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  1. It’s such an upgrade you’ll love it!
  2. Whats with the madness in this thread? The modern DK games are some of the best 2D games on the planet. Fantastic news!
  3. So I’ve just had a run in with Mrs D and being bad at the game I know the amount of injuries I’m lasting through… GOTY.
  4. There is a thread for it. The users of it swear by it, and are clearly getting gamepass and games for 'free', for 'ten minutes work a day'. But to me it seems like something that risks making your leisure a job. Basically you do searches on Bing, quizzes and play the recommended games to get reward points that you can trade in. I've had it running (but changed none of my usual habits) and earned 1500 points since launch day. I think this is equivalent to about 1p of value. I find it distasteful but can't articulate why. (But then I hate store cards etc, so you know...)
  5. Oh I totally agree. The issue is for me, that gamepass has made me realise that I take ages to play games - easily over a year each time, and that slight pressure of games leaving, can make leisure feel like a chore. What should I play can become, what might leave soon. And that's sucky. So it's £5.50, but also the pressure to complete them within a year (as ridiculous as that sounds, thats hard for me), I would rather just buy them outright and not have to worry. But with all their acquisitions there is a chance that point MS are releasing first party stuff regularly
  6. There is no way on Earth that the conversion trick is still going in three years time. Hell, you won't be able to get 12mnth gold cards by then anyway. And to be honest, at £11/mnth, unless MS start dropping first party stuff at a regular rate, is just not worth it. Love playing the indie games, and thats by far the biggest appeal to me, but I end up having to buy them when they leave (like Bloodstained).
  7. Eurogamer are saying PS5s will be in stock at game from 9am today (12th).
  8. I’m not going to die on this hill or anything, and I love my Xbox soooo much. The variety is there, and gamepass will stretch peoples horizons. but at the same time I don’t think nerds like us represent typical Nintendo, PlayStation or Xbox fans.
  9. Whilst this is the definition of a 'hot take', I think PS owners enjoy a wider variety of game types than Xbox owners. Especially when it comes to single player experiences. And I massively think gamepass will hurt sales.
  10. you can only change difficulty on death, and only downwards.
  11. Playing resident evil 8 on my s, after playing 7 again on my PS4 in prep, and honestly they felt very similar graphically on the 1080p screen. On my XSX and 4k screen it felt night and day and properly next gen. if you are buying for next gen 'experiences' I would wait and get an x. But the QoL upgrades of an S are real. Don’t forget though, upgrading to an x down the line gives you a second machine. The S is perfect for a bedroom, kid, or emulation box. Totally worth it.
  12. Think how much extra value I would get if I had to climb radio towers to unlock the map.
  13. I love Souls games (greatest games of all time) but I’ve got to be in the right mental space to face the challenge. And.my work is too hectic at the minute (Teacher Assessed Grades are the absolute worst). So I’m going to have to put this to one side until all that’s behind me. (Started returnal, but that’s clearly the same kettle or fish). I’m really worried I’ll have forgotten how to play by the time I can, and that’ll be the end of it. But hey ho. A nice simple easy linear story game like resident evil is all I can take right now.
  14. Loving them both (all three technically as have an S for another room). But the PS5 is the stand out just because it actually feels like a huge leap forward with Astro, the pad, Demon Souls, Spider-man, returnal, sack boy. It is only literally today, playing resident evil 8 on the Xbox that it feels ‘next gen’. Really brings home how quiet it is. Love the PS5 pads, so I’m tempted to get multi platforms for it, but Microsoft’s clear commitment to backwards compatibility makes me feel more sure of digital purchases with them.
  15. Oh totally, and the converse is true too. Dark Souls was easily a hundred hours of fantastic content. I just don't think the value in a game comes from it's length, I think it comes from the memories, the experiences, the mechanics etc. When I look back on the games that meant so much to me and are the most 'worth it' - it's rarely the length that was the factor.
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