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  1. So my thumb on my left hand has more wires in it than Arnold’s Terminator and it’s wrapped up in a cast. Obviously I could read books or draw but I’m a nerd and I don’t feel like it. Are there any PS4 games y’all know of that I can play with my right hand? If the worst comes to the worst I can dust off the joystick for some Elite and remap the controls away from the left thumb. It’s a long shot but cheers
  2. Do you have a medical issue that makes your hands unsteady? I find that if my hands are a little shaky a good walk or laying off the caffeine works wonders. I drink much water also This is looking very good btw
  3. Right but 1) that’s not how the stock exchange works 2) Bruce would not have had every single asset tied up in it 3) it’s broad daylight when they leave but midnight when they get halfway down the fucking street.
  4. It’s a fucking mess. It’s one of the most “third movie” movies ever, alongside movies like the heap of squelchy, sloppy turds that is Skyfall. It’s more hole than plot. It comes across like they came up with a bunch of cool set-piece scenes and then wrote a story around them and didn’t think it through very well. I’m not saying it’s without merit but the merit is camouflaged extremely well.
  5. Tbh the main reason I quit smoking weed was because I was obsessed with Arkham Knight. I had completed the game but would get home after work and crush the arcade mode into the wee hours after a joint, trying to get the perfect fight on all the stages with all the characters. Weed was ruining my timing and causing me to make unforced errors and so I decided to take some time off until I had achieved my goals. Plus, I knew Batman would be disappointed in my lifestyle choices. Then once I had broken the cycle I just never bought any more weed ever again, sort of by accident. Don’t do d
  6. You can put your phone on do not disturb, but it turns itself off if you use your phone. This is extremely annoying in V, where sometimes you will get a phone call during free roam that triggers a mission, which is wack. Sure, I was trying to do this other thing but I guess I’ll follow the yellow line on the map instead.
  7. Furthermore, most blueprints will drop from Lvl 3, so only do Lvl 3 until you run out of blueprints. Then start doing Lvl 4 to get the Lvl 4 exclusive ones. That way you won’t be spending a year getting a blueprint on a 4 you could have gotten on a 3, as LVL 4 contains the whole blueprint pool and is an order of magnitude of difficulty harder what a messy post. Oh well
  8. Yeah GTAV does it in a shit scripted way but that heist you pull off where you have the option to either be stealthy and sensible or shoot your way through the business district of LA was one of its best moments. Yesterday I had to extract a target from a heavily fortified mansion. Government troops and also the cartel were guarding it. So obviously I started sniping lone targets etc, but made a mistake and one of them discovered a body. They decided they had been betrayed by the other faction and they all started shooting each other while I kept picking them off. It was great becaus
  9. Which took skill in and of itself, right? It’s not cheating, it’s not an exploit, it’s Batmanning the situation and it’s awesome that you were able to do that I like being able to get into a game and crush side quest stuff to get cool abilities that would take you ages to acquire just doing the main quest. Most recent example is Wildlands again. The drone is fucking shit when you start, but you’re so weak and have such poor weapons you need to use it to mark enemies so you can stealth missions. So I upgraded it more or less fully before I even took on the first Buchon. Al
  10. I like stealth done well. I stealth-murdered every single person in a heavily occupied paramilitary base in Wildlands last night without anyone sounding an alarm. None of them had time to even tell. Almost got spotted many times but was always able to take them out in time. Wasn’t playing it safe either, was sprinting around abusing line of sight and using people as human shields to surprise rooms of enemies. Then when it was the last man standing I blew him up with C4. Yeah take that you impoverished Bolivians
  11. I am not watching any of those videos you cunts. I am going to do the thing I hate and ignore this game until it’s all patched and sexy on PS5
  12. aka the R* approach. Want to use your PC in GTA? First you must sit down at your chair which takes ages. Then you must lean forwards and tap at the keyboard, which takes ages. Want to open your safe? Strap in, it takes a million years. Red dead: four hours to kneel down by a fire and cook a single piece of meat. You have to make split point bullets ONE AT A TIME. Want to use that gun emplacement? Ok, wait for your hair to go grey while you watch an animation you can’t cancel if someone is shooting at you. Want to leave that gun emplacement? Ok, wait for your hair to go grey while y
  13. QTEs Always online GaaS single-player shit, like The Division, although I loved those games Open-world Ubisoft, excluding The Division Millions of hours of cutscenes upon starting a game. For fuck’s sake, gaming surely should have moved on. This is the clunky expositional dialogue of video games. Why can’t you tell a story through actions you fucking cunt. “Here is all the backstory and character motivation.” Just tease it to is organically you bloated turds. Maybe spend more money making the game than making the movies about the game.
  14. Deafening. Constant roar of cheering and applause, which while justified, is distracting enough that I’ve put on subtitles.
  15. I’m buying a CMMG Banshee because I loved using it in the Division. So it works!
  16. Or spin her around in the Med screen and watch her tits jiggle, and then she throws up from dizziness when you unpause
  17. I’m playing Wildlands off and on right now and my enthusiasm is petering out. Yeah, cartels do some heinous shit but most of the people you’re wasting with sniper rifles, mortar fire, and hand grenades are poverty-stricken and desperate, living in a country where education and infrastructure are quite poor. Most of the people who work for and with the cartels do so out of necessity and/ or threat of execution of them and their families so Uncle Sam raining death on a cartel camp is really rubbing me the wrong way, especially given the CIA and DEA’s sordid history in S and C America.
  18. Fair enough man, having worked there I would describe the latter half of your post to be 100% accurate.
  19. Waitrose is pretty good, no? 3 different kinds of quail eggs!
  20. My regional grocery store, Wegmans, is legendary in the NE. It’s like a foodie’s Disneyland inside. All manner of fabulous quality produce, hand-baked bread, deli counters etc, and excellent sushi chefs and butchers etc. You can get anything from sushi grade tuna to live lobster, from a rack of lamb to a slab of pork belly to duck confit. You could buy a whole half cow if you had the cash. And it’s not overpriced and staffed by crusties, unlike Whole Foods. Their international food sections are bangin’, they sell Lion bars and Yorkies in addition to Marmite and Tate & Lyle golden syrup. Be
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