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  1. That's so funny - I'm doing a zero cyberware run other than what you are obligated to get from Vik. I'll upgrade my deck and eyes, obviously, but other than maybe jumpy legs that'll be it. Inventory system in the unpatched version is fucked up - half the clothing items don't have "names" or thumbnails and are listed in your inventory as the file name, half of them don't equip visually, some of them make body parts disappear. I found a hat with good stats so I put it on - it didn't visually in inventory but when I got on my bike my head had disappeared This game is a night-and-day improvement in late 2022.
  2. I hated ME3 back in the day but having rinsed the LE 3x in a row this year ME3 is my favorite so far, in terms of a game that you play. In terms of ambience and feelings I like the first one the most, but Mass Effect the 3rd is the best game in the series for me. Shame there's no "holster your gun" button but what are you gonna do.
  3. Having put a solid 10-hours into the base version of the game it is fair to say that the immense criticism of the console version was almost entirely well-founded. Should never have been released in this state obviously. Crashes every 30 mins, more frequently during missions, constant bugs that require reloading such as doors not opening when they should, dialog options not loading during conversations, randomly dying from fall damage when walking off a curb. Also forgot how bad the inventory and crafting system was.
  4. Wraiths Trilayer Edgerunner. It’s unobtainable post 1.6. It’s an all-black jacket and it’s my second favorite
  5. So I uninstalled and reinstalled without updates. I’m playing the day 1 PS4 unpatched version on a PS5 and it’s rough as hell. No real bugs to speak of other than lighting glitches, plot NPCs eg jackie talking with their mouths firmly closed, road disappearing, torso disappearing on motorcycle. Theres a lot about it to like. Sure the game systems and balancing are shoddy, the crafting system is terrible, some clothing items don’t appear on your body, the vehicles are almost undriveable. But there is a charm about it. Whatever graphical trickery they used to make a fairly rough-looking low resolution game look moody and artistic is somewhat lacking in the higher fidelity versions and I honestly think the atmosphere benefits from it. It looks like an 80s action VHS played on a CRT Cant wait to find this jacket they patched out so I can update though
  6. is that what people wanted? Following the bright and sparkling world of Windwaker? WW cured my seasonal depression when I played it I swear
  7. I remember eagerly awaiting Twilight Princess for the longest time and then being dismayed when I discovered that it was shit
  8. Just realized I’ve been playing in RT mode for probably 40 hours. Switched it back to Performance and hated it. I think I changed it to RT for Photo Mode ages ago and forgot to change it back, guess I’m used to it now. So for all my talk about the blurrovision being unplayable it turns out you can indeed get used to it, grow to prefer it, and complete the game with it being turned on
  9. They've also increased traffic density and behavior in some sort of sneak update. And they've ruined the clothing stores. They've taken some items out of vendor rotation and added them to the loot pool, and vice versa, although there is ONE jacket I've been looking for for 120 hours and still have not found.
  10. you just have to be more selective with your neighborhoods as you level up. Corpo Plaza and Heywood should be off limits until you’re sufficiently deadly, but if memory serves Japantown and Pacifica should be doable for you. When you do explore Corpo Plaza, have fun getting underneath the skyscrapers by the water. It’s all rendered properly but it’s clear they didn’t expect you to explore down there - every photo I took looks like a weird fever dream:
  11. I know. Really what I want more than anything is MMORPG Cyberpunk but it might be 10 years before I get lucky
  12. Fuck the remake, give me another Cyberpunk
  13. i wouldn’t particularly focus on spending money until you near the level cap, because most everything you buy will be obsolete as soon as you level up a bit more. You can upgrade it through crafting menu but it becomes very resource expensive. Spend money on cars buy the javelina or shion coyote if you have unlocked them already of course if you want more money than you can spend you can always take a few hours to watch a short yt crafting video and make some money crafting and selling with a podcast on
  14. Yeah this game is very vertical. If you get the charge-jump legs and also maneuvering thrusters, you can charge jump > midair dodge > charge jump. Opens up the whole city and is super useful for midair Kerenzikov slow motion action
  15. Is that the one in Kabuki? The club in the backalley with the attached garage? If so there's a route using some nearby rooftops and fire escapes where you can enter through a window on the top floor, sneak in, kill the guy and loot the place, and then delta the way you came in. There's a guard watching the window but you can just hit her with reboot optics, jump through, put her to sleep.
  16. Only just noticed the trans flag on the back of and inside Claire’s truck 107 hours on this play so far and I haven’t even done the Peralez, River, Judy, Kerry, Rogue, Boxing, Sinnerman, Delamain side quests yet, and poor Takemura is still waiting for me under a bridge somewhere.
  17. The attention to detail is amazing. But it's a "dead game" with "nothing to do".
  18. On top of the entrance to the tunnel here. Scanning his corpse reveals his identity.
  19. I finally got all non-yellow icons cleared off the map last night, and thought to myself "Well, I'd better wrap this playthrough up so I can play something else." Who am I kidding
  20. Anyone who sided with Netwatch in Pacifica got fooled. I don't know who that guy is, but it's not Bryce Mosley. The real Bryce Mosley's corpse can be found nearby, Netwatch badge in hand.
  21. that video made me laugh for ages btw for anyone who says crafting is useless, I made €$3,000,000 yesterday. Granted, it took me 3 hours and was mind-numbingly boring. What you do is buy get the edgerunner artisan perk, then get the Ashura blueprint, then buy gold, purple, and blue ITEM components from the junk dealer near the solar panels east of biotechnica flats. Then you wait 24hr and do it again. Repeat until all your money is spent. Then you craft Ashura until you’re out of components. Then you sell them to a drop point until it runs out of money, wait 24 hours, do it again. Repeat entire process until your brain drips out of your ears. ive been grinding xp by farming the wraith camp all day today. Run in, waste everyone, fast travel somewhere, wait 24hours, repeat. Gets boring but you get very, very good. I’m already level 50 but if you keep grinding skills you get extra perk points also a good way to make money and find clothes.
  22. if you do a replay on very hard you’ll need to min/max, but my first playthrough was very generalist and I played on normal, iirc. Got to see a lot of content that way.
  23. generally speaking, more specialized builds are helpful in harder combat situations but so long as you tackle city districts that are close to your level you can get by as a jack-of all trades especially on more forgiving difficulty settings. This also gives you the advantage of enjoying a more rounded experience. Just spec into what you enjoy doing.
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