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  1. Yeah, Mad Magazine was never that big over here in the UK so again, these games, for us, had little cultural relevance. And as we state, as single player games they are just brutal and unenjoyable. They're clever, and I think the link to Among Us is really clear. I do remember playing them 2 player in the eighties with a friend, but we still found it really fiddly and tricky to control. It always felt like we should have been having more fun than we were with these games. Appreciate them technically, but not really in any other way.
  2. Yeah, wasn't exactly a strong month, this one...
  3. Barry McGuigan's is a great game. Best boxer on the C64 by miles. As I noted, I used to play this loads and I still found it deep and enjoyable to play now. I'm not even into boxing, but the process of running through a career and strategising against up and coming boxers and the choice of who to fight was so far ahead of everything else at the time. Having now played Knockout, this, Frank Bruno's and Fight Night for the podcast, this is the clear knockout (Sorry).
  4. Just caught this on BBC1. Who's crying? You're crying. This film gets me every damn time.
  5. That Zaxxon stuff is crazy. Reminds me of the Tetris stuff that went on with Nintendo and Mirrorsoft. We still don't like the games though, and that goes back to then. I never liked Zaxxon in the arcade. Always just found it annoying.
  6. We never did and we seem to be finding that if you don't have any... I hate to use the word nostalgic... ties to a game, it needs to have something special to draw you in now. Not that it can't be done. Confuzion, Big Mac, Kennedy Approach... All games I never played but found enjoyable now.
  7. Did you play Stop the Express back in the eighties?
  8. It does feel like a G+W game and that just isn't what I wanted then or now in my C64 games. I think it's cool that you like it, but I just found it annoying and dated.
  9. Ha ha! Yes. See that first incline in your pic? Death.
  10. None of those are worth your time. Mad Doctor is possibly worth a look as there is ambition there, but it far outstrips ability.
  11. The most explosive man in games? Quite possibly. Allergic to slopes and inclines...
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