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  1. Maybe so. But for me this is no longer an enjoyable place to post. And if there's no enjoyment, why bother.
  2. He was absolutely right though. You are a cunt. You see, the problem is this. You're one of the, sadly increasing in number, people here who think that it's perfectly acceptable to take the fact that you disagree with someone on one particular subject, in one particular thread, and carry that vitriol around with you as you saunter around the forum, looking to pick an argument purely for the sake of, well, picking an argument. In a thread that - until your contribution - was full of hundreds of posts from people all contributing in a positive manner (even when disagreeing with one another) on whatever subject was under discussion. You don't make any positive contribution to the thread in question, because - unlike everyone else who posts in this particular subsection of the fourm - you were never looking to make a positive contribution. You just wanted to look cool. To look clever. To score points. By now of course, there could have evolved an interesting discussion about the merits of the particular piece of kit in question (it's arrived, I've been testing it out for a couple of days now), but your pathetic, childish, envious, little snipes killed that stone dead. Should I be the better person and ignore you, and share my thoughts about this particular tripod head compared to others that I have owned, perhaps helping someone at some point make a better informed decision on what to buy, based on the my experience? Quite possibly. But you know what? I no longer give a fuck about this part of the forum. I used to, but no more. I'll share my thoughts and opinions with other people, in other places, through other channels. Whilst the likes of you pollute what was once one of the better corners of this forum with your pathetic, purile, snide little comments, I won't trouble you with any contributions.
  3. What's the Jag's time around the track then?
  4. Excellent stuff. Cheers. I take it people here have seen the 800bhp GT-R against the Hayabusa vid (it is a bit old)? If not...
  5. Nope. You need one of these to do that. Dead simple to track the sky with those things - they can track in solar, sidereal, and lunar time. I was thinking of getting one to do a dawn-dusk timelapse with the sun stationary in the frame of an 8mm fisheye for the full day so that you'd get the Earth landscape rotating around the sun, and a night-time one do do the Milky Way. No point doing the Moon - it's so much brighter than anything else in the night sky that if you exposed it properly, nothing else would show up.
  6. Nope. Purely for fun. On very rare occasions someone may see something and consider it to have commercial value and offer me some money, but out of 10+ million views of outputs from my hobby, I can assure you it's very much the exception.
  7. That really is stunning. Could you actually see the moonbow with the naked eye?
  8. Absolute bullshit. But no longer a problem for you. Enjoy the Google logo.
  9. You get the lot, or you get none. You simple do not get to pick and choose which images I choose to share here. And from now on, you get none. They've all been removed.
  10. Who the fuck do you think you are to tell me what to shoot? But hey - I'll make it easy for you and remove the images from the forum, and won't bother sharing any more. Toodle-pip!
  11. It is practically impossible (trust me - I tried it) to manually take a panorama comprising of more than around 500 shots and have it come out satisfactorily. There is also the problem that it takes a long time to shoot manually, during which time the light will change, things will move about, etc etc. Nonetheless, that didn't stop a museum from wanting to put on permanent display a panorama I shot manually. Using a tool such as this to automate the process is - in my mind - absolutely no different to using a light meter rather than relying on being able to work out the EV rating in your head and apply basic rules to establish the correct combination of shutter speed, aperture and ISO. And by the way - I actually do take photos entirely manually, shooting on film, and using no electronic tools whatsoever. Not even a light meter. It's enormous fun, and tremendously rewarding. You don't "get" why anyone would want to use such a machine, because I guess you have neither the desire nor need to shoot multi-gigapixel panoramas that rely on absolute precision with regards setting nodal points and overlapping images. Nor, I would assume, do you actually have much experience of the kind of problems that one runs into when shooting stuff like this, and the benefits that such a head can bring. Just as an example - this head will enable me to shoot a 360x60 degree panorama with a 200mm lens on a 1.3x crop body resulting in an 8 gigapixel image created from 900 separate photos. In 8 minutes elapsed time. I fully appreciate that you neither need, nor probably care, about such a thing. But to attempt to turn it into some petty little personal dig is out of order. "All the gear and no idea"? Fuck off.
  12. Do you always shoot controlling shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance and focus manually? And develop the film, and then create the print, manually?
  13. They're crappy because they're taken at wedding venues. And typically with 8-15mm lenses. I'm hoping to use mine at slightly more interesting venues, and with lenses in the 90-300mm range. Working right now on a possible opportunity at a very exciting event towards the end of the year. Cross yer fingers for me!
  14. I hope you're prepared for the heat and humidity!
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