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  1. We said in the review that technically it's ok in that it looks like a C64 game. It has stupid design decisions like putting you back to certain death on the previous screen when you die though and the platforming design is pretty rubbish. Our main issue is the subject matter. We did have a thought afterwards whether it was an ironic Mr Men pastiche, but whether it was or not, we just found the notion of a platformer based around alcoholism pretty distasteful.
  2. Oh, and I meant to add that Mr Wino was fucking awful on every level. It just reminded me of Henry's House from a visual standpoint for some reason. HH was a much better game and having just gone back and had a quick go, had some nice touches as well. Maybe one we need to revisit at some point.
  3. Yeah, we got it not long after getting our C64 and played it loads. It's a bit busy on the eye, but that tap and those boots still look great to me.
  4. DTOC was just too much. Too, too much. My arm still hasn't recovered.
  5. This reminded me of Henry's House which for a 1984 title, looked amazing.
  6. The only one I'm really fussed about is Phoenix Wright Spirit of Justice but i6 see that's available for less on Android. Is there any reason to get it on 3DS?
  7. Conversely, I enjoyed this. A fun couple of hours.
  8. Yeah, it was a real surprise this and a game that kept opening up as you played more. Some really great aspects to it and when I was playing it I was thinking am I wrong here and noticing all these things it's doing? I'm glad you feel the same @Unofficial Who. My favourite Crowther game by some margin and out of nowhere the best Commando style game that we have looked at on the machine.
  9. If most of my free time wasn't taken up with some bloody podcast, I would 😉
  10. Yeah, Slimey's Mine is very good. Like you, I'd never played it but found it pretty compulsive when I started, and it was very reminiscent of a rogue-lite twin stick shooter I started to make some time ago. It's almost compelling me to go back to it.
  11. Why are people bothered about this? I've tried seeing reasons why people are bothered but I still don't get it. Is anyone really bothered who releases what and where? Games are so massive and easy to access and there's so much to play that who really cares about this high level stuff?
  12. It surprises me that with 4 of us having views on this, none of us mentioned the 2600 version, which I remember very fondly having had it on the 2600. I've yet to play the new version, but I'm sure if we go beyond the end of Zzap, we will look at it at some point.
  13. Damn right they were. This was bloody rubbish.
  14. Ah, my mistake. Thought you were watching 65, @Strafe. Apologies.
  15. Oh, shut up. Seriously. Don't judge this on a cam version. Having watched this at the cinema today, there's nothing wrong with the FX.
  16. The trailer for this was on with 65 today. I squealed when I saw an actual mimic from Dark Souls in there.
  17. Went to the cinema today with my boy to watch this. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Didn't outstay its welcome either, so would certainly recommend it, and it looks and sounds great on a big screen
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