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  1. And I thought Celtic were the paranoid ones...
  2. But none of that is layers @BarryL85. That's just "They didnae get shouted at so why are we?" Rangers won the title for the first time in a long time. I completely get the need to celebrate. Just not the need to trash the place, start fights and shout various types of abuse at those nearby. I'm not condoning it for Scotland fans or any other type of fans. It shouldn't happen, full stop. There isn't a justification.
  3. The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter is one of the Daily Deals today. I've been considering trying a new fantasy series (having not read one in ages). This one any good?
  4. Brill, thanks @Rsdio. I didn't think it would, but thought it best to check.
  5. Question for the vinyl experts. I bought a record a few months back in a sale. Only got around to playing it in the last few days, and there is a warp in it, the record rising at one side. It plays and sounds fine, but is there any danger that it could damage my turntable in any way? Or am I safe enough to keep playing it?
  6. Phil Parkinson the new Wrexham manager. Thoughts @Fatsam?
  7. Checked and they didn't have any sadly. However they did have a section for it, so at least I know it's another option going forward. Has a release date for Imperium ever been confirmed by Hachette?
  8. Thanks guys. There is a big Tesco towards the outskirts of town, so I'll maybe see if I can nip over there and see if they stock it. Appreciate the tip!
  9. Nipped up to a newsagent up the road who stocks Mortal Realms, as the latest issue had The Craven King, and I quite fancied giving it a go on the painting front. Usually they've got them in the window, but there was nothing when I arrived. I asked the newsagent and he said some guy came in and bought three, then another came in and bought the rest. In other words, likely scalpers. Hachette are sold out, and a quick look on eBay shows them up there for nearly twice the price already. I hate scalpers!
  10. Butters


    Awesome. Thank you!
  11. Butters


    I know he was trying to get some online but was wary of getting them from eBay for exactly that reason.
  12. Butters


    That's amazing. Thank you @Dig Dug. I've forwarded this on to my brother in an email so he can use it to help my nephew as he starts to collect and play more Yugioh. I can normally blag being the cool uncle, but not on this one, so your information has been hugely helpful. I appreciate you taking the time to write it out in such detail. Thank you!
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