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  1. Cool, I have a big tub for bulk proofing and smaller individuals for the balls themselves so will give it a whirl. @Shimmyhill can you edit the first post to update uuni to ooni please? It's driving me nuts!
  2. @cubik have you tried your oven out yet? My turning peel arrived today, along with some dough making apparatus. Shame the weather is total rubbish as looks like I won’t get to try it out this weekend. I really wanted the Roccbox turning peel because it looks so nice but managed to resist and so both my peels together cost what the Roccbox peel would have cost on its own. For the people who prove their dough in the fridge for a few days, do you do that in bulk or prove at room temperature and then ball it up for the fridge?
  3. It's very shit, and pretty mind boggling considering they've been saying its "coming soon" since autumn last year.
  4. Sorry, lost track of the thread with all the activity today, what has been cancelled?
  5. The only pad restriction is with the Chromecast Ultra, for your laptop/phone/tablet you can use any wired/wireless controller. You can also stream to youtube now with a single button, I don't know what was originally pitched, but the features have been slowly (very slowly!) coming.
  6. You can use those same pads to play Stadia on any device you can currently play XCloud on. Luna isn't available over here yet, I imagine when that changes there'll be more activity in the thread.
  7. Can you use any pad you own with a PlayStation? What about an Xbox? The Stadia controller is one of the reasons that stadia works so well, so ensuring the under tv experience is the best it can be by limiting it to their own controller doesn’t seem particularly bad. The amount of conditions gamers put out that if only stadia did this I’d use it but until then I’m not interested is ridiculous. Stadia could have the full gamepass & ps+/psnow library and work with every controller ever made and people would still moan about how they need to send out fake boxes
  8. I started this on Stadia last night and after getting to the first Sister fight it actually crashed. Well it locked up for a minute or so before dumping me out. I restarted and got dropped back into the fight and this time got a bit further before it crashed again. I turned it off and went to bed at this point. I take it you got further than that @ZOK without any crashes?
  9. Better results tonight by turning the flame right down before putting the pizza in. I actually had the stone a bit hot and got some burnt bits on the base for the first one. The rest were pretty awesome.
  10. I had another go with this last night in the browser on my mac. I tried pairing my series x pad which I used previously but it just wouldn't show up on the mac in the bluetooth settings so ended up plugging in my Stadia pad and using that instead. I tried Forza Horizon and it did not go well. It took forever to load, like multiple minutes which was a shock after playing on the series x and when it did load the image quality was pretty ropey. I know its capped at 720p at the moment but there were big periods of extreme blockiness which looked like streaming artefacts. The bigges
  11. Check out The Northern Dough Company pizza balls. They’re frozen from Tesco/Waitrose and you just take them out 4 hours before you want to use them.
  12. Check the local ads for a Weber 57cm Kettle BBQ. You should be able to get one for £50-£100 and it’ll do everything (apart from pizza). It doesn’t need to go in the shed and can live outside all year.
  13. Yep, grabbed the last one in Lidl. Might try our roast beef joint on it today if I get time.
  14. That was the kids pizza so yes, pineapple was involved. They like to make faces (they’re young :P)
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