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  1. As did my partner. Who thought (correctly) that it was the greatest show they had seen in years and years. and she hates super hero stuff.
  2. This is exactly my experience. 100%. I think it's brilliant but it keeps putting me to sleep. In a way it's kinda a complement. It's like an exercise in 'flow' and mindfulness.
  3. Subsequent comics have been... fan-fiction. Fan-fiction by a multinational corporation. In direct opposition to the author. But fan-fiction non the less. To be fair I thought that about the show, but that fan-fiction turned out to be the best tv of the year by a country mile.
  4. Like, rationally I think people upset at reboots need to get over it and I never thought I would have such raw emotional reactions to these recasting. But some of these feel like desecration. Uncle Phil, no. Geoffrey? No. Carlton. No. Hilary? No. Un-recastable roles. Legends of TV. I realise these are headshots, and meaningless, but still. Phil isn't the most handsome man in the room. He's just the best man in the room. That said, Vivian looks perfect, which is both ironic, and makes sense.
  5. I've so many games to play, but I just keep wanting to play this. It's exceptionally good fun.
  6. Just 100% this. I got Quake on Gamepass, but I bought it again for switch because, the gyro aiming makes such a difference. Swing in the general direction and then effortless adjustments to hit, with gyro. I had to break my addiction to invert-y to get my head around gyro, but I'm glad I did. it's just so much fun and effortless now. The fact that the Xbox Series pad is basically a 360 pad in a better shell is bonkers. When they've done so much fantastic work on the design on the S and X, it seems a weird dropped ball.
  7. The Xbox ergonomics are fantastic. And the battery is a preference for some. My issue with the Xbox controllers is that on Amazon they (currently at least) cost £1 more than a dual sense, when they have rubbish rumble, no gyro, no trackpad, no haptic triggers and no battery. I get supply and demand, but they really need to add - at the very least - gyro.
  8. i can use gamepass on both my s and x, but I think I have to be online for my s. Not sure how it works for other accounts. But no I managed to play sea of thieves with my partner. Her on the main machine and me on the secondary s. Not tried it the Other way round.
  9. @moosegrinder I only had a pretty much unused Xbox one last gen, and moved that upstairs when I got my series x, but eventually swapped the one for an s in the bedroom. Really glad I did. Probably gets the most play at some points. I know some people are annoyed the backwards compatibility is based on the one versions, but mines attached to a 1080p screen so doesn’t matter much to me.
  10. Do don pachi is out too. The best shump on a phone.
  11. If the next gen consoles can reach this kind of graphic - wow! Incredible!! but the characters look like fully grown adults motion captured onto children mannequins. Super freaky.
  12. I’m so excited for this game. Not reading anything. Whatever choices they’ve made, they’ve my full confidence.
  13. On 4g (that’s about as good as wap) at the mo, so haven’t downloaded it yet. Loved the old iPhone versions back in the day.
  14. DoDonPachi Ressurection HD+ is it out now on Apple Arcade (so no in app purchases etc).
  15. I believe the tilt sensor uses a blob of mercury - hence the USA only release... Hang on! Just googled it - not true - a cermic gyro. Fell for the myth. The first link makes good reading. https://fryguy64.proboards.com/thread/4507/myth-mercury-warioware-twisted-cartridge https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WarioWare:_Twisted!#cite_note-2 I picked mine up when I was in the states. Feels super special because of it.
  16. If Xbox is really the best then why’s the thread at 666 pages. The devils number. meanwhile the PS5 is in the 700s. And 7 is a holy number. QED.
  17. Everyone with any objective taste knows the S looks the best. Sleek, stylish. Strong, sharp corners. The black fan circle marries design and functionality. Then, actually, when you have an artistic eye, you actually realise the PS5’s more novel design in next best, as it’s just interesting to look at, and we deserve to look at interesting things. Time will prove this, when people get nostalgic for the PS5 mini in 2050. It will get a reevaluation and people will claim they always loved it. Finally the series x looks like a monolith, which is obviously A Good Thing - but still only puts it in third place. Despite being the best of the current consoles, the switch actually comes fourth because it looks like an Amazon fire tablet and so has no design. For a reference point the GameCube it the best designed console of all time. Specifically the orange one that I will never get to own. These truths may hurt. But they are truth. I own a book published by Taschen so I should know. Let me know if you need any other consoles ranked objectively.
  18. I hope it’s got traditional turn based as well. Monkey Target 1 is perfection.
  19. The pilot of the Orville is very clearly designed to get the show commissioned as a comedy by Seth. One he got the green light he quickly pivoted it to TNG plus a few jokes.
  20. Horizon needs to be less realistic not more. Jesus Christ , it’s the one vaguely arcadey big budget game left.
  21. Just got a kishi. Works great on my iPhone. And means analogue triggers over the switch. Controls like I hoped art of rally would. Thanks got the recommendation.
  22. Totally fair point. I meant launch first on game pass. All of those were on other platforms first (pc or console) . and I’m sure there’s exceptions to the rule. Tots just how it feels to me at the minute.
  23. I think if gaming is your “main thing” then your less forgiving, not more. There is a lifetime of brilliant stuff out there. But time rich/poor is a big factor.
  24. Agreed. And my free times is to rare to waste on a ‘fine’ game just because it’s ‘free’. The most fun I’ve had these last few months is the Xbox exclusive Deaths Door, but that skipped gamepass at launch because they knew it was good enough to not need to. See also Hades, etc. Don’t get me wrong, game pass is worth it for the first party stuff (getting quake out of nowhere! ). But I’m not going to waste my time on mediocre games I wouldn’t have bought - if I follow that path I’ll end up playing games for the reward points!
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