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  1. Oh wow, this is totally up my street! I love Rhythm Tengoku so much. I never play on my mac, but if it comes to the mac before switch then I'm there. Led me to find their previous rhythm game which looks great too: https://store.steampowered.com/app/977950/A_Dance_of_Fire_and_Ice/
  2. Yeah, that's making me double down on the decision to treat the internal storage, like a CD changer. I shouldn't be playing more the 500Gb* of games at once, so just keep redownloading, or shuffling to external storage. *unless I want to play a COD game i guess
  3. This looks stunning. Gamepass is really paying off it you like 2D platformers. That said, it looks a little frantic and floaty. Hope it plays well.
  4. Wow, I was on the cusp of buying it. Great news!
  5. Sifu, Kena, returnal, solar ash, all look great to me. Abe games I never liked, but a big budget 2D game (0.9 can fuck off) is something interesting.
  6. perfect excuse to, down the line, move the old tv & the s, to another room, and get an X or PS5 for the main room. #moneysavingtips
  7. Thanks @Jamie John, great advice, but I return to the thread victorious. Plan 2 did it. But plan 4 helped. Knew about the tail, but only managed to destroy one. Hard to target with spells. edit: god, I’m buzzin’, buzzin’ - what a feeling, what a fucking game!
  8. People are too hyped. I think we need to manage our expectations. For me, realistically I think we can hope for in the next 6 months or so: - LoU2 4K, 60fps ray tracing as a free update. shadow dropped today - HZD updated and shadow dropped likewise today - bloodborne 4K, 60fps ray tracing free shadow dropped today - Kena 4K, 60fps ray tracing shadow dropped today on PS+. - Cyberpunk returning to the store as a ps5 exclusive. 4K, 60fps ray tracing. Shadow dropped today - Elden Ring 4K, 60fps ray tracing free shadow dropped today - PS now coming free to
  9. Right I should get at least an hour on this tonight. It is time to kick them man-eaters in the god damn sea. Plan 1) fire spray to the face whilst I duck and weave. Plan 2) big fire ball spell in between back and forth runs. Plan 3) go melee. Plan 4) weep and cry. I’ll let you know how it goes.
  10. As we’ve started a new page, could I confirm, when is this happening? Today? What time?
  11. Big ooof at polygon's review. I’m regretting a reckless preorder now.
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