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  1. I do quite like the EMMI sections but I have to come back on what I said earlier and say that SA-X encounters in Fusion are a much better execution of the same idea. Mainly because of one little word: escalation. Whilst the SA-X encounters are heavily scripted, each encounter is distinct and builds on the last encounter. The first two times you encounter her you have to hide and make sure you're not seen but by the second it goes "Oh no, a powerbomb!" just to scare the player into giving themselves away. The third time you get a chase sequence and finally the fight. The EMMI never evolve beyond their first encounter save for some extra stuff put on top like the morph ball functionality or ice-beam shenanigans. It makes them obstacles rather then fearsome foes. A much better approach to the same concept would have been to introduce EMMI that didn't have a dedicated section of the map they patrolled but actually make them scower the area you're visiting. Also, making sure there were more ways then one to kill them would have been nice. The EMMI Chase/CU fight/EMMI fight structure made it too predictable. Which is a bit of a shame because Dread overall manages to surprise in ways I never expected it to.
  2. Hadn't seen that, that kind of shows that whatever he's saying valid/not valid is in incredible bad faith.
  3. Not to my knowledge either. Anyways, here's his video. I can see what he's talking about with regards to the game not giving enough of a heads up about which blocks can be shot and which ones can't, but hidden blocks and figuring out where they are is such a core aspect of the series, especially with how later shinespark and bomb puzzles make you go "how the hell do I get there?". The Prime games were always much more upfront with shootable blocks but those never captured the same A-HA! moments for me in the way the 2D games did and even Dread manages to do. Still, I've seen some people complain about it enough that it seemed like a topic worth bringing up.
  4. So, do we discuss David Jaffe still around these parts? Because he’s uploaded a video moaning about hidden blocks and how games shouldn’t be designed ghis way anymore and I was wondering if I should post it unless he’s persona non grata around these parts these days.
  5. One of the many highlights is seeing so many sequence breaking that i’m already planning for my route on hard mode. Edit: Holy hell, I just discovered you can melee counter while in morph ball mode. Samus does a backwards flip when you press the melee counter button in morph ball.
  6. If the worst case scenario comes to pass and we have to say goodbye to the 2D series, at least Dread ends it on a nice little high note. Especially after two middling entries before it.
  7. Well then, looks like Dread has hit the big time. Important little note: the game has been charting No1 everywhere on the e-shop so far. So digital could very well push the game even further.
  8. Oh god, I love how this becomes a clear and direct sequel to Fusion with the introduction of the: EDIT: Yes, I know it’s also that in terms of narrative but full on mechanics making a return is a nice touch.
  9. Kraid was a right bastard to get down. His second phase really screwed me over untill I got the patterns down. Been a while since a game forced me to do that.
  10. I've been able to get away from all the Emmi's at least once or twice, but the timing is bastard hard. Doesn't help that they keep changing the window in which they attack. So far I've found them to be more fun then the SA-X which was scary the first two playthroughs but then reveals its secrets for how scripted those sections are. The only problem I have with them is that once you've first gotten the Omega Cannon, you're set with how these encounters will end. Get chased, find Mother Brain look-a-like, get cannon, blast the bastards. Done. After the first two times they become a bit like Big Daddy in Bioshock. So far I'm liking this a whole lot. In can see some of the problems some have with it but the overall flow of the game is so incredibly fluid that it makes it fun to just run around and explore. Just gotten the wide beam and morph ball and I've decided to go back to Artaria. What stands out is how powerfull you feel after certain upgrades like the wide and charge beam. Gives a really good sense of growth, but more bit by bit. Back to ZDR I go.
  11. Sounds like I was bang on with this.
  12. Whatever you do, don't do a full system transfer. Every game that has had an update release will first need to download that before you can play it again. Got stuck waiting for an hour with Smash Bros with this shit last time I tried to play it.
  13. I'd assume so. Though maybe something to do with keeping up performance elsewhere?
  14. Cutscenes run at 30 FPS I believe. One of the people who's gotten this early is saying this is what you get if you cross Fusion and Super together. It has the moody and oppressive atmosphere of both at least.
  15. I've found that that really depends on how familiar someone is with the series. If you're a first time Metroid player then I can totally see someone taking 7 hours to complete Fusion. But if you've at least played Super Metroid or other games in the genre, I doubt it. I at least remember Zero Mission getting points docked in reviews at the time because certain reviewers completed it in under 2 hours, showing that at least a basic familiarity helps move those games along.
  16. Speaking of the soundtrack: Kenji Yamamoto is apparently confirmed as the composer for Dread.
  17. Sorry to use yours as a springboard but: Quite the opposite from my end tbh. People these days act as if the amount of hours a game takes equals the amount of money it’s worth. Hell, even i’ve been guilty of it. Metroid is one of the games where a 10+ hour campaign actually sounds worrying, considering Fusion and Zero Mission taking less then 3 hours at best. Was hoping for Dread to do something similar rather then the bloated feel of Samus Returns. A lot of people will probably yell out ‘but Hollow Knight!’ but I can’t deny that felt incredibly drawn out at times.
  18. Saw this last Thursday and I find myself still thinking about it. There’s definitely some parts that drag and it could have used some tidying up. But holy hell, the action, the opening titles, the way the whole thing is shot and directed. The incredibly subtle and classy shout outs to earlier Bond films. If Sam Mendes and Martin Campbell got a second swing for their films, Fukunanga deserves another one as well.
  19. Some lucky folks have managed to get this game early and have confirmed the return of an old technique from ZM.
  20. I'm expecting something similar to Paper Mario: The Origami King, a game that uses all the elements from an earlier game I was incredibly down on(Sticker Star in that case) and makes a few tweaks to make something way better and grander. First proper good Paper Mario since TTYD. Can't wait to see what Mercury Steam have turned this into. My second and third playthrough of Samus Returns revealed all sorts of little things that made me look back much more favourably on that game.
  21. By this point I'm convinced this thing exists in some form. Too much smoke not just from Bloomberg but other places as well.
  22. For anybody interested in an analysis of the worst Bond film(according to some at least), Andrew Ellard has created a nice video about what QoS is trying to do and where it fails and why it actually has some real solid and great ideas.
  23. The big problem with taking over after the Chibnail era for any new showrunner was always the same as what happened during the 80’s: the show had a clear black mark on it after sagging in the ratings so much. Davies coming back isn’t too different from when Sidney Newman and Verity Lambert were asked to come back. I imagine we’ll see wether or not it’ll make a difference.
  24. HAL have done a lot lately with the lore of the kirby series. Nice to see them expand on it some more.
  25. So much for no new big titles in this direct. People really do forget Nintendo does most of their reveals in Directs these days then at E3. Excepting the last one of course.
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