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  1. All things going well, can I recommend you chaps keep the 1st Feb noted in your diaries...
  2. Yeah, that's it. That key leads to a great area and interesting bosses...
  3. Calm down, dude. Of course it's a choice. I get the big races like Vulcans and the like as that is explained by the need to unify when they discover they are one race in a wider universe. I get that. It's thr smaller planets, where one city seems to be representative and spoken of as if it is that gets me. I'm well aware of the practical technicalities but it's when they arrive at a planet and land in some small town and that seems to be representative and they act like it is that bugs me. It's no big deal though. Was just talking about one thing that bug
  4. But that's just a choice made by the show like any other. I get the rationale, but I still find that it shrinks space down for reasons.
  5. Did you find the gap in the fence at the start of the area just before the laser stairs? It's worth going back to drop down there and get the loot in there if not.
  6. Don't go that way. If you drop into them it's harder. Go through the building with the second one and take her out. There is a door next to the guy on the floor. Go out there and you'll see a bridge in front of you. Go across that and immediately turn right and stick to the fence. You may need to take out one woman on the way. You'll need to be quick because they'll try to swarm you and the nearest one to the gap lobs fire at you.
  7. I killed that dick down the well. Fuck you, you one armed dick.
  8. You can't do that. I've tried it.
  9. I've found the gap, but it never locks on properly and never gives me the aerial death strike thing. So, ya know... When I do fight him, the camera is so fucking shit that I'm mostly looking at my back whilst he twirls around and destroys me.
  10. You make it sound so easy...
  11. I think I went back down there. There was someone to talk to down there (and someone moaning up above as well), but I hit him with my sword by accident and now he wants to kill me all the time.
  12. The spear guy repeatedly destroyed me. I could never get far enough out of range when he did the red death blow attack so I left him alone. I have no beads at present. I have collected eight so far. Hmm... OK... I have no idea where that is? I don't remember seeing a well. I will have have a look. Also, 9!? I have four at present. I'm not sure. After the bull there were two ways onwards - up to Geni and left into the underground and out the other side to Senpou (sp?). There are probably options I've missed.
  13. Quick question, though, where should I go next? I have the big guy at the top of the Pagoda trying to get the blood from the kid, Genichiro or whatever he's called. I have the spear guy who is a mini boss of sorts and nothing beyond him and the centipede thing in the other direction. I've found the Senpou Art scroll in the pagoda through the caves and can't see any way onwards aside from something near the beginning telling me to be wary of ghosts. Does it all go through Genichiro as he seems the next big boss to do in.
  14. I love this game. I started another play of this today. Got everything ready to summon Father Gascoigne for the Cleric Beast fight, then we went to town on it. I placed all my upgrades into strength and had my saw cleaver at +2 already. The Cleric Beast was just destroyed by the two of us. It made me think that this is how the hunter's dealt with the beasts in the heart of the hunt.
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