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  1. On a more positive note, I’m hoping to see Nintendo bring back its smaller, more interesting fare from the DS/Wii days. So far we’ve had a new Brain Training, Clubhouse Games, Big Brain Academy, etc. I want them to go even further and bring back: -3D Picross -Style Boutique -Art Academy -Tomodachi Life. Bonus points for a new entry in the Hotel Dusk/Another Code series. Oh and give me a bloody physical release for Famicom Detective Club you dolts!
  2. Hooray, a new Nintendo Direct that will announce a slew of titles for Rllmuk to ignore, be underwhelmed by or whine that it’s stuck on low powered hardware. To then complain at the end of the year that nothing released on the system. Can’t wait!
  3. Not at all. Whilst there’s quite some overlap in mechanics here and there, Arceus puts everything in a context that makes it a very different experience. Plus, storywise its set far in the past, disconnected from the overall story of the mainline series(although it builds on top of earlier established lore). Jump straight into Arceus. If you like that, try the other Switch RPG’s.
  4. Nintendo announced Legends Arceus has sold through more then 6,5 million copies since it’s launch a week ago. It’s the biggest reported launch* of the Switch era, beating the 6 million reported for Pokémon Sword/Shield and Pokémon Brilliant Daimond/Shining Pearl. *AC:NH launch week figures were never reported. It likely had a bigger launch then Legends Arceus.
  5. For those keeping score, earlier today Nintendo accounced that Metroid Dread has sold/shipped 2.74 million units. Becoming the second best selling Metroid title to date. For reference, here's the LTD of every Metroid title so far: Metroid Prime (GC): 2.84 million (NEW) Metroid Dread (NSW): 2.74 million Metroid (NES): 2.73 million Metroid 2 Return of Samus (GB): 1.72 million Metroid Fusion (GBA): 1.60 million Super Metroid (SNES): 1.42 million Metroid Prime 3 Corruption (Wii): 1.41 million Metroid Prime 2 (GC): 1.10 million Metroid Prime Hunters (DS): 1.08 million Below 1 million: Metroid Zero Mission (GBA) (482K in USA, 85K in Japan) Metroid Other M (Wii) (349K in USA, 76K in Japan) Metroid Samus Returns (3DS) (42K in Japan) Metroid Prime Pinball (DS) (172K in USA, 15K in Japan) Metroid Prime Federation Force (3DS) (6K in Japan) Onwards to beating the fabled 3 million barrier!
  6. This has been me with Pokémon threads in general through the last couple of years, sadly. But PLA's reception has been very positive even from the same critical voices. Would have been interesting to hear if some commenters here had the same experience.
  7. It's a bit of a shame seeing the forum overall being a bit quiet on this game. I'd love to hear what some of the earlier commenters in the thread would have said. Negative or positive. It really looks like the poor fidelity is leading people on skipping what's still a damn fine game. Especially as it looks to get even bigger as the year progresses.
  8. Being released closer to another mainline remake of a very popular entry (BDSP last November) and being released in January make this a surprising result I’d argue. The former could have very well eaten into sales for this and the latter was noticed by Chris Dring before release. Apparantly the game had a late rush in terms of sales due to reviews.
  9. Overall I’d say the framerate is more stable then SwSh ever was. 30 fps is what it maxes out at with quite a few dips. But I’d say this is of a higher technical then it’s predecessor. Best achievement for GF on the Switch since LGPE.
  10. I can see the reasoning behind this purchase for Sony. GAAS has performed very well on PS platforms. Them keeping Bungie multi is pretty surprising though.
  11. They’re relatively easy to take down, but they can easily one-shot most of your pokes if you don’t watch out.
  12. From everything I’ve read about the game so far is that it’s important to ask yourself whether or not you like grinding. If you do, then great! If not, then perhaps this isn’t a game for you.
  13. This is just sad: Some people can't help themselves but to yell "BIAS!!!" when someone's positive about a thing they don't like.
  14. Jokes on you, the battle system is more ATB-like then static turn based battles.
  15. Retail copies have started getting out due to retailers breaking street date. Laura Kate Dale has a nice thread about the game, having played it for 40 hours straight. Very positive impressions overall.
  16. Ha! I'll probably be mauled for that post come tomorrow morning. So i'll do some preemptive backpeddling. Microsoft's traditional strength in gaming has always come from it's fantastic service angle. Xbox Live was and is a fantastic way to play games online. They got that right decades ago. Game Pass is, again, a strong service. It has made many a gamer an outright evangelist for Xbox, Microsoft and the Game Pass model in particular. But that doesn't change the fact that neither Microsoft nor Activision Blizzard have been great at managing their IP's throughout the last few decades.
  17. Reading a bit around a few places and to me it seems people are being a bit too optimistic with how well this is going to shake out for Microsoft, or Activision Blizzard for that matter. At least, there seems to be an underlying assumption here that this will naturally turn out well for both players. Considering both Microsoft's and ActiBliz's history with keeping their IP's healthy, that's a pretty big assumption to make. I'm reminded of what Iwata once said about a company just being a shell and its employees are what makes it really tick or something to that effect. You can have all the IP in the world and all the money in the universe. If you don't have the talent to make new entries in popular series, you're nothing. And if there's one thing all these buyout's cannot do, it's that they can't prevent talent from quitting and moving to other companies. World of Warcraft was once the biggest MMO, is it still today? Tony Hawk was once the biggest Extreme Sports IP, is it still today? Guitar Hero was once the biggest casual hit, is it still today? Talent is what makes this tick. Talent and vision of what to do with a certain IP. Microsoft has shown it has very little vision of what it wants to do with the (already sizeable amount of) IP it owns. With Nintendo and Sony, we've seen two companies that continually strive to keep various IP's alive or to bring them back from the dead in new and interesting ways. Sony succesfully reïnvented God of War just a few years ago and will probably try and do that with one of its older series on the PS5 as well. It brought back Demon Souls with a very succesfull remake. And they keep adding new and interesting IP's with every new generation like with Returnal. Same thing goes for Nintendo(mostly). Microsoft however, seems to have very little vision for what it wants with Banjo Kazooie, outside of NSO and Smash Bros. It seems to have very little vision of what to do with Fable with Lionhead gone. It seems to have very little vision for countless of other IP's that it already owns but has no corporate interest in reviving. A great deal of how Microsoft seems to approach these buyouts is that they buy a succesfull developer and they want them to keep doing what they're doing. But once things go belly up, they don't know what to do, restructure the company and in the process lose whatever corporate culture the company had that made them so succesfull in the first place. Microsoft is not Disney, a company that has been in and known entertainment for literally a century. A company that well versed in entertainment becoming a streaming giant will be very dangerous indeed. Microsoft is not that company however. In fact, every time Microsoft has thought of itself of becoming an entertainment giant, it always ends in disaster as has been shown throughtout their history both before and during their run with Xbox on the market.
  18. I don’t see why not. Sakurai practically made him the main character in World of Light.
  19. Gah, I just bought Kirby Canvas Curse again after this trailer. Sold it years ago and always regretted it. I’m in the mood for Kirby. What’s everbody’s fave game with the pink puffball? 1 - Robobot 2 - Mass Attack (underrated) 3 - Superstar Ultra 4 - Adventure 5 - Crystal Shards
  20. HAL Laboratory has been on an impressive run with Kirby ever since the last Wii game. The only disappointing game was Star Allies, mainly for being a lot more 'Vanilla' after the amazing Robobot. Let's hope this one can match Robobot in quality.
  21. It doesn't matter what rules would have been, or should have been, changed. Paper Mario The Origami King was never getting in anyhow. Curse me for not buying and playing it in 2020.
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