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  1. Not sure if anyone is still doing turnips but got 450 here in Highbury this afternoon.
  2. I did get a mum letter today with a candle attached but I now have all a full mailbox after all the gifts (thanks all!) so could it have slipped into the ether in yours? What happens to any letters/stuff you order if you have a full mailbox? Do they arrive next time you empty it or do you lose them? Also, if anyone is still doing turnips I have a price of 450 this afternoon. Give us a shout if anyone is selling and I will open up.
  3. Cheers popped by for a quick visit. Just before I did I noticed I have Celeste too but no shooting stars. Raided Nook’s and actually found a recipe I didn’t have. And collected a coin without getting squished!
  4. Ah right. I have one in my museum but never thought of putting it out like that.
  5. What's the other thing in the photo? The flat roundish thing with the tail?
  6. I would send you some Mike but remembered The Rules.
  7. No worries! If anyone wants one that I have forgotten please shout.
  8. As someone mentioned think there is a new bit on the museum and the sea creatures have been added too. Feels like the new content/seasonal stuff has been pretty steady to be fair but yea curious to see what if anything they do in year two now everyone will have seen that stuff once.
  9. Thanks for all the Mario stuff guys! Managed to put this outfit together on day one. (and thanks @Meatball for the crown!) Can bring the bells over whenever suits or open up. Will send some Mario stuff out now. EDIT: Also I assume everyone has seen the new seasonal item? Made me chuckle.
  10. After you get the bigger shop that's it. There aren't any other new buildings beyond the initial ones yet.
  11. Yea if you don’t mind? I’ll bring the bells over next time you are online. Cheers!
  12. I don’t have that actually. Could I come and buy it please? Better raid the piggy bank.
  13. Did you want me to send you a lantern? Lost track of who needs/got what.
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