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  1. Im using the PC streaming and it works pretty well but I seem to be missing some games that were there earlier in the week - Kurushi and Tekken 2 are the ones I've noticed. Have they been removed?
  2. Great gig in Glasgow last night, despite the sound being not that great. Really enjoyed the 2 support acts too.
  3. Loving the album, even Twenties has grown on me. Roll on Glasgow in April, will be my first post-pandemic gig.
  4. Looking forward to seeing them in Glasgow next month, but that song is awful.
  5. Mine said that up until yesterday afternoon (ordered 2 weeks ago) then it changed to arriving today by 10pm, so you may get it earlier I reckon.
  6. My Amazon order has just changed to say its been dispatched and will be delivered tomorrow instead of the 13th!
  7. Amazon charged my card. Still showing as 13th for delivery though.
  8. Anyone struggling with the UK code - 9LB3JQ8GJK works.
  9. Stick Nicehash on them linked to your Coinbase account and make yourself a few quid.
  10. Are you donating your points to charity? I’d inadvertently switched this on a few weeks ago and it caught me out for a few days.
  11. Just ordered a white one from Amazon. The Smile site gave an error for white but I was able to get a confirmed order via the normal Amazon site.
  12. MS emailed me to say they’ve given me the 250 for the RE8 punch card that didn’t work.
  13. I emailed MS support about the RE punch card not activating at the weekend, no response yet though.
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