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  1. I got one of these in the end and I'm conflicted. Looking at the pictures I assumed the two halves of the pad were attached via some expanding strip which then clamped the phone in between. It does work like this, only the bit attaching the two halves is a rubber strip. When attached to the phone the side which plugs in is solid, but the other side is far from solid. If you push it away from you it's restricted from moving by your phone, put if you pull it towards you the elastic at the back stretches and it flexes loads. It just feels pretty flimsy for a £100 gamepad. It also requires me
  2. Sent with Parcelforce 24 yesterday, but no sign of it today.
  3. Just had a shipping confirmation from Very, so looks like mine will arrive tomorrow rather than the 11th of March like they've said all along.
  4. Hang on, wasn’t GT6 a PS3 game? Did they really not do a main line GT game on PS4?
  5. Yeah, Stadia is linux based which also means no Direct X. It uses Vulkan instead, so if your engine of choice doesn't;t support it then porting is likely a massive amount of work. Luna is definitely windows though: https://www.theverge.com/2020/9/25/21455610/amazon-luna-game-streaming-windows-nvidia-gpu-servers I guess whatever licensing they have in place for the AWS windows machines covers them for gaming as well.
  6. The reason Stadia is not running on Windows is because there's no way Google are going to licence hundreds of copies of Windows for their gaming platform. I don't know what changes when you're Amazon vs Google to make that palatable, but something obviously does.
  7. Stock informer telegram alerts are the way to do it. I’ve picked up both Xbox & ps5 in the last couple of weeks by jumping on the alerts as soon as they came in.
  8. Thanks @TehStu, didn’t realise there was a Luna thread. I’ll be well up for giving this a try, as soon as it’s available outside of the US. The Ubisoft+ price is good, you’re basically getting the Luna access for free then right? I wonder if it’s full Ubi+ and you can also download games to the PC? FWIW Stadia also integrate with Ubi+ in the US, where you link your accounts and it unlocks all the Ubi games on Stadia for you to play.
  9. @Paulando you’ve been using a kishi pad and your iPhone with stadia right? Does it have all the buttons needed for Stadia? I’ve also seen pictures with two different button symbols, one Xbox and the other generic. what does the iOS version come with? Finally, anyone seen the ios version for less than a hundred quid? A £20 premium for iOS over android smarts a little.
  10. What are the big showcase games for this? Is there anything other than Miles Morales?
  11. Your google music library has been moved to YouTube though right? It hasn’t vanished.
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