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  1. Yeah, it had enough for what I needed. If it comes together, I'll be posting in here about it, that's for sure.
  2. Just some research for a project I'm starting, that will hopefully bear some interesting fruit.
  3. Cheers, guys. Lemon 64 has a Games tab where you can search by year so I just did that. Just scanned through a thousand games from 82-84...
  4. Probably just the big hitters. It's the early stuff I'm looking for.
  5. Anyone got a link to a site with a list of C64 games in chronological order?
  6. Bloodborne. Seriously, can someone write me a script that just inserts Bloodborne into every post I make at the moment? Would save me so much time.
  7. Submitted my new game to Google today so should be out in the next few days.
  8. Fucking hell. I am so rubbish. End of October it is!
  9. My new game was submitted to Google today so should be out in the next few days.
  10. And fucking done! Headless Bloodletting Beast done in my first attempt tonight (so that was four in total) and Yarnham done on the third attempt! My first platinum. So, the Yarnham Stone... It's got to be linked to the Cainhurst lot hasn't it? The description of it is very similar to the Queenly Flesh.
  11. Strangely, nothing in the cursed and defiled dungeon took much doing aside from the Amygdala at the end who was a complete bastard. I can't say I blame you for giving up on them but I would heartily recommend going back to the main story and seeing it out as the last few bosses in the main game are ace.
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