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  1. And mine! Like I wrote all of those for a joke, and since I did, I'm now devastated they don't exist.
  2. Tempering expectations as usual, but I suspect: RE4 - VR mode details Mega Man - PS5 exclusive Crackdown/Dark Souls/Vanquish inspired, 3D adventure. Open word, harsh checking pointing, reach bosses and take them down for new powers. Play in whatever route you want. Super Mega Man - Switch Reboot, 2D Viewtiful Joe: Rise of the Joeniverse - 4K, Multiverse inspired VJ game with it's sites aimed at the MCU rather than 70's japanese action. Gotcha Force New Wave - Gatcha Game remake of the classic GC original. F2P mess. Bionic Command Re-Rearmed - a soft reboot of the brilliant, 360 era 2D BC game. Outrun X Phoenix Wright, a Fast & Furious inspired, graphic novel, crime solving, racing collab with SEGA, it's the tale of Phoenix, busting loose with his family on sweet summer roads, blue skies and clear horizons. Until Crime makes a SPLASHWAVE. Then one final thing:
  3. That tweet suggests that MarvelStudio's have discovered the launch date from the star himself.
  4. I'm 100% sure an AI wrote that.
  5. So in short it's both a mediocre movie, and the best remake movie, by a long long way. Faint praise sure, but a solid film. Ariel is by far the standout with an incredible voice, she's superb. Generic man prince, is generic, but decent. King Merman, is from a bunch of great films, and a brilliant actor, and terrible in this. Script and green screen gave him nothing to work with I guess. Ghostbuster lady, is great as Ursula, but I wish she had hammed it up even more. Flounder was a disgrace, I loved him as a kid and he's boring, thin fish in this. The crab and bird are pretty decent (and weirdly, the rap by the bird was my favourite song). I moaned about the dark, dim look of the underwater bits from the trailer, and it actually sense in the actual film as it contrasts the bright and colourful island life, it was a clear intentional choice, and it works. It was long, but had a big cast whose roles remained paper thin. It could have been way more layered. It felt like it needed a second pass to build the script up and layer it together better. My mind wandered during the 2h15m because it's a simple story I already know, and a couple of trivial things played on my mind. Two things stuck out, Frozen and now this, are really weirding me out with 'here's the wonderful main characters and their servants' vibes. Like I know kids love royalty, but it doesn't stop it being gross. They know it's gross, and try and diminish it, but it's lurking there nevertheless. Finally and this is a little crass, but Ariel's belly is in this for most of the movie, and it's perfect in every scene. Never a belly roll, never an awkward angle, always, perfect. Can't pretend I didn't enjoy it, but at the same time, I can't help but think a bunch of young kids are taking their first step of a future complex about their looks. But all this is irrelevant, as I have to mention, that when Ariel first appears, a little 5 year old girl behind us, gasped and said "she looks like me!" and honestly, it was heart melting and heartbreaking that even that young it surprised her. It bought the film a huge amount of goodwill from me. My daughter has never needed to say that. Good stuff.
  6. It's like you've stabbed me with a knife. But hell, it says something to have worked on a game that has been unmatched for 20 years. Nothing has come even a little close to it. It's Tetris. It's a perfect game. And then to stab me with a knife 20 years later.
  7. Bringing this to the next page, because it's genuinely got my hopes up, because I'll take any glimmer. In fact let's make this a canary post, as long as @S0L fail's to reply, it's because he can't announce the game, and thus, he is indirectly announcing Outrun 3/Outrun 2 re-release. Outrun 2023 CONFIRMED.
  8. I own it on PC, Xbox, PS2 (don't own a PS2) and 360 and ITS NOT ENOUGH. Was playing the arcade as well at NQ64 on Friday. It's such a belter It's just perfection.
  9. The final episode didn't hit me like the last two did, but that's because the ending has been played out naturally over the last few episodes, rather than cram it into this one. Just a superb series. Brilliant!
  10. I'm seeing this tomorrow with my kid, whose very excited to see it, so you'll get my official review. Going in I'm still worried about two things: 1) All the animals looking authentically like cgi, hyper realistic, animals, rather than super cute - cartoon fish. 2) Whether the mermaids have killed sentient fish for their clothing, or if it's not clothing....
  11. This came today. Absolutely great article about Outrun 2. Absolutely deserves the cover, and the prestige, but gutted the latest Outrun is itself retro now.
  12. Inverting Y was cool until 28th May 2015, with the launch of Splatoon, at which point it became a poor choice. The launch of BoTW in 2017 marked the main transition point when most sensible people realised that the transition to not-inverting-Y was now urgent. Or to put it another way, invertY doesn't won't work with Gyro controls, and Gyro to fine tune aiming is perfection. It was a difficult few months switching, but well, well worth it. I couldn't go back.
  13. Apparently the Steam Deck skips the cut scenes and frame drops later on. Anyone know if it’s true? Not sure what to get it on. Switch, deck, ps5 or Xbox. Maybe ps5 if it has crunchy haptics?
  14. It's a no go for your Series S. However,It's a huge pain, with broken renderings and stuff, but my 360 RROD'd, and about a year ago, I bought a second hand one, and brute forced my way through my past reloads and eventually I found Outrun 2 Arcade and redownloaded it to a 'new' console.
  15. I really loved how in any other shows, two things from the yesterday's episode would have been lazy retcons. But... Only one more episode!
  16. I wish Bungee just put out a big budget narrative shooter once every couple of years. Beginning, middle, end done. No numbers, no online.
  17. After this good show of multiplatform games, with only two first party games (Helldivers 2 and Spiderman), it would be hilarious if Microsoft come out with hundreds of exclusive games from all the people they've bought. Or announce the same games but on gamepass day one.
  18. If this works as well as my Razer thingy and phone, it's a joke. If it works as well as the WiiU Pad I'm actually totally up for this. If it's seemless, just press on, and boots like the WiiU then that's actually damn great.
  19. I’ve been off the internet a lot with Zelda, so I really don’t get these takes about Nuts and Bolts. Like a sequel would be properly ace. That’s self evident right?
  20. Talos 2 is. A sequel to one of the best ever puzzle games. Helldivers, phantom 0, gris and journey devs new games, plucky squire are day one. im excited for dragons dogma and FFXVI. it’s not top tier, but that’s a damn great line up for me. I feel like xbox has soured the pot. and I feel sorry for anyone advertising a game after Nintendo have just ripped everythig up with Zelda.
  21. If you don’t sell and/or rebuy a console at least once per year…
  22. Ha ha. Let’s just make splatoon.
  23. Is this talos principle two? Fuuuuuuuucking yes!!
  24. that phantom have looked great. journey devs!
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