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  1. came here to say this one of my favorite games of all times.
  2. im a bit like this. I remember working the gta midnight launch with @Haribokart and our merry band of degenerates, and then we went back to his house and played it. I was given first crack. I don’t stop at red lights, but I stay in the correct lane and don’t floor it most of the time in single player gta. I also park my car properly, and walk to mission triggers. I remember him saying he liked the way I played it, but in my head it was the perfectly reasonable way to play. I like to RP a little bit. Reduces the ludonarrative dissonance. Also the cars in IV were impossible to drive before many hours of practice.
  3. …. what??? And you kept playing? just so you know if you eat sweets in cover it skips the animation so you can fill up quicker
  4. I'm like this. Most recently Ghost of Tsushima. I played it for about 6 hours and started to git gud, and then Control was free so I rinsed that for a while and now it's been since January since I played GoTs and I can't face the idea of starting over again to learn the controls I think I just need to take a couple days of work and get absolutely blazed and have at it for 48 hours.
  5. Yeah once you get to about level 30 something the game becomes laughably easy even on Very Hard with no clothes on. I've been upgrading my Legendary Overture every time I level up, and it one-shots almost all enemies with a centre mass shot with a silencer on. Headshots from stealth are instakills every time. Plus I can jump 30 feet into the air which makes areas like the industrial area and the Southeast sprawl impossible to die in - if you get into trouble you can just leap over a building in a single bound. Plus plus I have 15-second invisibility
  6. rework how? I agree I’m just curious what you feel needs to be changed. for me the first thing I’d do is allow you to reallocate your attribute points in addition to your perks i also kind of wish you got your side quests through a face-to-face chat with your fixer rather than a throwaway phone call when you trip over the mission trigger
  7. Fuck it, time to uninstall and play something else
  8. Green Bay Packers are a real time but the point stands. The Housers are 13-year-olds I do still however laugh at Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts when I think about it. "I LIKE TO MUNCH IT VIGOROUSLY."
  9. The gunplay looks just like Saints Row 1 and they don't even have the actors' likenesses 59.99!
  10. I skipped 8 pages to say that you’re all wrong and Thunderball is indisputably the best Bond film and has the best soundtrack
  11. I finished it having done most of the content. It’s perfectly competent in a ropey, glitchy kind of way but it reminded me of a PS2 game and also I can’t stand this Shadow of Mordor approach to open world games - make sure enough base are belong to you before unlocking the next story mission etc. 90% of the game felt like busywork filler. Also the driving is terrible. Great setting, that in and of itself was a triumph.
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