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  1. Yes I can see how that will work with the Wiimote... *pre-orders*
  2. Well I played OOT a bit, and WW to the end. Truth is, I couldn't tell you who Zelda was if you were to ask me right now!
  3. Don't forget though, it is written by one of HoC's chums for their website. So I don't think HoC will ever agree with you on that one. In fact, Press Start Online seems to regularly get kicked to fuck in this forum, surprised 8 even posted the article in the first place.
  4. Come on HoC, the rules are crystal clear: Nintendo: Only positive speculation allowed Sony: Only negative speculation allowed
  5. I've never understood the argument against the Dual Shock's stick positions. It makes no logical sense to me. The right stick is in the same positions as the stick on the GC and XB pad. No probs. However, the left stick is in a symetrical postion and somehow that's a problem? I don't know about everybody else, but my hands are pretty much exactly the same dimensions so no surprises to find that what works for my right thumb works for my left.
  6. The PSP is a decent enough machine, in principle. I don't agree with the build quality being bad, it's always felt quite sturdy to me. Also, the games catalogue isn't as bad as many people make out. However, I do find it a pig to use. The dpad is terrible, I just can't get diagonals. The nub is okay, but its positioning is just slightly wrong for me. And the L shoulder button I find difficult to use with either. I bought PES5 for it thinking it would be ideal handheld fun - and I think if it wasn't for the controls, it would have been. I guess you can say that this is after all, only Sony's first effort at a handheld. It has its problems, no doubt about that, but while games like Loco Roco and Lumines are made for it, there's hope. It needs a re-design, although even if that happened I can't see me splashing out more cash for it.
  7. So, will the Wii support Internet Explorer?
  8. It's a while since I played it but I remember: The usual platform shooter gameplay The all out combat in the arena and on some of the 'military' missions Flying in spaceships shooting things Crank's more puzzle-y robot chum levels The 2.5D mini games Plus that monkey that goes after bananas. Fantastic!
  9. And R&C 3 But it's a while since I played the first one so I can't remember about that.
  10. How odd. In my case that would simply mean not browsing on it at all, which of course is no big deal as a PC will always be the best option for that, and who doesn't have one of them?
  11. NO. A variety of gameplay styles relates to the platforming, combat, flying, puzzles etc.. There really is a lot of variety in the gameplay. Average at best? You really don't know what you're talking about, you really don't.
  12. That game looks pretty cool. At first I thought it looked a bit 'meh' then I saw those bizarre dancing chaps. I could learn a thing or two from those bad boys.
  13. I think it's a great move. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to buy a console and, for once, not have to spend another £100 on accessories and games?
  14. Hmm I seem to remember R&C3 might even have had a first person mode? Or did it just allow first person type controls... can't remember.
  15. Wrong. R&C are beautifully crafted, fun, and technically excellent games, with a sense of humour, likeable characters and a variety of gameplay styles. Sure, this doesn't automatically mean any game they make will be good, but then again this is a PS3 game we're talking about, I guess negativity is the way to go around these here parts.
  16. Or WW as it's far easier to get hold of. And also better in my opinion......
  17. Well, you're wrong about the RPG bit...
  18. PS3 cures cancer? Pfft. The Wii will cure cancer and AIDS for half the price. Also, the Xbo360 already cures MS and has been out for a year already.
  19. I didn't ever actually say that. Quote me anything like saying that and I'll give you a banana. Man, all these lies, and to think I sold you Peonix Wright for less than you offered me! For the record I think Mario Smash Football is actually half way decent, just a few little issues that nark me. It doesn't compare with playing PES with people who actually know how to play PES, but it's a reasonable time waster otherwise. Just a shame it came out so late in the Cube's life, and suffers from being 'cheap'. Still, that won't be a problem for the sequel obviously & thankfully.
  20. No it isn't that game. It was in fact a terrible gag based on Jonathan Ross' pronounciation of the word 'remote'. Every time I read 'wiimote', it makes me thing of him.
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