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  1. Yeah, my envelope was in much the same shape. Thankfully the magazine wasn't, but I suspect I just got lucky there.
  2. Is it .com or .co.uk @strider? I've been trying to get someone to answer my email since August, and tried a couple of different email addresses. The last one I sent was to help@magazinesdirect.com as that is the email address listed on the Retro Gamer Twitter account.
  3. Ended up buying the CD boxset. It arrived on Saturday. It is a thing of beauty.
  4. I'm having problems with Squadrons on my new Series X. I had only played the first few missions prior to switching over. I went back to it yesterday on my new console, did the briefing with Wedge, then when it switched me back to the hangar, everyone was moving around, but the nothing happened on screen, no matter what I pressed. Tried it a few times. I did have an issue with one of the missions back on the One, but I was hoping that wasn't going to be repeated. Anyone tried it yet and had problems in the game?
  5. Elated at the semi-final win, but severely tempered by the news about Big Zal. Mad as a hatter, and looked like someone they had pulled in off the street when he first arrived, but won everyone over, and the look on his face just before he picked up the cup in 2012 said it all. He got it. And thanks to @deerokus for picking Kevin Nisbet as the one to watch on Saturday. He certainly was.
  6. If it does go ahead, is Keates on borrowed time do you think?
  7. Has there been any further updates on the takeover @Fatsam?
  8. Watched it on Saturday. Echo what most have said above - thought it was great, but not a big surprise given my love of Sorkin's work. There were times when my wife and I just looked at each other with a combination of surprise and disgust at how blatant the Judge was. Some performance from Frank Langella.
  9. Cameo! (I'm the profile on the bottom).
  10. I bought it too (via Comixology), and while I've still to read it, it did strike me as a bit shiny art-wise.
  11. Just followed your profile. Look forward to your posts!
  12. Yeah, the monthly deals are where I've largely been picking them up. They've got at least two or three each month, so I've just been grabbing them as they've become available at that kind of price. I think the only time I paid more than that was for Legend, which was £1.99 at the time. Given that was the book that got me into him, I was happy to splash out on that one. Will let you know if I see any more, but The Swords of Night and Day, Midnight Falcon, Stormrider, Ravenheart, Sword in the Storm, and Echoes of the Storm are all 99p this month. Stella Gemmell's two books,
  13. I have even ended up buying ones that I have in physical format. I've still got all my old David Gemmells for example, and had started to read through them. I've now also picked up a bunch at 99p so I can read them when I'm out and about. I started reading Michael Connelly after loving the Bosch TV show. I bought the first book in physical format, then saw how many others he had across his different series, and started getting them on Kindle instead!
  14. Feels like we have a support group going.
  15. Thanks guys. Believe me, it's not me being a scrooge. Almost the opposite - I've been buying so many Kindle books at that price or a few price more recently, I've got too many to read! Wasn't sure if I wanted to add one to that list, but on your recommendations, I've gone for it.
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