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  1. It's on stronger ground on narrower things like Spotify (and indeed is what I think the EU finding was based on) where the argument is they cannot compete on a level playing field with Apple music. I personally believe that if there is any "win" for Epic is that they will be told (as others have suggested) to remove the limitation of being able to indicate and link to external sources of payment in app which pushes the user to a relevant url, but suspect it will have minimal real impact (even if slightly more expensive I would be more comfortable paying it in app and it also keeps the parental controls element for example).
  2. You can do it while holding left bumper to select spells which is a lot easier in combat as well
  3. I will say, if anyone is total dirt with recon (like me) it's a godsend for levelling that, spam flares at the flags (helpfully all with ammo points in close proximity) and the points flow like water. Obviously feels filthy, but hey ho
  4. Agreed on devastation, fjell is also particularly egregious with the axis uniforms as they are bad enough proning in the grey rocks with grey uniforms, but the uniforms also get snow on them which makes them blend in even more. I've been aiming literally at a player I know is there and have been unable to see him (until I get one shot in the head and it highlights them
  5. I will say that I am not a big fan of frontlines, some games can last an ETTTEEERRRRNNNNIIITTTY, that said I just had a game where we had been pushed all the way back and had 2 of the 3 final points destroyed when I joined, we went back and forth for about 20 minutes on that point, then just got on a roll and blew through each flag before blowing all the points almost at once, amazing rush when it happens (still think it's a pretty shit mode though!)
  6. Are you sure that isn't when you've leveled up as well? I get that if I level up after the round finishes, otherwise in a good match I think I've seen 500-600.
  7. The credit grind is utterly horrendous, particularly when the trooper crate is 4,000 credits (though I never buy that). They should have doubled it at least, or at least be putting in some double weekends, I noticed it said Blast Sunday yesterday, but it didn't make any obvious difference that I could see. That said, I'm really enjoying the game itself, it's just soul destroying playing a long round of Galactic Assault and getting 400 credits or something at the end of it
  8. No, will add the second line as well - There is no hope sire - We are defeated sire
  9. Because I was watching it last night (first spoken line): There is no hope sire
  10. Jaws? although I then realise if I'm right I have to fine a damn opening line to post...
  11. ..... I mean, the quick look on Giantbomb made it look good, but I could spend hours in this.
  12. Is there any way to get the touch controllers working with Google VR on steam?
  13. Bullet train is amazing, I did punch my wall though
  14. Bullet Train is on the store and free as well, just got that queued too
  15. Just ran through the setup which was pretty cool, I've got a tiny area so actually struggled to get the sensors far enough apart. Interestingly, it says I own quill/medium/dead and buried, but I haven't had any codes through to redeem?
  16. Same for me, just deciding if I can work from home this afternoon to hopefully be in when t arrives!
  17. When I preordered the headset with them (using the same card they wouldn't accept for the touch preorder!) the ended up charging me twice and sending me two headsets, the second about a month after the first. I will give them some credit for at least managing to arrange for it to be picked up and managing to refund me though!
  18. I ordered from Amazon as the oculus store refused to accept my card, even though it's the same card set up in home where it works fine. Support was pretty much useless so I gave up trying to order direct. Interested to see when I get it!
  19. Would love a PS4 code please Edit: Thanks!
  20. Is there a guide for the GameCube setup?
  21. He said they would have come straight to him if he was Brad, got caught on the tape when they cut to him track side (wasn't entirely clear if he was joking with them or not)
  22. Can you run brutal doom through it?
  23. I imagine until the unveiling there was some confusion over the ACK ACK ACK banners!
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