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  1. I preferred my games when I didn't;t need to do a cost benefit analysis of a 60 point table before knowing how to buy it.
  2. It’s a bit rubbish but it’s so heartfelt and lovely. And I love the fact that the Russian baddie
  3. They also pulled the D&D episode of community. Which is probably the best episode. And has important things to say about mental health. And the blackface is meant to be awful and unacceptable in the show. And you know what what? With all the Racism in the world 1/60th of a show I like is no longer on Netflix and as a white person that’s the most any of these issues have ever negatively effected me and my life. The reflection I’ve had realising that makes the removal worthwhile for me. I’m insanely lucky.
  4. I wish you could choose a games length like you can choose difficulty and it just gives you the edited highlights.
  5. If anyone has every watched On Cinema at the Cinema I feel Billy Mitchell, and the Ref Guy are literally Tim and Greg in this. Corrupt as fuck.
  6. Wish this was on something I owned. Fingers crossed for a next gen port.
  7. Curse of the Moon >>>>> Ritual of the Night. Instabuy. EDIT: To be clear - CotM is easily one of the best platformers of the generation.
  8. If this is because they are partnering with Occulus to do VR on the Xbox - great. But I'm out if Xbox becomes a facebook shithole.
  9. Also, I don't think they are going to be able to produce at the scale they would have. Supply and demand. I think they can price these high. People are trapped in. People are bored. And whilst money is tight, there are enough people secure enough working from home that they can clear their constrained stock. I wouldn't be surprised by £599.
  10. Eurogamer talked about how taking the disk drive out Of the ps5 will only save them £20 or so - so it can’t be that much cheaper. I think they’ve got it the wrong way round. I think Sony will really price up the disk edition. Hundred quid more than digital. Or even more. £399 vs £499. They’ll want People to make a temp saving to lock them out of the second hand market.
  11. So much agreement with the recommendation of A Short Hike. Brillopads.
  12. I run PSVR of my launch machine. No more issues than anything else.
  13. Oh thanks. Didn’t realise that’s a thing.
  14. I think this show was incredible, and incredibly important. I think it has some real things to say about everything that is happening now. And I think it had a real part to play in making them happen. It's popularising of the massacre can't be underestimated. Apparently HBO are putting it online for free (in america) for the next couple of weeks.
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