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  1. Yeah Far Cry 2 was, in my opinion, one of the defining games of the 360/ PS3 era for me. The structure was perfect - it was extremely difficult, really well-balanced, and the writing was fairly good being very loosely based on Heart of Darkness. You're some asshole doggedly pursuing someone who's a bit more of an asshole than you, wreaking destruction as you go. I don't think there are many games, for me, that can top the experience.
  2. MGSV Lifelong MGS fanatic, I got disenchanted with the whole thing and uninstalled it halfway through Africa. It's a fucking pity, as it's the most "complete" MGS gameplay experience in terms of how if you practice and git gud you can be an unstoppable stealth machine in ways that the more linear nature of previous games didn't allow, but regardless, the lack of Hayter, lack of compelling story (imo), lack of structure didn't really do it for me. It felt more like a really good Ghost Recon: Wildlands than an actual MGS game, and we'll never see another Kojima MGS ever again.
  3. Aw man every time someone mentions that game I get a little jolt in the intestines remembering how awesome it was, and then a jolt of sadness as I realize I haven't had time to play a videogame in over three months.
  4. I played 50% on PS4 and it ran like absolute, appalling dog shit. Despite that, it was still my favorite gaming experience of my entire life
  5. Old (2021) Movie theater As you might expect from an M. Night Shymalan movie, the plot is predictable, convoluted, and constructed almost entirely of holes. The ending is trite and convenient, and the acting is for the most part wooden and terrible. As is the writing! Fuck me, at times I was convinced that he was trying to emulate old Clue-style movies, but I think it's actually just a bad movie. None of the people behave like human beings, for the most part. It's like an AI has watched a whole bunch of bad movies and thought "Ah yes, this is what people are like" and then written all the dialogue. Still, it's an interesting premise I guess and sort of tense at times. 2/5
  6. agreed, it gets super fucking stressful at points, but those moments where you are absolutely outnumbered but end up sniping three people on a staircase with one snooker ball give you a sense of joy that is hard to replicate in any other game
  7. it's all good, i know youre a decent guy underneath your gruff exterior
  8. How do you know? You havent created your character yet
  9. I have a question, and please forgive me if it's already been answered. I have the PS4 remastered copy which I played for 5 minutes and then shelved after I discovered that the mods available on Xbox were inexplicably unavailable on PS4. Are the good mods available on PS now? I'm talking about, like, the crafting mod for instance which gives you access to a much wider variety of weapon and armor skins for each material. For instance instead of there being 1 glass armor skin there's 10. I think it was called ARS Metallica or something. All there seemed to be on PS was lampposts
  10. You can just play Spotify to come through your speakers while you're playing the game though. I have fond memories of charging into Elite: Dangerous space battles listening to Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin
  11. actually i remembered my most compulsive habit and its one a lot of us have. in a semi-linear game, when produced with more than one path to go down, i creep along one until I can see that it's the "correct" one to advance the narrative and then i backtrack and check out all the other ones to make sure i didnt miss any goodies. I have always done this, and it makes playing games really painstaking and boring sometimes tbh
  12. This is a good post but I have my hair tied up in real life and the game too! I’m like Violet Beaudelaire in that regard - when I need to concentrate it has to go up well ok mr grumpy i like the writing but the plot left me cold. Maybe i overhyped it before I read it
  13. I didnt have any real bugs on my launch PS4 but the game looked like I was watching old CCTV footage it was so muddy and grainy, the framerate was appalling, and half the time buildings or the road or textures or lighting just didn't exist or there was weird clipping etc. I had this perpetual issue where my hair would obscure my vision, and the only way I could get rid of it was by putting on and removing (or vice versa) a pair of glasses Fucking strange
  14. Lusty Argonian Maid is a classic I personally am compelled to complete every available bit of side missiony shit before I progress the main quest. When the quest unlocks more side stuff, I do all that before continuing. Obviously this is not possible in games like Skyrim, where the main quest doesn't really gatekeep much side content at all. With those kind of games I crunch sidequests until I'm on the verge of tears if boredom and then relent and do the main quest for a little bit. Made the final assault in Cyberpunk extremely entertaining as I was so overpowered - making large groups of enemies kill themselves and detonate their grenades and attack each other, and then when I came up against Mr Terrible Scary Badman it was a case of haha SMG go brrr and he went down like a sack of sloppy turds.
  15. plus, driving around the city is fucking sick but other than the races, driving with the nomads, and that one bit where you have to chase a van nothing happens with vehicles. It’s just slow fast travel. No one pursues you, you don’t pursue anyone. Lame @ZOK wasnt impressed
  16. Having now read everything cyberpunk William Gibson ever wrote I have an even greater appreciation of this fucking game oh my god such an accomplishment Johnny Mnemonic is a terrible short story though
  17. yeah or not seriously enough. Ah, there’s four squads going at it over there, let’s rush straight into the crossfire instead of mopping up the survivors apex players have the old “if I win it’s because I alone am the best, if I die it’s because my teammates are trash” down to a tee
  18. came here to say that it’s the main reason I stopped my 2nd play through - I got tired of crashing and missing turns
  19. Right stick action on III and Vice City was non-existent, if you moved the right stick it would just go into first person mode. Worthless. I have no idea how I managed to completed either of those games given the control setup. Like, if you had to go round a corner where enemies were and your camera didnt have the right angle you basically just had to cross your fingers.
  20. someone call a vet i see some sick fucken pythons
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