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  1. Would the ground staff have known which end the teams were playing from at the point they were clearing the boxes?
  2. I'm really hoping that the rumoured Nintendo MS crossover is real. Would love to see Gamepass on a Switch Pro, as playing handheld is by far my favourite way to consume games. Would probably make my Xbox SX redundant to some extent, but I can live with that. Not sure whether this would make business sense for Nintendo. On the one hand I get the impression they sell fuck all big budget third party games on Switch, but the indie sales are big.
  3. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    Goddammit, I just forked out 6 quid for that dodo bag. It's pretty nice, but much smaller than I was anticipating. It's not worth 6 quid imo
  4. Received mine today. Are g@m3rs usually way bigger than me?
  5. If the switch had quick resume I'd give it a go. The idea of closing down, the very slow to load Bowers Fury, for this is too much of a barrier for me.
  6. The monsters are so brilliantly animated, it really gives them a life-like character. I was watching the trailer for Rise, and my girlfriend said why do you have to kill these amazing creatures? It's like Capcom has done too good of a job.
  7. RE: point F. What is your motivation in going out and twatting all these monsters? Is there a reason baked into the story? Have we tried talking to them first?
  8. FYI for anyone struggling with Quick Resume, since I switched the power mode of my Xbox from Eco to normal I have not had any issues. Does suck that the Eco mode was not working, as I was trying to be good.
  9. It's the worst 3D Zelda by some margin imo. At times, it feels more like a sub par Rare platformer than a Zelda game.
  10. QR has been useless for me. It's so patchy that I would just prefer having the standard one game resume function.
  11. Amazing! I was considering packing up the X as well. That's saved my weedy arms.
  12. Another Xbox account question. I have got an Xbox series X. I am going to stay with my brother for a few weeks, he's got series s. If I log in with my profile on his series s, will I be able to play my game pass games and carry my saves over? I'm a fair bit through supraland now, and I really want to finish it.
  13. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah right next to the fish tank
  14. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah agree. Dark Souls!
  15. KRP

    Nintendo Switch

    Goddammit I'm going to have buy this game again. Wish I had never bought a Wii U now.
  16. The number of chapters are: Some of them are quite short though
  17. KRP


    We've been using this same game plan for YEARS. Getting hit on the break because our whole team is in the opponent's half is just what we do now.
  18. FYI there is a very good place to grind if you're up to Chapter 15 Looking forward to getting massively OP and creaming some bosses.
  19. I didn't have clue what was going on until I read a guide. https://www.polygon.com/guides/21575452/yakuza-like-a-dragon-business-management-rank-employees-properties-shareholder-meetings-colors It's actually not that complicated once you know the basics
  20. The spike is chapter 12 can be overcome by going through one of the heavily signposted dungeons in that area (actually I think I had to go through it twice - which maybe took me 2-3 hrs). But I do agree those long boss fights are not fun at all. They are either really easy but unnecessarily long (because the boss has a crazy big health bar) or too difficult, but until you get into it you aren't sure if you are a high enough level. I wish the game had straight up told the player you need to be X level to proceed. There is, for me anyway, another spike at the end of Chapter 15 so I'v
  21. That's never worked for me, although it does work for my switch. My TV is quite cheap so could just be that. TVs are so much more complicated these days (at least to me) that I'm not surprised people are having issues.
  22. I have had quick resume work with Yakuza 7 but not Tetris Effect. Wish it did work with TE as it is perfect for dipping into. Think I have had two crashes in total - I have put over 40 hours into Yak 7 so I don't think that is too bad. I also have found the homescreen to be a bit slow e.g. you press A to load a game but after the press there are still a few seconds where you can move the cursor around. Overall not that annoyed, but I think I will definitely give some pause for thought before picking up a launch console in the future.
  23. Hit a bit of a difficulty on the last chapter and really don't know if I can be arsed to go back and grind it out. Lost a battle that probably went on for 30 mins - demoralising to go back to it now
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