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    Finally, a proper Third-party Wii game that isn't from a japanese developer. This game is *amaze*! Really, never expected it to be this good. It's simple but in addictive in a way that i haven't seen on the Wii yet. The whole painting the town thing is done brilliantly and thanks to the music it really makes you want to try diffrent colours seeing as that you get diffrent layers of music with a diffrent colour. But it's mainly the graphical style that makes this. The menu alone feels fresh and hip. And agian the gameply is simply adactive in such a way that i'd call this the Tetris of the Wii. Wouldn't be too surprised if this goes from *cult-hit* too sleeper-hit. And the music is just.
  2. What's this i'm hearing of an incomplete Kotor 2 ending? Can somebody please provide a link? A little off-topic but like a lot of people i too love to see Kotor finished properly.
  3. Been looking forward to this quite some time now. I've seen some of the recent trailers and it looks absolutely lovely. :lol: And yet i couldn't find any topic at all for this little beauty. Since this is one of the few hardcore titles we're going to get from Nintendo themselves, i'm quite surprised by this. I've quite enjoyed the last few Fire Emblem games with both The Sacred Stones and Path of Radiance being my fave's. Radiant Dawn however is not yet in my possesion. Sooooo....who's looking forward to this as well? Or you can just watch the damn trailers i guess. </a>
  4. Oh dear, I'm sorry to say this then but I actually agreed with him on the whole Immersion thing. Sure there was enough interesting terrain in Oblivion but it took so long to get there that it was just plain ridiculous. Wind Waker sufferd from this as well with all the sailing. It just got boring. But then again, what do i know?
  5. Who ever said there won't be an Up teaser with Wall-E? It just wasn't stated on the website. That's all.
  6. Thank god that i'm not the only one who thouht that BOTH Kill Bill movies where effing BRILLIANT! In my opinion, everything he's done since Pulp Fiction has been a few notches up from his previous work because of his obvious enthusiasm for his subject matter. Looking forward to this aswell. According to Tarantino himself it's the best thing he's ever written.
  7. How about we wait and see if this is 2D instead of that 3D bollocks that we got on the PS2 eh?
  8. Yes, yes, yes, yes, OH FUCKING HELL YESSSSSSS!!!!! I Loved the original. Please let it be every bit as enchanting as the firs one. Also, why all the bitching of the more realistic style that i'm seeing in and out of forums? It seems only logical seeing as that the cartoony style of the original was mainly done to accustome to the console power of the day. Seeing as the PS3 and 360 have vastly improved rendering capabilities, it seems only like the obvious step to give it a more "realistic" kind off style.
  9. Indeed, nothing wrong with Turn-Based. It's just the rest of the shit that we get stuck down our throats in you're typical JRPG that's getting on my nerves. Christ, another one of those shite fantasy world epics and methinks i am going to seriously harm someone! >: (
  10. Dear fucking God YESSSSS!!!!! The creations of Henson are superb. How dare you say that they've lost some of their genius! Sesame Street is after all these decades still fucking ace! But then again, we have every Muppet Movie after A Muppet Christmas Carol and that 90's muppet series that was shit. So yeah...maybe you are right about them losing their touch. My favourite movie of Henson himself would have to be The Dark Crystal. Genius execution of a genius idea.
  11. Let's see, 9 pages of thread and only a fleeting mention of Transformers? I never knew GMC was from Cybertron. Or that Microsoft hides little transformers in they're 360's. Not to mention the whole Nokia scene("The Japanese have always had a sense for the warriors spririt." Cue other person saying:"But isn't Nokia swedisch?". UGH!!!!).
  12. I am looking REALLY forward to "Up" now that i've read what they showed at the press conference. Christ it sounds like a tearjerker. Wall-E is and always was a given for me. Seen the four-minute preview which managed the impossible task of making it look even more genius than it already was. On Cars 2: Really now, i've always had the impression that nobody gave Cars a chance to begin with. Not to mention that it's a film that you can easily hate because of the cliched story. But if you excuse a few mistakes in the movie you'll find out what i did when i saw it a second time: that it's a rather enjoyable movie. Maybe the least Pixar has given us thus far, but certainly not the worst. But i am wondering how the hell they're going to come up with a story for a sequel though. It's obviously being made for the money, but then again: this is a film studio that operates in a bussiness which we're talking about. Newt also looks promising. Need to see something of the Bear and the Bow to actually make a judgement on it though. And to anyone who's asking why the hell they're going to release two movies in one year(and i've seen quite a lot of those come up now). Brad Bird himself has already said that one day there is going to be a Pixar movie that flops HARD and Pixar will need to make sure that they make whatever they want. This is probably an answer to that. Summer release fails to meet up expectations? Tell stockholders to hold out for the winter release. And finally: Toy Story 3. To which i can only say: NOW!!!
  13. Well... It does look like Sin City 2. But since i've always loved both the comics and the movie of that franchise it doesn't bother me one bit. Looking forward to this. To bad about the whole "we need to be dark so let's change his clothes from darkish blue to black. Because black looks COOOOOOL " thing though(sorry but i had to say it).
  14. Two questions just popped in to my head right now: 1) Is this real? 2) Where the hell is Cyhwuhx in this thread? I thought that he was the local Metroid w**re here.
  15. I guess you're not counting me then are you? .
  16. For my money [N]Gamer is indeed probably what we have closest to an actually good gaming magazine here. GMR however has failed to impress me mainly because it's a bit to much the same to [N]Gamer and doesn't contain any of it's lighthearted humor(Pictochat is always a good read...and laugh ). All of the Dutch websites are all bobbins though. Mainly because most of them are made by people barely out of their teens(what is what most of the Dutch gaming population consist's of...teenagers. Or to be more precise: Baseballcap wearing fuckwits). However, now that we have shat our vile upon what makes Dutch magazines so horrible, i'd like to hear from a few others what could make it good.(I'm looking at you Chy! )
  17. "Having his ear canal raped by a man wearing a sand paper condom" Another genius review Yahtzee. Is this man the best thing we have for a comedian on the internets? Seriously, everybody's complaining lately he's running out of steam but how the hell can he do that if developers keep making such utter dreck as Turok? He's got enough to complain about if you ask me...
  18. Oh yes my friend, yes indeed. Seriously, dogs with tentacles coming out of they're backs, zombies that sprout enormous spike's en a fight or two with GIANTS en you're going to complain about a silly story? "IGN, moaning about pointless things since 1996"
  19. I don't know. The last one was SHIT but this.... Maybe i should stop listening to my collection of Sonic Rush music. Damn you Naganuma for getting me in the mood for what will still be a shit game!
  20. Oh my, i quite like you to be honest. Also i'd like to nominate Zero Mission for being one of the best portable games ever made.
  21. LOL. Hehe, Gosen eh? I remember the good old days when NGC Magazine was still making fun of him. Funny stuff that.
  22. Jesus freewheeling Christ! Can't somebody in Kyoto begin working on an official remake already?!!!! Gah Nintendo, do the right thing and hire this brave young fellow.
  23. \0/ YES!!!!! Just....yes!!!! So much for Animal Crossing. Make it so Ninty!
  24. I never had anything published..... I need a hug now.
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