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  1. It will be a rental. It’s priced to be the same as a family visit to the cinema.
  2. Forgot about pictures of the pork but it was lovely and timing was perfect hitting the right temp about an hour before we were due to eat. I did get a shot of the crackling which went in the oven at 200 for about an hour. The good thing about having the butcher remove the skin is they get it nice and thin and also score it up for you. A bash with a rolling pin and it was ready to serve.
  3. It tends to be drier and harder/crunchier but still good. I salt it and leave uncovered in the fridge to dry it out and then cook in a hot oven.
  4. I cheat and remove the skin and cook it in the oven for crackling, I don’t think my Traeger would get hot enough to do it all in one.
  5. First cook on the Traeger in over a year! Keeping it nice and simple with a 2.5kg pork shoulder.
  6. I finished it last night and loved it. Best thing I’ve watched in the last few weeks.
  7. Jonny5


    I'd go for a bean to cup machine over a pod one. We swapped our nespresso machine for a delonghi bean to cup and now get beans from our local coffee roasting place. The pod coffee all ended up tasting the same and the limited edition flavoured ones were always rubbish. The only plus of the pods over a bean to cup was that you could make a nice single cup of decaf coffee (this was more of a thing when my wife & our friend group were all busy having babies).
  8. PayPal? EShop credit?
  9. I watched the first episode of this and didn't go back until I read this thread. I just watched the Dark Quiet Death episode which was good but quite a random change for one episode.
  10. There are loads of different "restaurant grade" blue bags from what i can tell. This is what I've ordered: https://www.coals2u.co.uk/restaurant-charcoal.html
  11. @Kieran Weber coals are pretty good. In terms of bang for your buck don't rule out second hand. I got a Weber Performer (the previous model to this one, so plastic table rather than metal) for £120 from Facebook marketplace. It's £600 new!
  12. I eventually ordered some restaurant grade lump wood charcoal from Coals4U yesterday. I was going to get 2 12kg bags for £17.99 each, but it was £15 for postage for orders under £50 so I just got a third bag instead to qualify for the free shipping. I hope its good as I now have 36Kg of charcoal on the way...
  13. I’ve used briquettes most of the time and when I have tried lump wood it’s usually been crap. Where and what should I buy if I just want some decent lump wood charcoal to try out? Ive tried heat beads in the past too and while they lasted well there was a lot of ash on them which seems to cool them down and then went everywhere when I tried to give them a gentle shake to dislodge it.
  14. I just grabbed Grid Autosport and Heave Ho (59% off!). Just need some time to play then now!
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