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  1. I don't really have a preference between them, but if I had to pick, I think I actually prefer the C64 version. I prefer the running animation on the main character and I'm more used to the timing of the C64 version. Put me in front of either version, though, and I'm a happy boy.
  2. It's the perfect arcade game in my opinion. Rock hard but fair. A superb game in every respect and a conversion that is nothing short of amazing.
  3. Sam Fox Strip Poker is just grubby on all fronts.
  4. It's called Table Tennis. That's it's name. https://olympics.com/tokyo-2020/olympic-games/en/results/table-tennis/olympic-schedule-and-results.htm Ping-Pong is almost as bad as wiff-waff! See! Table Tennis!
  5. Watched it last night. I thought it was great fun, as you noted, mainly for its commitment to the cause. It's pure schlock from the get-go and all the better for it.
  6. Yeah, I had never played Sentinel before this episode and presentation wise, this was way ahead of most things around even in 1986. It plays fast and is a really fun game to boot as it plays to the machine's strengths rather than its weaknesses (I'm looking at you, Elite etc). It has loads of cool touches and is just a genuinely great game. You're also right @Unofficial Who that this is probably the best game of the episode.
  7. As I mentioned, Space Channel 5 is the one that this really brought to mind.
  8. And let's not mention the C64 version as well... But at least we had great music
  9. You don't know if he dies. Smith goes into him and then all the Smiths explode. We never actually see him die although it does look like he is dead when the machines wander off and leave him on the floor.
  10. It's OK, Slamball. I loved the style of the original advert for it. How cool is that?
  11. The full movie is on YouTube in 1080p no less.
  12. That's made me want to watch the Biggles movie again. Not seen it in years. The game was ambitious, that's for sure and is certainly one of the better movie tie-ins. I really do like that lightning effect. Yeah, Bombo was crap. No idea why I misremembered it. Boulderdash 3 just doesn't work with those graphics.
  13. In case the tweet goes, I took a screenshot.
  14. Seems like you might not want to play this when the president of Tripwire tweeted the following. What a cunt.
  15. I think that's a reference to him being Russian rather than anything sexist.
  16. I don't doubt you, and I can't find it reviewed in issues of C+VG or CU (which I look at for each month for Crapverts) so... I also can't find the original instructions online and can't see it in the only image of the cassette I can find as well...
  17. It's not in the Zzap review. This is what they say about the Diving:
  18. I'll be honest, I never read the instructions to HES Games, but if I had read that I would have commented on it. I would also say the issue with Mermaid Madness is much more deeply ingrained into the actual game.
  19. Yeah, Ollies Follies was OK. Decent platformer. You're right, the inertia is a bit much, but once you get used to it, it plays OK. Fast, too, which was good to see.
  20. HES Games is great. We had it at the time, before I knew Graham, and used to play it a lot. For £3 over here, it was excellent value and for a 1984 game, it's pretty amazing. Not all of the events are joystick wreckers, only the running ones. The diving, weightlifting, and archery are all skill and timing based, IIRC, and they are all individual so you can just play them as much as you want. They're worth a a look. I especially liked the archery.
  21. I've also just Youtubed the ending. She sets him free and he swims off screen and you get this: So, despite saving him, he still runs away. It doesn't even have the decency to do the Shrek thing and have him see that beauty lies within etc. No, he just legs it. Terrible.
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