok - they take about €2.50 at the minute per sale, but if I'm selling at €15/£10 that's over £8 profit. I'm talking about the future anyhow. Have to get my arse in gear and get some work done.
  8. A months work was a rough figure - and I reckon you could knock up a game in a month if you based it on some of your previous work (e.g. you could create a platformer, then release about four games based on the same engine). Only in my mind though, I've no idea what the system was like at the time. I was 2. Where/What/How's RealArcade?
  9. I'm talking about the coders themselves. A bunch of hobbyists who hit the big time because someone else took the chance. £7k per month for a 17 year old is something that only really crops up by luck - you can't predict that.
  10. <off topic, sorry>Exactly, which takes words not a number to explain.</off topic, sorry> <offer-topicer>Never said it didn't. Just said a score can represent a rough feeling of the game.</offer-topicer>
  11. You may love the game then, but an objective view taken on it a while later will see you no doubt come to the opinion that it's a good game, marred by a dodgy start. Reviews aren't a guide to those who have finished the game, they're one for those who are about to buy it.
  12. Yup. They're all jammy bastards. The lot of them.
  13. Course it can. But because the first few hours are crucial, a game can get a 6 if it starts shit, even if the last levels are the best things ever.
  14. A single number doesn't, and in my mind never will. All it's ever done to me is presented a simple indication of the game's overall quality. You need the review for the rest.
  15. Just flicked through Retro Gamer, and what do I see in the Mastertronic article? £2000 up front, then 10p a game, usually selling about 50,000 copies? £7000 for a months work? FUCK! What's the chances of that now?
  16. I'm reminded of Infiltrator for the CPC. Effectively, this was two games. The first was a helicopter flight sim, the second a psuedo-stealth adventure, which kicked in once you'd landed your copter outside the enemy base. The stealth adventure appealed to me greatly (and in a way still does) but the helicopter segment was poorly realised and felt like a chore. End result: poor game. No save function meant every time I wanted to play the good bit, I had to play the bad bit for 20 minutes (a long time back then). In fact, I never got past the bad bit myself - I let my older brother (who enjoyed the flight sim) finish that. People don't want to play bad stuff to get to good stuff, so if a game has a shit beginning, it's put its foot wrong from the start and it'll take a long time to pull it out.
  17. Fry Crayola

    Hitman 2

    I weaned myself onto the defaults thanks to the third person option - sneaking was so much easier using that perspective, and the slow pace of the game meant it didn't feel like any other FPS. Only when I find a need to kill a number of people do I use the FPS mode for easier aiming. Anyhow, still love the game.
  18. Fry Crayola

    Hitman 2

    8/10, I reckon. Plenty of open-endedness in the levels, and has a good replay value, especially as if you play through stealthily first, you can treat it as a shooter next time round.
  19. I've put a game ban on myself too - also until March. With one exception, and that's GBA Harvest Moon (but you all know that now). Last game I bought was Toca 2 for the PC, and that was a freebie because my girlfriend couldn't find a third game for the 3-for-£10 deal. I should ban her though, she bought another three last week. Still, Rayman 2 is one. Oh shit, I lied. I bought Eternal Darkness, Zelda CE, an Xbox, JSRF, Ghost Recon and DOA3 for £136 from the trading folder. Meh...
  20. Fry Crayola

    Hitman 2

    Tell you what though, the lack of user definable controls is an irritance at times. In every FPS on all three systems, I play with the left stick for moving/turning, and the right stick for looking/strafing. In Hitman, left stick strafes, right turns. It completely throws you and there's nothing you can do about it. Besides learn a control system, which isn't exactly a solution. Eventually I adapt, but then going back to another game takes time.
  21. Just got myself an Xbox, so a minor change. Out goes Hitman 2 (even though I was playing it a bit) and Ico, in comes Jet Set Radio Future, and Majora's Mask. Making the list: Ocarina of Time Metroid Prime Super Mario Sunshine Majora's Mask Jet Set Radio Future.
  22. Fry Crayola

    Game Rage

    Too impatient... The best tactic for the birds is to kill them all before you try anything. That way it's simply a matter of making the right jumps. But if you didn't know that, you'd never make a good Prince.
  23. Fry Crayola

    Game Rage

    That took me ages too. Piece of piss once you know the exact route to take though.
  24. My Dad's hobby is golf. So he's in no position to talk to me about daft hobbies - he's walking around in the rain at 7am every Saturday. I'm sleeping. Or playing a late night game. But then, he loves his gadgets, and while he doesn't like games he doesn't mind us liking them. Four out of us five kids have or have had PlayStations... (3 have a PS2, 2 have a SNES, there's a Game Boy, a GBA and a GBA SP, a Cube, and an Xbox). All that started when my parents bought my brother a CPC for Christmas. So it's their fault. They've kind of got used to it now.
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