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  1. My friend had issue 4 and I bought it from issue 5 onwards. And yes, it did feel like belonging to a club.
  2. I'm old school Zzap. It was at its best from issue 5 to about 30. I kept buying it out of habit more than anything else after that.
  3. Yeah, some nice ideas around the outside, but as we see with a lot of these, Star Soldier is another example, they fail to get the core game playing well, and so all that stuff on top is let down.
  4. You and me both. I said this in the 1986 awards that early 1987 was where I started to tune out a bit of the C64. 85 and 86 were definitely my hey-day, shall we say. Some of these games are completely new to me, and I was still buying Zzap up to about issue 50, but have no recollection of half of these. That's one of the reasons I am enjoying this, because in the sea of dross, there have been some genuinely pleasant surprises.
  5. That cover looks like Indiana Jones and the Hammers of God or something. Why is Indiana Jones on that cover? You play a workman? What the hell!?
  6. Awful game, that. Simply nothing to it. Just a nothing of a splat of a attempt to do something techy. And yes, Quake Minus One and others were already way ahead of this.
  7. https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2022-01-18-heres-tomb-raider-running-on-a-game-boy-advance Not sure if this has been posted but that's mighty impressive.
  8. A new Ghostbusters based on Afterlife from David Crane is the one I'm hankering for.
  9. Future Knight is rounded to the point of being bouncy. But, dull. The Double... At 1200% speed it's playable. How very odd. But, terrible otherwise.
  10. Mutants is a good, if frustrating game. I have always liked the more alien-esque behaviour of the muants. It's a clever and original game and a refreshing breath of fresh original air from Ocean. Star Soldier is accountantly challenged.
  11. I went back and checked the first few episodes and there were thirty games that we overlooked in those first few episodes, so we will be doing those at some point. We might throw in some early classics that we missed in the ep zero episodes as well.
  12. I can see what you mean about Arctic Fox, but this is one of the first de-ports we have had from the Amiga. This will get alarmingly more frequent. And let's not forget, this existed in 1984: (And I can't believe we missed this in Ep Zero... We may have to revisit this). The Vikings is a just a strange Rambo knock off. It's not terrible. Just... A bit strange.
  13. To be fair, as I stated in the podcast, I played a lot of Cobra for some reason back then. I think it was the music.
  14. Being a fan of 2000AD back then, I found Judge Dredd quite the affront.
  15. I loved it, and stated so in the podcast. This should have been far higher than the 90% it got. It's far better than other Gold Medals awarded and there is nothing like it beyond maybe The Fourth Protocol, which this is much better than. There really is nothing like seeing a heist go off like clockwork after planning it meticulously. I used to play this a lot on the Amstrad as a friend had it and we would plan each one out meticulously and see if we could get away with everything. It works really well in that capacity as you may miss something they notice and so on. A brilliant game, and something I am looking at remaking over the next couple of years.
  16. Surf Champ is just a joke. Enough said. Destroyer is just not my type of game. Can't wait to get stuck into the next one.
  17. So, Terra Cresta. This, to me, is just a damn solid port of a decent arcade shooter. It runs nicely, it looks fine in motion to my eyes, whilst obviously not being as vibrant as the arcade, and yes, it is hard. But, it's learnable, if that's a word. It's not the random nonsense of Trap or other shooters we've seen. It's Gradius and R-Type style. You learn the levels and get better at them and then you coast through them, knowing exactly where to be, but still with enough chance of bullets fucking up the strategy to keep it entertaining. Yes, SWIV is also great (on the Amiga, don't think I played the C64 version), and it's great for the same reason. It's just a very, very good shooter, and it also has that building your ship up to be a massive fuck off thing to it, as well. Whatever they managed to bottle with this, it went straight into my veins.
  18. Anyone interested in our slog through all the of games for the commodore 64, we just released our 50th episode. Zappedtothepast.podbean.com
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