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  1. A partnership with Netflix could save PlayStation. Two very mainstream brands.
  2. Frankly, I honestly don’t know if Sony can recover from this, whether it’s the beginning of the end for them. Maybe Sony and Nintendo will end up joining to be the Japanese niche console together. However the title of this thread is misleading. Microsoft is asking permission from the FTC to purchase activision. The media coverage of it being a done deal, helps the narrative, but there is a (fat) chance that whatever passes for the monopoly and mergers board might speak up about it. Ah who am I kidding? Might as well just enjoy my free drinks as the industry burns.
  3. Companies successs is sinusoidal. Horrendous culture aside, Activision is clearly on a downward trend software wise. CoD's fall from grace continues, Overwatch development has stalled, Diablo is a way off, WoW is decaying. Then lay ontop of that the workplace issues. They will bounce back (assuming consumers forgive them), so MS are buying in the dip. Thats huge, value for money long term.
  4. Yeah, if you really want to know what MS think of you as a consumer, the rewards program is the perfect example. I know people will respond to how it's perfect for them, and they've got a series X and Gamepass free forever from it - and I don't doubt them, but that doesn't stop it, on a large scale being a sleazy, sleazy psychologically exploitative thing.
  5. Yeah, the one huge positive in this, is that they have a diverse management team that can hopefully rip out the rot at Activision. But it's no surprise that a company that generates profits through unethical business practice and consumer exploitation, is also rotten inside. There is a lot to change there.
  6. Selkiro is one of the greatest games ever made. Otherwise I have no other interest in Activision bar maybe Tony Hawk. A bit. I love my Xbox so I wont miss out on anything. But yeah, I’m really worried about Disney’s take over of cinema too. Not super hero’s - they created that - but the whole industry and the breadth of output is suffering sure. I don’t think it’s old man shouting at sky syndrome to worry about media giants buying up the industry.
  7. Also, Activison, Blizzard and King are fully immersed in microtransactions, loot boxes, gambling and game design based around addiction. I desperately dont want that to infect the excellent devs MS have already bought. I worry that once numbers stall/MS are dominant,they are going to show further growth in gamepass to their share owners by packing gamepass games with all thy bullshit and people will defend it because the games are ‘free’. it’s interesting/depressing that all first party games on gamepass that have been developed during full ownership of MS (Flight sim, Forza, Halo, seas of Thieves) are all mediums that support MTX at their core.
  8. I get the schadenfreude that people are enjoying, if they’ve got a favourite multinational, but 'buying up the already existing games' isn’t an answer to the having exclusives. There was an clear assumption of additional production from within MS. Look at Sony with the PS3 launch, Xbox with the One launch. When either of them get too far in the lead they become completely awful for the consumer. MS haven’t suddenly changed, just like Sony haven’t. So of course I don’t want them to buy up the industry.
  9. That comes on it's own 10Tb array. Seriously though, I feel activision could really gain from MS knowledge of the backend to reduce file sizes. Although I also believe that activision use file sizes as a way to literally push out the competition. That need will be removed.
  10. I know we are all loving Gamepass, but I'm getting worried now. This is just too much consolidation in the industry. At this rate, they'll have killed off playstation in a generation or two, and none of us will be better off for that competition removed.
  11. Wordle 213 6/6 That’s was a hard one. Scraped back from the edge of defeat.
  12. In stock form PlayStation themselves https://psdirect-queue.playstation.com/?c=sonyemea&e=snengb1216&ver=v3-javascript-3.6.3&cver=51&man=Vega public queue Action en-gb&cid=en-GB&l=SN-Vega - Req key - Branded UK&t=https%3A%2F%2Fdirect.playstation.com%2Fen-gb%2Fbuy-consoles%2Fplaystation5-digital-edition-console&kupver=akamai-1.0.2
  13. I sold my Master System as a kid (for an Aquarium) and I loved those fish, but I ain't ever selling games again. My wife'll just chuck em in a skip I suspect. That's half the reason I've gone digital. I'm not selling them, so no need to waste shelf space.
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