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  1. Apart from the AI using certain civs, I find there is a 3/4 city limit well into the ADs. That is unless you get lucky with Luxuries or City States. Like has been said, get as many multiples of a single luxury as you can and trade it away to help early game, another good tactic early game is utilising city states, so perform missions of any close by to help out. Plus get those caravans up as soon as and you prob won't have to worry about cash again, certainly not in the same way as God and Kings and Vanilla. I'm really enjoying BNW, finished 3 games on Emperer so far, close to a fourth (although don't think I'm going to win), trying out the new Civs and mechanics. I'm finding early game to be less chaotic, it seems the AI now tries to utilise these new mechanics and it more peaceful early game, and only the most warlike of Civs actually cause trouble. I guess due to the new trade route mechanic your GPT from medieval on wards really starts to crank up, so money is a less of an issue, but instead its now how you best utilise the money to get ahead (as obviously the AI has loads of cash as well). Also late game there is definately more to think about due to the impact of Ideologies and tourism/culture changes etc. Like said already, happiness is now the be all and end all, especially due to the late game Ideologies - as they can be really really crippling. In my previous game I was the first to an Ideology and chose Freedom, everyone else then went Order and witihin 20 turns my happiness was tumbling. It got -15 until i realised buildings alone couldn't do anything about it so had to switch to Order like everyone else. 2 turns of anarchy later I'm back in the game and ended up winning a diplo victory in the late 1900's. Also had my first city switch over to my side due to ideology dissent the other day. Had forgotten that could happen and all of a sudden a city from the Huns just popped over to my side (along with him becoming really angry with me). Checked the relevant screen and they had -45 unhappiness due pressure from other Ideologies and their cities just starting leaving for better civs. So another reason to take the hit and change ideologies. So definitely more to think about late game. Won a culture victory with Tourism as well, it can seem like you will never win as another Civs culture can be that high that you think that you will never catch it.... however the further down the tech tree you get, and once United Nations and 3rd tier ideologies kick in, you find that you can really start cranking it out. There are all sorts of under handing tactics you can employ. If you aren't friends with a high culture civ, so have restricted influence due to no open borders etc, use all that excess cash to bribe war like neighbors to war with them. Forces them into building military, tiles are pillages, and also if your lucky, they might lose a view cities reducing there culture output. Diplomats also invaluable in helping boost tourism as well as shared ideologies. So again, switching can benefit. Just need to try a Domination game, to see if money/happiness is handled with large armies and lots of city taking. Guessing you will have to keep a few Civs friendly for your trade routes, or screwed.
  2. Sam slays the Other in chapter SAMWELL I, as the fight at Crasters is in SAMWELL II. A decent theory is that they will write in Gilly having to leave her child to the Others (as we saw in S2), and then Sam can do his Slayer bit while saving the Boy. Which I guess then might also be a pretense for the fight.
  3. I'm keeping faith that Wednesday are good enough to be mid-table, I really do think we are, but I'm seriously questioning Dave Jones tactics at the minute. A fair few fans a abusing the players (and some rightly so), but persisting with a 4-5-1 formation that clearly isn't working with the players we've got is starting to get to me - especially with Bothroyd on the wing. He is not comfortable there at all and compared to Antonio on the other wing does nothing. It likes playing with ten men. He's obviously a different player to Antonio, but I'm not sure what DJ is expecting him to do. Also, as evident against Middlesborough, when the opposition has the ball he gets us to put 10 men behind the ball (leaving a lone striker), but then none of them put any pressure on the opposition mid-field and allow them to pass freely, just to be carved open by a through ball or pass round the back. Then when we do get the ball back, unless Antonio makes a run, or a ball goes over the top, the other 4 in middle fail to string any passes together that produce anything like a threat. Frustrating much. Keep faith keep faith. [/rant over]
  4. No problem with either sending off myself, definate red for your player and ours definately deserved two yellows. Your first penalty was legit as well, we're crazy when defending at the minute. He is just waiting for our tall guys to get forward for the long throw into the box, so with or without the towel the throw wouldn't be taken until they were in position. So I suppose we are slowing the game down for our purposes. Honestly though, it was hilarious - you had a throw in near the half way line... your guy put the ball down, walked to within metres of the corner flag where the towel was, pick it up, walked back to the ball... dried it, then through the ball 4 metres to guy in front of him, must have taken 3 minutes. I didn't know whether to laugh or seethe like a rabid dog. Well like you say, the last two fixtures has Hillsborough have made for very entertaining games.. unfortunately for us, two we would rather forget. Would be interested in hearing other Owls fans thoughts on our team, roll on Bolton eh.
  5. Wasn't meant to come across as cocky, I was just talking from a perspective of, now that the bubble has burst, digging in and getting results to stay out of a relegation battle. Home games have got to be where we pick up points, especially against team promoted with us teams around us. Very bizzare game, not sure what to think. Huddersfield scored their first two goals off the back of pressure from us. Can only blame ourselves there, for not putting the ball away and poor defending (I mean we had 22 shots on goal, 11 on target to Huddersfields 7 and 4). Conceding three goals a game (at home) is not good form at the back. Then it just descended into chaos, the officials kinda lost it... 2 reds and what... 8 yellows in a game that only had one bad challenge. Reluctant kudos to the Huddersfield players though, with some comedy (for their fans) time wasting in the last 15 minutes. Using the towel (that Antonia uses to the dry the ball for long throws) for EVERY throw in, regardless. Blatant time wasting mind, but the ref had already lost any idea of what to do at that point. The away fans were doing some good taunting in the last 15 mins as well. Obviously at the time I was furious - but hey ho. Dave Jones needs to pick a first 11 and start sticking to it.. the "wonder" kid Backly didn't live upto much, took about 9 of our 11 corners and only one beat the first man, terrible form.
  6. Yeah, I'm not going to take the recent losses to heart (like some misguided fans), but a home fixture against Huddersfield surely has to be the bounce back match - looking forward to it anyway. Think with us losing our last two games and it being mid-week, might be pretty quite attendance wise (in comparison to the first two home games of the season anyway). UTO and all that.
  7. Just seen these on HBO GoT page... likee, no likee? http://www.fastcodes...me-of-thrones#1 http://www.undercons...eros-poster.php I think they are kinda cool, obv wouldn't fit into the show or Martins vision of the world, but as 'our world' or contemporary versions of the sigils. I like.
  8. Seeing as this is the book thread and considering the recent topic of discussion... Spoilers from Storm of Swords.... Apologise if already seen... or not amusing..
  9. Oops, forgot to post in. I am McMondays manager.
  10. Its a different kind of sport, one team against another - swimming, cycling, athletics are multiple teams/athletes all competing at the same time. Although I would say its because they were already through to the quarters, so were playing sub par to ensure they faced certain opponents in the next round. As for swimming, athletic heats, cycling time trials etc. they aren't gauranteed anything. They still have to put in enough effort to guarantee a place in the next round, but at the same time ensuring they have enough energy left for the next round (if they get through). I agree though, maybe making it round-robin not direct knockout was a bad idea for this particular sport.
  11. Ditto man, throught the swimming commentery was fantastic. They were like to buddies having a chat, not 100% dry and serious and, and also respecting the athletes from any country.
  12. McMond

