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  1. Indeed. Shameful. And to wholesale inherent the annoyances of those other games rather than trying to sort them out... Shocking and shit.
  2. Pretty much what I said. Great puzzle idea let down by dev visuals and sound. If they'd just hired someone else to redo the visuals and put a less annoying tune on it, this would have been genuinely great.
  3. I did suspect that. I suppose that begs the question why did Zzap bother to review them, and then, 35 years down the line, cause us to waste our time on them as well!?
  4. I always thought the guy in that was Ralph Brown from Alien 3...
  5. Ah, OK. I may check it out, though, if I get time.
  6. Hot Wheels is such a pointless game. Give me real bloody toy cars and let my imagination do the rest! Hacker 2... Overly convoluted and, yeah, dull. I liked the clandestine nature of the first one and this is nowhere near as interesting, even if it is technically very clever.
  7. Don't think I ever played Drelbs or even heard of it. Do we have that one to come?
  8. Yeah, Super Cycle is great. Tape loader back in the day was a bit onerous, but without that hindrance now, it more than stands up. Really like that game. Miami Vice. Such a waste, as noted. But not as much as Knight Rider. Sheesh!
  9. Some interesting games this week for many different reasons.
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