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  1. I can’t wait to demolish my kids at videogames until they inevitably start demolishing me
  2. I edited it, we can mitigate the damage if you do likewise apologies for doing the thing I hate
  3. May as well watch a play through on YT in that case and save my drive space
  4. I got this for free and played it for a couple of hours, I thought it was unbearable. The combat is ghastly, I’d be tempted to put it on easy or whatever and just blaze through it but I deleted it already. Didn’t even get to meet Tifa! Did the stupid scorpion boss and got bored on the way out.
  5. Hahaha there’s already hi-res porn animations for Panam, Judy, Meredith, & Evelyn out there. Long live the internet
  6. Overture is a revolver. Overwatch is that rifle Panam gives you. O’Five is very good BUT doesn’t have a suppressor. Yes. You can no longer do fancy hacks but you can line up headshots and have a good old time. I played around with it but I prefer the versatility of Cyberdeck + Kerenzikov (dodging slows down time). You can mod the kerenzikov to be better
  7. there’s a mod that eliminates recoil, making shooting fairly trivial. Sounds like you did get the hacking, as you used it in combat?
  8. Alright so Power Weapons can ricochet (you can get a mod that will show you the trajectory), tech weapons can be charged for a more powerful shot or burst, smart weapons having homing bullets and are fucking shit Also Overture has a rapid (or rather, less slow) fire mode once your skill level in one of the attributes is high enough The Burya & Grad weapons can both shoot through walls and are IMO the most ubiquitous. For a free Grad rifle (level locked though, sad face) go up onto the roof by following a hallway and then an elevator by Vik’s shop in the alley. There
  9. I mean, there isn't a huge level warning over the entire area but every mission displays a risk warning. So if it's Very High, prepare to scan everyone and then shoot through walls for half an hour.
  10. you think so? Isn’t it common in RPGs to have some areas be harder than others
  11. already did on ps4 load times significantly longer post-patch. No driving minimap zoom-out, which beggars belief tbh. Worst game ever
  12. In the spring/ summer/ autumn I buy a week’s worth of meat, and a week’s worth of vegetables, and then chuck stuff on the grill when I get out of work. I have a retractable awning that is fire retardant so I can even do it when it’s raining. Winter is a different story and a bit of a faff I used to meal prep lunches for work but I’ve gotten sick of it so I just take a double scoop of protein shake to work and add water and mix it at lunchtime. The car industry is so fast-paced in the good months that I barely have time to take a piss, let alone stand by the microwave and subsequently
  13. I’m about to slow smoke a whole chicken on my pellet grill and then eat it all by myself tonight can’t wait
  14. It’s a travesty that like the only hotas compatible with the PlayStation is the thrustmaster, because it is not very good.
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