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  1. if you do a replay on very hard you’ll need to min/max, but my first playthrough was very generalist and I played on normal, iirc. Got to see a lot of content that way.
  2. generally speaking, more specialized builds are helpful in harder combat situations but so long as you tackle city districts that are close to your level you can get by as a jack-of all trades especially on more forgiving difficulty settings. This also gives you the advantage of enjoying a more rounded experience. Just spec into what you enjoy doing.
  3. I don't think the skill trees have changed drastically enough to warrant a replay for that purpose. The main reworks appear to have been fixing broken perks (eg throwing knives) and making some tweaks here and there. It does however make sense to start it again because it'll be a nice treat Edit: last night I also found the corpse of the 6th St gang member who threatens you and Padre in the Streetkid intro, complete with a shard detailing a conversation between him and Padre. Crazy attention to detail.
  4. You're not kidding. I found a few things last night while stumbling around that I'd never found before. Like, I found a pair of Legendary black hotpants in an alley that evidently are a part of a Legendary Set (rocker, in this case). So I went on the wiki and found that there are many legendary sets for different roles, and I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere in the game or on the internet. Then while I was on the wiki I read this: "In 1999, the British Monarchy was overthrown by the Martial Law Authority (MLA), an anti-monarchist military dictatorship that assumed power through the enactment of a perpetual state of emergency. When King Charles III led the Royal Marines in revolt against the MLA at Devonport in the early 2000s, he was killed along with his brother Prince Andrew. D.I.5 (also known as the Security Service) then implemented Operation Cromwell, the systematic elimination of all members of the royal family and heirs to the throne to permanently prevent the restoration of the monarchy." A man can dream.
  5. On Very Hard, crafting becomes extremely useful to give you an edge. I craft and upgrade constantly tbh - the iconic knife Stinger, formerly owned by Scorpion, is GOAT once you've upgraded it to Legendary. I chuck it at people when my revolver is empty, absolutely hilarious and satisfying to fling it at someone's head instead of diving for cover and reloading. Not only that but crafting is a really good way to make money because crafting components are much less expensive than they used to be. PS whoever said nothing is challenging once you've reached level 20 has clearly never played on Very Hard and then attempted to do a gig in Heywood or Corpo Plaza at level 20. You will get deleted. I'm fine with not being able to pilot flying cars. There are only like 12 of that flying car the Peralezes have in Night City iirc. They are unaffordable to everyone except the mega rich, which you are not. Obviously, once you've climbed to the top you get one in 2 of the endings.
  6. This is what I use for my headshot build, I’m pretty lethal with it now so chuffed this game is getting enjoyed by more people now. Hopefully it will give executives more confidence in the IP and let CDPR take the time they need with it
  7. Frankly, hearing the female VA in Ghost Recon Wildlands shout “FUCKING HELL” anytime you come under fire was my favorite part of the whole game
  8. i think it’s been the most-played single player game on steam for a hot minute
  9. Me. I’m like Martin Riggs in Lethal Weapon 3, but unlike him my hair is both party in the front and party in the back and I don’t live in a caravan
  10. Dominating people in gunfights on GTAO as a 6’ Barbie and hearing the howls of lamentation and misogynistic abuse through the in-game chat is still delightful, and has been since 2013.
  11. mate, casting the protagonist as Latina in a town that's 70% hispanic is clearly virtue-signaling woke propaganda being forced down our throats /s Sadly, i'm sure there are already mouth-breathers complaining about it online edit: surprise surprise
  12. For $120,000 you can have Keanu and his mate custom build for you, I think it’s a modified 1S
  13. I just need them to change every aspect of how it feels to play the game when you’re not actively driving a vehicle. I started playing the PS5 update for GTAO and it still feels like shit to move your character, like you’re communicating via sign language with someone holding the controller and your character is knee deep in molasses. Controlling your character in cramped areas ie building interiors is almost impossible unless you’re using First Person, and that’s not very good either. And everything seems to require some glacially slow animation - want to use your computer in your nightclub? Ok first you have to sit down which requires a lengthy uncancellable animation, and then you need to lean forwards and tap some keys which also requires a lengthy animation. I have hopes for free-form gameplay but I’m quite certain I will be forced to once again play the game by staring at the minimap in case I miss the precise marker the game wants me to park my vehicle in or lie in wait to ambush someone from etc etc Hopefully the free form content will be satisfied by playing free roam online with my mates lol do you remember that Lester mission where you drive literally across the whole map just to look at a bank for a minute and drive back
  14. Take it slow, explore the city on foot before you get stuck into the main narrative. I tend to clear Watson of side content before I meet Vik or Jackie. The city was designed to be explored on foot - the devil is in the details and you don’t get a sense of what a labyrinth it is from a vehicle. Alternately get the free bike
  15. There's a weapons vendor who sells a crafting spec for a revolver called the Overture, if you can nail headshots with it and spec your character correctly you can delete people with it even while using a silencer. Or you can just chuck a knife at the back of their head. You can skip most of the mechanics unless you're playing on Very Hard. On VH you need every edge you can get. I'm constantly crafting and upgrading things - there are perks that mean crafted items are % better than purchased or found items, which is very helpful. It's in my top 5 games ever. If you play it like GTA, you might be disappointed. If you allow yourself to get lost in the city on foot, and treat the major quests as suggestions, you'll have a much better time. Also, it's at its most atmospheric after dark in-game. Personal thoughts on 1.6 - Transmog is great but it's unreasonable they don't have a transmog option for weapon skins or vehicles - Ability to further customize your character at a ripperdoc is a godsend, because the lighting in the Creator is a bit misleading - New quests are good, inc. the one you find at the entrance to the quarantined Megabuilding 4 (many fans suspect the DLC will involve the megabuilding, although I think that’s one of the canceled DLCs personally) - Don’t really care for the new weapons, but I get very attached to my loadout in almost every game I play - Enemies seem like they *might* be a bit tougher but I am in Heywood so it’s hard to tell - The post-1.5 timeskip mechanic is still worse than the launch one - Feels more stable - Kind of a non-update
  16. Finally got around to assembling the rest of the Grey Knights squad my mate got me for Christmas. The fucking mold lines, man. Mold lines everywhere.
  17. Yes, it was fucking shit. Completely unwatchable. Much like 99% of what's on Netflix. In fact, most of the Netflix catalog is so bad I don't think it's worth keeping a subscription outside of the two days it will take me to destroy Witcher S3.
  18. Thanks for this. I read the last line and promptly laughed myself breathless at my desk for several minutes, hyperventilating, shoulders shaking, rictus grin on my face, tears streaming down and a little snot leaking from my nose. My coworker thinks ive lost it
  19. Paging @Haribokart to the thread I have too many to share and not enough time, but one that has always stood out to me was when I was walking through the store past some fucking gammony dude as I was saying something to Haribo and the gammony dude coughed, open mouthed, and a large piece of phlegm flew up and out of his lungs and into the back of my throat Might actually still be my most traumatic memory to date
  20. Do the mission to get wrex’s family armor at least though. before you go to virmire
  21. A lot of it is skippable garbage, but there are a few things off the beaten path that are worth investigating, e.g. if you chose a Sole Survivor psychological profile then you can discover that Cerberus was responsible, and you should at the very least help Hackett out with the rogue VI on Luna because it will be relevant near the end of ME3 although it does feel like a retcon.
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