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  1. What kind of stuff have you put on ebay @And?
  2. That's awesome. Sadly not the sort of thing I can spend cash on right now, but I'm subbed on Gamepass for ages, so I'll be able to get stuck into it. The last one I bought was FM19, and while I'm loathe to give up my game as Telford, I'll be there day one for this one.
  3. Al Ewing severs all ties with Joe Bennett:
  4. Not sure how I feel about that. I've already got my accounts merged, but I prefer Comixology being separate at this stage. Not keen at all on the storefront shown there. It'd be nice if this meant those outwith the US could access the Kindle Unlimited content via a Prime subscription. I really hope the filtering and sorting they are talking about extends to your library. I've got all my books on Kindle separated into categories, but you can't really do any of that in a bespoke manner on Comixology. I see more and more graphic novelists talking about Substack, and releasing things through that. I've never used it, but I always thought it was just a newsletter platform?
  5. Still love the Gemmell series. Well worth checking out @davidcotton. As @little che says, give the Drenai series a go. I started at Legend, which is still probably my favourite, but that was back in the 90s when there weren't that many out yet.
  6. It was a good game. Both teams really going for it. Cracking goal by Wootton for the opener, although as you say @Fatsam, Jones goal should never have been ruled out, and was a lovely hit. I didn't get to see as much of the second half, but in the first half it was the final ball letting Wrexham down most of the time. Both sides moved the ball well, and while I haven't seen much of the other teams in the league, I'd expect both of them to be up there challenging based on last night's game.
  7. Grand, cheers people. I'll likely pick up the first few issues to see what it is like and go from there. Quite looking forward to it, despite my lack of time to do anything with the miniatures and my current plastic pile of shame.
  8. Perfect. I hadn't realised I could pre-order. I'm really not sure I can afford to get them all, but there are a few I don't want to miss out on. Thanks @feltmonkey.
  9. Do Forbidden Planet tend to have a decent amount of stock of these kind of mags? Or are the popular ones likely to go quickly on the day of release? I tried to pick up some of the previous I've only got the odd issue of Conquest and Realms, so never used them as a painting guide. I see Hachette have Peachy and Louise doing official videos for the release. They do reference the painting guides in the video - no idea if that means they've changed the way they do the painting guides, or just made it even more unforgiveable that they've made them so poor with GW involved.
  10. Subs now open for Warhammer Imperium, with the first issue out on 25th August. Still torn as to whether to sub or just risk it and pick up the issues that I want if I can.
  11. This is going to be shown in the UK on Disney+, with three episodes on launch on 22nd September, then weekly on Wednesdays thereafter.
  12. And I thought Celtic were the paranoid ones...
  13. But none of that is layers @BarryL85. That's just "They didnae get shouted at so why are we?" Rangers won the title for the first time in a long time. I completely get the need to celebrate. Just not the need to trash the place, start fights and shout various types of abuse at those nearby. I'm not condoning it for Scotland fans or any other type of fans. It shouldn't happen, full stop. There isn't a justification.
  14. The Rage of Dragons by Evan Winter is one of the Daily Deals today. I've been considering trying a new fantasy series (having not read one in ages). This one any good?
  15. Brill, thanks @Rsdio. I didn't think it would, but thought it best to check.
  16. Question for the vinyl experts. I bought a record a few months back in a sale. Only got around to playing it in the last few days, and there is a warp in it, the record rising at one side. It plays and sounds fine, but is there any danger that it could damage my turntable in any way? Or am I safe enough to keep playing it?
  17. Phil Parkinson the new Wrexham manager. Thoughts @Fatsam?
  18. Checked and they didn't have any sadly. However they did have a section for it, so at least I know it's another option going forward. Has a release date for Imperium ever been confirmed by Hachette?
  19. Thanks guys. There is a big Tesco towards the outskirts of town, so I'll maybe see if I can nip over there and see if they stock it. Appreciate the tip!
  20. Nipped up to a newsagent up the road who stocks Mortal Realms, as the latest issue had The Craven King, and I quite fancied giving it a go on the painting front. Usually they've got them in the window, but there was nothing when I arrived. I asked the newsagent and he said some guy came in and bought three, then another came in and bought the rest. In other words, likely scalpers. Hachette are sold out, and a quick look on eBay shows them up there for nearly twice the price already. I hate scalpers!
  21. Awesome. Thank you!
  22. I know he was trying to get some online but was wary of getting them from eBay for exactly that reason.
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