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  1. Right playing this game turned out to be expensive. Just sold me a ps5. so I now I only have till the launch (or whenever my ps5 finally turns up) to finish!
  2. Thanks just grabbed one via that! I think they are taking the money straight away, but that might be because I used paypal. Not sure.
  3. Demon Souls. It looks incredible. But I’ve been busy all day and I can’t find preorders left. Arrrhh.
  4. Demon Souls at launch. Looking like that? Only one choice. add on top death loop. gotta be ps5. might double dip though.
  5. I felt the same until motion controls on splatoon /Zelda. I wanted inverted stick but not inverted waggle and that got too much. Had to change one, so went with stick.
  6. Don’t have a PS4 pro or an X, but do have a LG c9. Best gaming upgrade I’ve ever made. looking forward to a next gen console for it.
  7. I spent a year breaking my self of inverted controls. Best gaming decision of my life.
  8. I really don't get the hate, that looks fantastic. Galaxy looks stunning.
  9. last game I traded in was for the GameCube. And I regret it.
  10. I only want the disk one for 4K Blu-ray. To got with the 3 1080p Blu-rays I own. Which is bloody stupid.
  11. Better Call Saul (and GoT, and watchmen) have proven to me that I prefer weekly releases for 'event' television. Forces you to mull it over. Ponder it. Makes it a community event at a rate I can keep up with. Much better. if you don’t like it, just assum3 the release date in ten weeks later than announced.
  12. Since voting! I’ve changed my mind. I reckon, £359 and £479 respectively.
  13. Well that’s what I’m doing tonight then! Cheers!
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