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  1. Cool. I may give it a shot, then. Expect a similar journey to this one in the DS3 thread.
  2. Are the Souls games linked in any way or are they all separate? Is there any common thread running through them or are they all individual games in terms of story and stuff?
  3. Right, question. I have not gone on with any of the Souls games, except 3 which I have not played. I'm also not really clicking with Sekiro. Should I try one of them following my revelation with bloodborne, and if so, which one?
  4. Fuck! On new normal playthrough, chalice dungeon stuff... Aside from MWN I have nothing left to do. Killed all the optional stuff and now just the chalice dungeons to plow through. My son has also started playing it. I think I've done a bad thing. I suppose I could do the DLC again as well...
  5. Throwing ninja stars in Nintendoland. It's some kind of bloody wizardry.
  6. With everything going on right now, thought it might be time to try and get the corner up and running once more. I've set it for two months for this one, but if it gets going, we can switch to one month next time. The word this time is HOLIDAY Rules: 1) Entries should be around a thousand words or less, but to be honest all entries are welcome 2) The deadline for entries is the end of August 2020 3) The deadline for votes is midnight on the fifth of September 2020 4) Friendly criticism is welcome and encouraged. The more comment throughout the month the better 5) Have a go. The word is for inspiration only. So what are you waiting for, get started... I've pinned it for the time being to hopefully get it seen a bit.
  7. I fully explored NF this morning. Didn't kill A, but cleaned the place out and found a whole new area I had missed before with Going to FCC next. Not looking guard to ML. I hate that guy.
  8. Yay! Hope you get on better with R...
  9. Yeah, you definitely need it, as the animation when you kill them renders you invulnerable.
  10. I don't think there is an "easy" boss in the game. I've been reading through the thread over the last few days and one thing that stands out is how different people have issues with different bosses and sail through others. Like I hate Rom, but I breezed past VA on my first go when I went through it first time. SOY can be fucking annoying at times, and it seems that this boss is JPL's achilles heel. Like I said earlier, have you got the gun parry down? It's really useful on these.
  11. What level are you at? Is it worth investing a month of PS+ and getting someone in to help. I don't have PS+ but I'll get a month and help you out if need be. Might be fun. I'll bring in my NG++ character and they'll be dead in moments. In other news on my playthrough...
  12. Yeah, I did, down in the secret room... Just killed the DBP to get the bolt paper available. Now to kill R.
  13. Took a couple of goes but I did them this morning... I changed my tactic and made a beeline for the fireball guy as he's the easiest to take out. Yes, I have a summons. Anyway, it took a few tries, but this was my tactic and it worked in the end. Also, this happened...
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