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  1. The 3DS has so much on it, damn. Just when I thought they were stagnating a bit with the constant generic NSMB games over and over again, they finally start announcing some unique Mario games again. Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team look AWESOME, absolutely getting those. In addition to Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing, the 3DS is in for an awesome summer.
  2. Its 1:47am, I'm bored as hell, and I just came up with (What I think is) a cool way to reboot F-Zero for the Wii U. This will probably get a lot of flak, but whatever, yolo baby. Basically, the game concept I've come up with combines the open world, stunt and trick-based gameplay of Burnout Paradise that rewards exploration and skill with various rewards, and the combat segments from Batman: Arkham Asylum/City. Now, I know with F-Zero being a racing series this would likely stir up some shit in the fanbase, but hear me out. I figured with Captain Falcon's lore involving him being a bounty hun
  3. If this and NSMBU are day 1, so will I. I dunno how some Nintendo fans can be disappointed at Nintendo's launch line-up. A new 2D Mario game as well as the long-awaited sequel to Pikmin 2 that Nintendo have been hyping for years. Where's the love?
  4. Forgetting quality gameplay, music, story, etc, what games have you played that just stuck out to you with having an awesome attention to detail? Or, rather, just an awesome amount of small, minute things that had no lasting effect on the way the game played or stood out, but you remember fondly just for being charming? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WXeL3pLs91A They did not need to put this into the game at all, nor did they need there to be a button to call for Mario. These little details might seem like they really are no big deal, but waltzing around the mansion, listening to Luigi's whi
  5. When everyone and their mum has played the NSMB games (The two games combined sold over 60 million copies), I'm pretty sure somewhere down the line someone is going to realize "Wait... this looks EXACTLY the same as the last game!". That's just me though, maybe I'm wrong. The world does like them some Mario.
  6. Frankly, revealing that the next big Mario game was NSMBMii all along, with little to no differences in graphics, level design, etc, would just not be a good move on Nintendo's part. They really need to sell this console as something you need to buy to get all the biggest, new Nintendo games, with the best graphics and easy to-pick-up experiences that anyone can enjoy. Showing off Pikmin 3, which casuals won't care about, and NSMBMii, which casuals will assume "Oh hey, I have this on the Wii already", won't garner a lot of attention at E3. They need to hit home, and hit home hard. Whatever thi
  7. I wouldn't mind another 2D Mario, so long as they actually put the love and care into it that they do the 3D games. No more of this NSMB stuff. I loved them for what they were, an homage to the classic games with a few new ideas, but the two games are all too similar, and the demo for NSMBMii literally looked like the EXACT same game as the Wii version, but with Miis. Miyamoto is saying they're "revealing" this new game, NSMBMii was already shown, I'm assuming that this is either a completely different game or a game based on the concepts of NSMBMii with higher production values. I'm hoping,
  8. I'm likely going to be picking this up tomorrow so I don't want to spoil anything with the quick look. Any game that attempts to replicate old-school SNES charm gets a buy in my book, especially at $10. There are modern games that run at shorter lengths with less bonus content than this that run at $40 or higher (New Super Mario Bros. Wii... as much as I love it, $50 is too much), pricing this at $10 is a steal and I will buy it day one.
  9. When people think of Mario's finest and most popular titles, it's easy to assume that the games which would pop in their head would either be Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario 64, or practically big platformer starring the plumber released before the Gamecube's unveiling. However, after getting two amazing 3D platformers which revolutionized the format with the Galaxy series, a great homage to the classic titles via New Super Mario Bros. Wii, as well other memorable titles such as Super Paper Mario, I feel that the Wii houses the franchise's best titles and overall is the mos
  10. Without being gimmicky or taking away anything from beloved franchises, how can the Wii U tablet be used in ways that are fun and original, yet faithful to their original franchises? Hell, how can it be used in new ways to create new games? I haven't really thought about it much until recently, but I've come up with some ideas that I thought would be kinda cool for Nintendo franchises. How about for the next Zelda (Or hell, even Pokemon if Nintendo even dare to release an adventure game on a console for once), there can be two points of view for the game? On the television screen you'll be pl
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCTtLHLKO4k&feature=share New trailer released, according to Ken's PR as well as some other in-house guys problems like uncurling and losing inertia while in the air have been fixed. However, the level design seems very much the same affair as Episode I, with lots of springs and automation. I guess we'll see what the final product is like upon release, but for now it doesn't seem like a colossal improvement.
  12. I don't get where people are drawing the fact that Duke was set out to be "awesome" in Forever. Duke is awesome in his world because well, he kicked alien ass and saved the world multiple times so people love him. However, it's all exaggerated and ironic, the girls in the beginning of the game near the entrance to Duke's Lady Killer hotel are clawing at the door, screaming and being overall ridiculous. A person literally faints and shits his pants upon seeing Duke, and Duke overall just acts ridiculously cocky and stupid the whole game, as 'No Substance' said with his vitamins line and other s
  13. Even after Duke Nukem Forever which, to most, was a colossal failure (Of which I have differing opinions about, but that's a topic for another time), Gearbox and Tryptech still would like to continue the Duke franchise despite the fact that many consider the franchise dead due to Forever being such a disappointment. My question is, what exactly would you change about Forever or add to the Duke franchise to make it fresh, fun, and new, without pandering to a more mainstream audience like Forever did by adding restrictions on Duke's arsenal and more linear environments? Firstly and most obvious
  14. I was considering it, I heard it was much better than the main campaign. It's only $10, right?
  15. Everyone has their guilty pleasures, what's yours? Not quite the masterpiece everyone seemed to expect it to be, regardless, I really enjoyed it. I found it to be fit my expectations down to a tee; A good shooting game with dated design choices and production values. That's all I expected it to be, that's all that it was, and you know what? I liked it. There was plenty of variety within the package, the environments were fun and original for a modern shooter, the Duke humor was all there, and it was just a fun little piece of gaming history that I'm proud to say I own. I bought the collecto
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