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  1. The first chunk of season 3 is so good. Anna Torv is brilliant as the two Olivias and the way the show handles the cliff hanger from season 2 puts other shows to shame. So many other shows have everything sorted by the end of the first episode of the new series, but this takes its time so well... One of the best Sci fi shows on TV.
  2. Don't waste your time on them... We played them so you... You get the picture.
  3. It's Hyper Curcuit with the rails taken off. That's what I thought. And that's no bad thing.
  4. My allegiance is to games that I fancy playing. I don't care what platform they're on. And no one should.
  5. Thank you. Should we credit you as Unofficial Who from Rllmuk?
  6. I did mean to mention this earlier but life and stuff... Anyway, if you go to zappedtothepast.com/the-games/ you can see a list of all the games we have covered and will be covered in next week's episode, too. We are just looking at the games we have covered, but if you want to give a shout out to anything Jan - Apr 85 that wasn't in the first issue of Zzap, feel free. We need to record it tonight as Graham needs the time to get it included in the Awards episode that is coming in a couple of weeks to round off 85.
  7. If I haven't already asked, what were your awards for Best Game, Best Music and Best Visuals for the games covered in 1985? We're recording this bit tonight so lets have your nominations.
  8. I managed 5. I was one away from the top and fell.
  9. Also @Unofficial Who did you manage to get up the stairs?
  10. Ha ha! Yeah, but there was only one of him and there are both band members on screen. They really did miss a trick.
  11. Probably. Canadian Crusher is no indication of what is to come...
  12. That's what I said in the podcast. Just beggars belief.
  13. Interested to hear what you thought of Frank Bruno’s Boxing...
  14. We were just honest in our review that neither of us, despite admiring the technical prowess on display, ever got on with Minter's stuff. As this is all of Minter's stuff in one package, we were unlikely to engage with it. We haven't got to Iridis Alpha yet, but I remember the Licker enemies in that being one of the most hateful enemies it has ever been my misfortune to come across. I'll see if time has changed my opinion.
  15. Remember to press M in game to play with sound fx. They transform the game.
  16. Not looked at Phobia yet, so will wait and see on that one. Hunter Patrol is just ruined by the less than generous collision detection. Axis Assassin... Cool name.
  17. Yeah, back stab the one to the left then puppeteer him and get some stabs in on the main guy when you can. I think you can backstab the undead one again to keep them alive for longer as well and they will do lots of damage to the mini boss.
  18. I loved it. Thought it was genuinely great. However, let me add a caveat. I had just split up with my partner of 13 years and moved out and into my own flat. I played through it with my son, who was 5 at the time and we shared the experience together. It was very much a game that bonded us through a time of change. So, in and of itself, the game may have issues, but playing through it with my son for the first time, I found it eminently endearing and joyful.
  19. RE6 is the best 15 hour game trapped in a 40 hour game's body ever made. It's stupid as all shit but as others have said, it's more enjoyable that RE5. There are sections that are utter shit, but that's all balanced out by fighting a zombie/mech T-Rex called Derek. It also proves that you should never get into a vehicle with Leon S Kennedy or you will possibly die. RE2 - Gets in police car with Claire. Gets destroyed by truck. Gets on Train. Gets attacked by massive monster. RE4 - Travels to village in cop car. Car gets destroyed and cops get killed. Gets in boat on his own. G
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