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  1. Game making on your own is so bastard hard.
  2. You've all done a bad thing and need to go think long and hard about this thread.
  3. I remember spending a lot of time watching The Rachel Papers. I don't think the film was very good, but certain parts are certainly etched in my mind.
  4. I'm just watching Aliens. Now, don't for one moment think I'm including Aliens in this topic, but watching it in hi def brings home just how much the low resolution and fuzzy image helped films of that time. As much as I love Aliens, it feels very different watching it now - almost too clear, too bright. I wonder how much of our love for these films was and still is aided by the viewing limitations we had back then.
  5. Halloween 3 is awful and amazing in equal amounts. Automatons powered by gravy! "It's time for the marines!" No explanation besides "We had a devil of time!" for how they managed to get one of the Stonehenge stones all the way to California with no one noticing! So little sense, but so good.
  6. Ladyhawke! Great call. I know it's awful really, but God, I love that film.
  7. "Is this the potato farm?" "Yes, I am herr Potato."
  8. What the hell is King of the Kickboxers!?
  9. APM

    Space Channel 5 VR

    Oh, motherfucker, I don't want to buy PSVR. I held off with Rez, but now this... GRRRRRR!!!!
  10. If you enjoy it, yes, because that film is awful.
  11. Jesus, they're as guilty as they come!
  12. I'm gong to throw Alligator into the mix as well.
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