    Football Kits 12/13

    That is nice, stripes look good without sponsors, I suppose if the badge and brand are located appropriately. New Owls away shirt and yes, the home shirt does say "The Power of Dreams". A mate likes it.. I think its cheesy. Still not sure about this one, I 'think' I like it...
  13. McMond

    Football Kits 12/13

    SWFC Home Shirt: The shirt actually looks ok when not on an anorexic person and fitted, but the sponsor design is shit. Would have looked better with the Gilders logo, rather than this crappy Honda text and slogan. I mean, a slogan!?! On a footy shirt??
  14. These are great man, I'm terrible at portraits.. well I say terrible, I still haven't got the guts to photograph in public/busy places, especially other people. Nice combination of images. Edit: Liking your photostream as well, some interesting / creative images on there. Nice one. Err after that, a Bee. That's all I've got Bombus Terrestris by Hels & Rob, on Flickr
  15. Owls fan here. Yeah some people are getting too carried away already, bit early to judge yet as the signings won't start kicking in until July onwards, but I agree... quitely confident we can avoid a relegation battle and hoping for mid table at least. As long as we keep some of the players form last year (e.g. Antonio).
  16. Correct, no fences. All taken at a safe distance (for myself and the bears). Although we were there at exactly the right time, as early spring is the best time to see them. They can be found at the side of the roads fattening themselves up on the banquet of grass and shoots after hibernation. Never thought I'd see a Grizzly though, that was a nice suprise.
  17. Lol nice one. I pretty much take my rucksack with everything I have in it. I only have three lenses anyway, then the tripod and monopod etc. For wildlife though I had my 75-300mm zoom lens on permanently. Problem with most of the pics is I had ISO1600 on permanently and on the D60 that is noisy as hell. Safe to come down? by Hels & Rob, on Flickr I see you! by Hels & Rob, on Flickr
  18. Some classic photos as always guys, keep it up. I think I'm going to start leaving comments on Flickr on the ones I like, always nice to have feedback. Some animal portraits from my holibobs. Going to re-crop the Grizzly pic when I get chance. Seen something? by Hels & Rob, on Flickr Grizzly Stare Bear v2.0 by Hels & Rob, on Flickr One from a walk the other day. Nuthatch taking off by Hels & Rob, on Flickr
  19. That's why I thought it was best to describe what I had done, so people could use that in their decision making. Can confirm no merging of different photos or cloning etc. HDR, crop and then over sharpened. But I understand its not what we normally see.
  20. Yeah I think it works pretty well, in fact it could now pass as some kind of futuristic Space Station of some kind.
  21. Was a little apprehensive to post this, due to a little more post processing than normal done. Have been experimenting with some ideas for printing some landscapes on canvas, plus its the only one I have this month. Single raw file, cropped, straightened etc. Exported as 3 images (original, + and -1 stop either side), merged together, then some over the top sharpening and detail changes. EDIT: I've changed the composition to remove the road and distracting detail from the right edge.
  22. Just watched this and I give it an A for AWESOME!! Regarding the threat/death stuff, even though no direct splattering of puny humans was seen I reckon the hammering the streets and buildings took confidently implies that some people must have died/been injured in the carnage. Well, it did for me. Seriously myself and the other half haven't enjoyed a movie as much as this together in ages. <obligatory cineworld rant>Obviously didn't stop us having some idiots who paid 8.60 each to just talk, rummage in pockets, drop keys and money on floor and discuss there mates latest facebook update in detail. Kudos to our lass though, she asked them to be quiet... and they were (till the end fight scene).
  23. For some reason, having been so pessimistic and down beat all season. I'm actually quite positive and confident about Saturday. I pretty much put this down to Jones and his far superior tactics/play style. Not sure if thats a good thing or a bad. Down side is I won't be there, I go on holiday on Thursday and thus will miss possibly one of the best astmospheres at Hillsborough for some time. My mates alright though, he got my season ticket for nowt.
  24. <p>Man, watching the United match was one of the most emotional and heart attack enducing games in ages. That 4 mins of injury last longer than anything I've ever witnessed at Hillsborough. All my friends travelled down, but I was listening on the Radio.. sounded pretty crap and I thought he was most definately going to get sent off the way the commentators reacted. But at this stage of our season I'd take points over a performance any day.
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