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  1. I've found the basic necron warriors from Imperium really fiddly. Two snapped on me! Not tried the individual ones though, and looking forward to getting into them.
  2. That's awesome @And. Great work. I've got plenty of miniatures to paint, but keen to get a vehicle or something big to paint at some point soon. That model is pretty much at he top of the list. And yes, it totally counts!
  3. I've hovered over that one a few times. Worth a read then?
  4. I was going to ask if it was any good. Then realised I already had it.
  5. I was quite impressed by Wrexham @Fatsam, particularly in the first half. Moved the ball about pretty well. But yeah, they need to start getting that second goal to kill teams off. Absolutely cracking free kick from Davies.
  6. Yeah, it is on QR. Sounds like it isn't just me. I've had no issues with the feature at all until this point, but it doesn't seem to like jumping back into multiplayer.
  7. Apologies if this has been asked before, but does anyone have problems getting back into multiplayer? When I boot up my Series X, having played the night before, it loads right up until it tries to find a match, then says there is a problem. I come back out to the dashboard, force stop the game, reboot it, and all is fine. Just me or is this something they're going to address?
  8. I'm exactly the same @Colonel Panic!
  9. Watched the third episode last night. Loved it. Like others on here, it flew by, leaving us wanting more. Such a strong start to the series, and brilliant chemistry between the leads.
  10. Bought The Only Plane In The Sky on the anniversary and read it not long after. A pretty remarkable piece of coverage of the event. It really does cover so many angles. Highly recommended.
  11. That's a great tip. And definitely more where I'd feel comfortable going. Thanks @Mikes. Loving those Ghosts @Davros sock drawer!
  12. I've been watching a lot of his stuff lately, so will look forward to watching this later. I'm definitely not ready for eyes yet! Cheers.
  13. Awww, thanks @Davros sock drawer. I'm definitely going to give this a go. Frankly it'd be nice not to look at miniatures and decide whether to buy them based on if there is a face on them or not. Appreciate the tip, cheers!
  14. I only got back into painting this year, and I've not had time to do much at all. I've still stacked my pile of plastic ready to go, but with our second child due in February, I need to do some serious painting over the next couple of months to get some practice in. Painting faces seems a long way off!
  15. No worries. I'll check eBay later, although I'm not sure I'm up to painting so many faces!
  16. Are the Gaunts miniatures still available to buy @Davros sock drawer?
  17. Brill, thanks @Arn X Treme. I reckon it'll be grand for him. Will pass it on to my brother. Appreciated!
  18. Has anyone read the Batman/Fortnite crossover? My brother is considering buying it for his son, and was asking what age group it was aimed at.
  19. Agree with what has been said - this one surprised me with how much I enjoyed it. Definitely worth a watch. It's not like an Arrowverse show at all.
  20. I remember a New Year Edinburgh derby about 2003, where Hibs scored in the 89th and 91st minute to go 4-2 up. Their fans were singing 'Happy New Year' to us. We kicked off, scored a third in the 94th minute, then from their kick off they inexplicably launched it forward and Paatelainen gave away a foul. Our keeper punted it up field, De Vries took it to the byline and Graham Weir (who had scored the third having come off the bench) poked it in to make it 4-4 in the 95th minute. Cue us singing 'Happy New Year' back to them. It's amazing how a draw can feel like a victory. We had a few late goals against them around then, but that still ranks as one of the most remarkable games I've been to.
  21. I only remember people commenting on a lot of glitches, but wasn't there issues of the game freezing, or am I misremembering that? Good to hear the combat improves, as that was my problem with the first game. I'll stick this on my X later and give it a blast. It's long overdue.
  22. I've still to play Andromeda, despite owning it and loving the series. This poster has my hyped, so I may need to go back and change that soon. Given the issues that Andromeda had when it launched, it feels to me like they need to make sure they get the core game down really solidly first. There is plenty of chance through DLC to expand on the story and the universe, but if people feel the game is borked from launched, it's in trouble. As for the storyline, I really don't mind where they go as long as it isn't a retread of what came previously.
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