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  1. As a mac user, I've never had chance to play with keyboard and mouse, cos ya know - no games etc. So I've given Stadia a go and I'm happily playing Dead War 4 (which is a cracking B-grade game that I thought they don't really make anymore. It feels like it should be on the Gamecube - and I use that as a strong compliment). Stadia is actually bloody great. The graphics are fine on my iMac, a bit blurry but don't pop or anything. And I haven't been bothered by lag (though it does stutter occasionally). No juggling hard drive space, or updates. Fantastic. I was totally against streaming games, but this could be a huge success. I mean it won't. Because a) google abandon everything they start and b) people have no faith in them to buy a library of games because google abandon everything they start. But then again google have addressed these issues by a) not bothered to release any games onto stadia and b) charge full whack for the 3 ancient games they have. All that said I might keep my sub for a while past the two months if there is something still to play. It's cool.
  2. Thanks so much. Your islands incredible. The arcade! ❤️
  3. that would be amazing if you don’t mind a visit.
  4. Does it have all the english language versions? Talking of English - Is there a version of the japanese amazon in English? I can't make head nor tail of it. I've been sitting with the english version pre-ordered since august.
  5. That was great. If we are locked in our houses forever, then table reads like that could become a proper genre. Great stuff. Somewhere between radio drama and tv.
  6. I'm in the same boat @Eighthours, (Mac, PSVR etc) in the end I decided to wait for a refresh as there was a post a page or so back about there possibly being one this year.
  7. That video is an excellent summary of why I prefer consoles. I would was a big chunk of my free time fiddling with settings to try and find the 'best' way to play a game, rather than just actually playing it. Consoles have been saddled with patches, installs and all the other garbage from PC, I so hope we don'r end up with loads of graphic options.
  8. Yeah, this is something really special.Highly recommended. Also - for those who've got it. Try the CRT filter. I know we all hate them as garbage. I do. I might be way off, but to me, on my TV this one is really something special. Doesn't replicate what a CRT did, but what it felt like a CRT did. If that makes sense. Makes me feel like I'm playing it through time.
  9. That was brilliant, and therapeutic. And I don't care what you guys think, Philomenia Cunk is brilliant.
  10. I remember seeing it on steam, and putting it on my 'i'ld love it on switch' list. Out today apparently. Getting bought.
  11. Left it on the floor. Hope that works. Thanks so much. My high was 65 - you saved me!
  12. How do I leave a present/tip? Just drop it on the ground?
  13. Oh wow. I’ll try that if that’s okay. I’ver many turnips but it’s all I’ve got!
  14. I’ve No nostalgia for cga - but that is beautiful.
  15. As someone whose just invested in a 4K OLED, you damn well believe that I am going to INSIST that the developers... ... make a really fun game, get it working well, and decide what's best. I don't want to have to decide graphical options, 4K, 1080p, 480p, whatever, I don't care. Just make it run well, and be fun.
  16. oh my. It does look rough. I take it back. Christ, games might actually look like in the OP?! Wow!
  17. That looks amazing, and if this is anything like pre-release hype reels of prior generations, I can't wait to see this in my games starting with the PS6/Xbox THREESIXTY SERIES Y: classic ONE edition X.
  18. Like sitting at the workstation process resources into objects to sell should be as boring as working in a factory. The game doesn't want you to do that. Make a couple, then wander off and do something else. Potter, don't optimise. If it streamlined doing that, then bizzarely it would be more tedious, as people would be expected to do more crafting, and prices of items would be higher to reflect it. I already worry that prices are too high to take into account the minority than min-max the stalk market.
  19. So much this. Nintendo knows how to make efficient UI. They've very much chosen not to because it is meant to be a dip in and out game. If you made this game fast and quick to play, the actual motivation to do so would dry up really quickly.
  20. Right thanks guys. I'm going to keep an eye out for stock..
  21. Wow, thanks for the detailed answers guys. I'm really tempted. If it was in stock, I suspect I would have jumped. I have a large square outside yard, walled on all sides. could I set that as 'a room'? It would be an ideal place to play?' I'll be down for a PSVR2 at the drop of a hat. Lockdown has me itching to waste money on (virtual) escapism.
  22. I have PSVR and love it. Is this an upgrade? Is now a sensible time to buy? I don't have a gaming PC. Just an iMac, so it would be on-device only.
  23. Oh man, I do not like using mark, so I can't really 'see' that - if that makes sense. Cross only for life yo!
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