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  1. I'm in the clan. Go ahead and add me old boy. Don't expect anything spectacular, although I have been known to pull off the odd miracle now and then.
  2. yeah I missed the whole AoS thing on my hiatus. I tried to go find some cool pointyheads online and was like wtf is all this stuff
  3. definitely needs Everglades and stilt city
  4. Dude that city has been done to death. Vice City, Vice City Stories, Driver, DRIV3R, Scarface ... There are more than 3 cities in the USA. Sick of retreading old territory. R* just regurgitates and redresses its past content. Half of RDR2's map is RDR1.
  5. Good grief, I hope it's not actually Vice City again.
  6. This is why i will literally never play a game of 40k. Just painting mans for me
  7. I certainly have chucked more time into games than I should have, pushing past the point of enjoyment just to see the end or to collect all the McGuffins (Arkham Knight's Riddler challenges were probably the biggest waste of my life) but in recent years I struggle to even finish games I enjoy and therefore I am ruthless with games I don't. My friends all got Wreckfest and loved it and I love them dearly so I paid $30 for it, played it for an hour, and deleted it Like, I played 3 solid hours of Ghost of Tsushima when I first got my PS5. I was like, "fuck, that shit is the best game I've ever played," and meant it. I haven't touched it since January. I turned my PS5 on for the first time in a month last night - I jumped on for a quick game of Apex and saw that there was an update, so I just put it in rest mode and went to bed.
  8. Oh good god now I’m terrified to share my basement workbench
  9. Shani Twain from the cover of Come On Over I would have been about 9. I saw her face on a tape cassette in WH Smiths and had to have it. I had no idea what her music sounded like. I wore out the tape listening to it and then my brother bought me the CD. I literally would play Goldeneye for hours on end listening to it until my Walkman started running out of battery and she became a slow baritone.
  10. I for one am dreading going up against the Prowler with increased frequency
  11. I don’t. I want more V & Jackie. The multiple endings thing kind of trashes any chance of post-endgame DLC. Of course I would love to play out some stuff post -my- ending(s) but there you go. It’s funny that they chucked Keanu in there only for him to deliver the most wooden performance of his entire career. All his lines come across like a casting agent providing cue lines for a good actor at an audition
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