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  1. MS emailed me to say they’ve given me the 250 for the RE8 punch card that didn’t work.
  2. I emailed MS support about the RE punch card not activating at the weekend, no response yet though.
  3. Does that mean it resets after a year though?
  4. It’s well worth hunting down and watching if you get the chance.
  5. I used the HotStock app - ordered one when it was in stock at Currys a couple of weeks ago and it arrived on release date.
  6. Go carefully with this one. I like to think I have decent VR legs but ISS makes me sick as a dog pretty much immediately.
  7. Unlike last weeks Series X photo, Sweep has got out of bed to inspect today’s Amazon delivery.
  8. Me too. Duloch massive represent! Mines dispatched btw.
  9. It does mean that. Whether its on Thursday is a different matter judging by last weeks experience. I live in hope though.
  10. I got that. I also got it last week for my X which ended up being a day late, so it’s bollocks. Fingers crossed though.
  11. A day late but it’s here. Amazon’s bank busting £5 compensation has been spent on cat toys for Sweep, which he may even get out of bed for. Back next week for PS5...
  12. My X which was changed to Thursday this morning has now arrived in Edinburgh to be delivered by 9pm Wednesday. Fingers crossed.
  13. Yes, I did. Then an email from them earlier this morning saying it was delayed, then a further email 10 minutes ago saying it will be delivered on Thursday.
  14. I’ve got my PS5 ordered with them for next week too. This is the first time I’ve ever had a delay with Amazon though, so hopefully that will be better.
  15. I’ve got the Amazon delay email. It says I should get an update in the next business day. I’m in Edinburgh if that’s a factor.
  16. Got one. Another thankyou from cats protection and I for the Smile link!
  17. Just got my refund for a failed Argos order this morning. I didn’t get a confirmation email so hopefully people that did will have been successful.
  18. Mine too - 3 hours in on digital and no fan noise from my pro so far.
  19. Did the Omnipollo online tasting event at the weekend - they were all pretty much great, apart from the seltzer which wasn’t really my thing.
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