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  1. Take it to the bloody remake thread! I just beat Alonne, or whatever his name is, at the end of 1-4. Big statue dropped a sword and the MiB has introduced me to a big tree like some snack! Well, we'll see about that!
  2. Glad I missed him then. One thing I do really like about this game are the loading screens. Really nice art work.
  3. Must have missed him. Is he in the top section or down in the gunk?
  4. Don't think I did. Where are they? I have a load of layabouts sat around the Nexus, but God only knows what half of them do. Umbasa yourself, ya wastes of space.
  5. Killed the three red phantoms at the start of 1-4 without a hitch. Now keep getting killed by those fucking red eyed knights. Buggers!
  6. This kind of attitude to people playing the game doesn't really help. Should a game require you to go off and read a wiki to understand it's story? Should a wiki be needed to understand how to access content you have paid for? Dark Souls does a lot of things right, but let's not give it a free pass on the stuff it doesn't. I also don't get why people bang on about the characters in the game. I think the NPCs are OK to talk to, but the fact that they just turn up at prescribed points to do stuff doesn't lead to me to have any engagement with them.
  7. Valley of defilement done. Not sure what I did at the end, but I got the soul after a chat. Anyway, just 1-3 and 1-4 to do now.
  8. Yeah, it's TSOTFS on Xbox one. Still for sale.
  9. Thanks. Once I got post my roadblock, I've just flown through it. I think I only have area five, which I'm aware is supposed to be a ball ache, and the rest of world one and whatever end game there is. I think I need to play something that isn't souls next... But I know I'm just going to crack on with DS3...
  10. Yeah, they were annoying, but I killed them and then the Yellow Demon. So that's three arch demons today. Nice.
  11. I killed the Dragon God. That was ridiculously easy coming after the flame bastard.
  12. I know I sound like that person, but I did him on my second go. Stay at the start of the area and take out the couple of skeletons that spawn there. Go to him and roll around him to do damage. When he starts his big AOE attack, leg it back to the entrance. You should be out of range. Then leg it back in and repeat. If you don't go further into the area, no other skeletons spawn.
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